His Holiness R. A. Gohar Shahi
This book is worthy of study and investigation by all religions,
all sects and all peoples and it presents a challenge to those who reject spirituality

First Edition January 2000 
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Sufi Saint Riaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi

This is the Gohar Shahi, who for the love of God spent three years in a spiritual retreat in the mountains of Sehwan Sharif and in the jungle of Laal Bagh. He abandoned the material world to find God and only left the jungle and returned to the world after being commanded by God. He has turned the hearts of thousands of people towards the memorization and love of God. People of all religions have invited Gohar Shahi to Mosques, Temples and Churches to speak and to receive his grace in the form of Qalb “heart” meditation.

Countless individuals have turned away fromsinning and have turned towards God. Countless incurable patients are cured as a result of his spiritual healing. Then God manifested his (Gohar Shahi) face on the moon, then his facial image appeared on the sacred Black Stone in Mecca, and he became very well known around the world.

Short sighted religious clergy and mullahs and those who bear animosity towards Saints and begrudging Muslims, all dislike this individual. These people further, read parts of his books out of context and on this basis, accused him of blasphemy and made him the subject of compulsory death sentences. A petrol bomb was thrown in his house in Manchester, England. At his home in Kotri, Pakistan there was a hand grenade attack during his audience. There is a very heavy price on his head and in Pakistan he is the subject of entrapment and five serious, but false allegations and cases were instigated against him. Due to Nawaz Sharif the provincial government of Sindh also became involved. Biased journalism defamed him on a large scale. Eventually after many investigations and hearings the courts dismissed all the cases against him declaring the charges as false and bogus, and God continued to protect his friend (Gohar Shahi) from all harm.


After the appearance of the facial images of Gohar Shahi on the Sun, the Moon, the Black Stone, the Shiv Temple and other places many Muslims and non-Muslims feel and believe that this man is the awaited Mehdi, the Kalki Avatar and Messiah, who is mentioned in the books of all the religions. 
Let us attempt to examine and understand this individual by the research and study of his writings and in particular this book, to see if we are able to recognize him. You can also contact us if you wish to continue with your investigation.

Zahid Gulzar



The religions that exist as a result of the Heavenly Books are proper as long as the Scriptures have not been altered.

Religions are like boats and Scholars are like oars, if either one is defective then it becomes difficult to reach the destination.

However Saints do take even the damaged “boats” (people) to the shore. It is for this reason that incomplete and broken people gather around Saints.

The love of God is superior to religion and it is the essence of all religions. Whereas the light of God is the guiding and illuminating lantern of the path.

There are four parts of knowledge. Three parts are of the apparent, the “seen” and one part is of the hidden, (the spiritual) which was spread by Khidr (Vishnu Maharaj).

It is only the love of God that is the way to getting closer to God. The Dogs are better than an individual’s heart that is empty of God, as dogs love their master and it is because of that love that they achieve the closeness and favour of their master. Otherwise an “unclean” dog and a divinely ordained human being cannot be compared.

If you desire paradise, the pure maidens and palaces in it then worship abundantly: so as to reach the highest of heavens.

If you are searching for God then you must learn spirituality also, so that whilst remaining on the straight and guided path you arrive at the essence of God and achieve the union with God.

Riaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi

An introduction to this book

  • 1. If you follow a religion but are devoid of the Love of God, then those that do not follow a religion but have the love of God are better.
  • 2. Love is connected to the heart. When the Name of God Allah is synchronized with the heartbeat, it then travels through the blood to all the veins, reaches the spirits and awakens them. Then the spirits are rejuvenated and go into the Love of God.
  • 3. Any Name of God in any language is worthy of respect but the original Name of God in the Semitic language is Allah. This (Semitic) is the language of the celestial entities. It is by this Name that the angels call upon God and it is attached to the Title of every Prophet.
  • 4. Any individual who is sincerely searching for God, on land or in the sea is also worthy of respect.
  • 5. Many Adams came into this world, at the same time and in different places. All the Adams were made in the world with clay from this world except the last Adam who is buried in Arabia. He was the only one made in paradise with clay which was also from paradise. With the exception of this Adam the angels did not bow down before any other Adam. Satan became the enemy of the descendants of this Adam.
  • 6. There are seven types of entities in the human body. These are connected to different celestial spheres. They are connected to different heavens and are further connected with different functions within the human body. If these entities are strengthened with light they then resemble the person they are in and travel to many places at the same time. They can travel to the gatherings of Saints and Prophets and even talk to God and see God.
  • 7. Every human being has two religions. The first is the religion of the body which ceases to exist after death. The second is the religion of the soul, which has existed since the beginning of time, the Love of God. It is by this religion that a human being is exalted.
  • 8. Superior to all the religions is the Love of God and superior to all types of worship is seeing God.
  • 9. For information pertaining to the origin of man, the animal, plant and natural world.
  • 10. What type of entities existed before the command of God “Be.” Who is the dog that was exalted as Hazrat Qutmeer and will go to paradise? Who are those people who affirmed their faith at the beginning of time?

Who is that person whose secret (reality) cannot be found in this book?
For information and research you must read this book.

Any material that appears from any source or on any website, in addition to the text, information and verified material on this site is not connected to the All-faith Spiritual Movement and to His Holiness Gohar Shahi.

Man from beginning to end

When God desired to make the souls he said “Be” and a multitude of souls came into existence. In front of God and close to him were the souls of the Prophets. Behind these in the second row were the souls of the Saints and in third row the souls of the faithful and behind these were the souls of ordinary human beings. Thereafter as far as the eye could see in a row far beyond, the souls of women came into being. Then behind these were the animal spirits, then the botanical spirits and then such bonding spirits that did not possess the power of movement, all these materialized. 
At the right side of God there were the souls of angels and behind these were the souls of the chaste and pure maidens of paradise who were unable to see the face of God. As the angels were on the right side of God, it is for this reason that they were also unable to see the face of God. Behind these were the souls of angel-like entities that later came into the world and assisted the Prophets and Saints in their work. Thereafter on the left side of God were the souls of the genies behind these were another form of invisible elf-like Satanic entities, then another form of evil malignant spirits. All of these later came into the world and aided Satan in his work.

The souls on the right and left sides and those souls that were very far away, as far as the eye could see were unable to see the magnificent Manifestation of God. It is for this reason that genies, angels and women are able to talk or communicate with the essence of God but are unable to see God. 
In the centre of our galaxy was a ball of fire. It was commanded to cool, it then fragmented and its pieces spread in Space, forming our solar system. The Moon, Mars, Jupiter, the Earth and the stars are all the fragments, whereas the Sun is the remaining part of the ball. The Earth was nothing but coal and cinder. The bonding spirits (the spirit which bonds and solidifies atoms and particles) were sent to the earth as a result of which the cinder solidified and turned into stone. Then the botanical spirits were sent as a result of which trees and plantation emerged from the rocks. Thereafter as result of the animal spirits coming to earth, animals appeared. 
God did ask all the souls, “Am I your Lord?” All the souls acknowledged and prostrated. In other words the spirits of the rocks and the trees did also prostrate, as is mentioned in a verse of Holy Scripture. 
Then God created an illusionary world and illusionary desires to test the souls and said that if any of the souls desires these then they should go forth and obtain them. A multitude of souls turned their faces away from God and leapt towards the illusionary world and thus hell was written for them as their destiny and final abode. Then God showed a vision of paradise, which was better than the first sight and a place for the worshippers and the obedient. Many souls leapt towards this vision and paradise was thus written for them in their destiny. Many souls were unable to make a decision and these are then placed between the merciful Lord and Satan. Such souls after coming into the world became trapped and their destiny lay in the hands of whomever they became attached to. 
Many souls remained looking at the magnificent Manifestation of God and did not desire the world or heaven. God started to love these souls and these souls loved God. It is such souls, that after coming into the world and only for God and God-realization, they abandoned the material world, became ascetics and lived in the jungles. 
To serve the souls and for their pleasure, eighteen thousand types of creatures were created. Six thousand in the sea, six thousand on land and six thousand in the air and in the upper celestial spheres. 
Then God created seven types of heavens and seven types of hell

The seven heavens are:
Khuld, Daar-ul-salaam, Daar-ul-Qaraar, Adan, Al-mawa, Naeem, and Firdos. 
The seven hells are:
Saqr, Sa’eer, Nataa, Hatmaa, Hajeem, Jahannum and, Hawiya.

All the above mentioned names are of the Syriac-Semitic language. (The language in which God speaks to the angels.)

All religions have the belief that God can send whomever he chooses to hell and whomever he chooses to paradise. In the case of the soul that was sent straight to hell in the beginning it would have complained and would ask, what crime it had committed? Then God would have said that you turned your face away from me and chose the world instead. The soul would then say, “I only made that decision foolishly, and I did not do anything wrong.” It was because of this argument and for this reason that God sent the souls down into this world. 
The body of Adam, who is also known as Shankar ji was made from clay that was from paradise. Then along with the human soul some other spiritual entities were put into it. When the body of Adam was made, Satan then out of spite and jealousy spat at Adam and the saliva landed on the naval. The bacteria in the saliva then also mixed in the body. Satan is from amongst the race of the genies. It is mentioned in a Prophetic statement that when a human being is born, a Satanic genie is also born with it at the same time. The human body was only meant to be a house made of clay in which sixteen spiritual entities were placed. There is another spiritual creature (Khannas) and four birds (spiritual) which are also inside the body. 
From the left rib of Adam, matter emerged, which resembled a woman in appearance. A soul was then placed in it and she then became Eve. Thereafter Adam was sent from heaven to Sri Lanka and Eve was sent to Jeddah. This was the origin of the Asian race. Then one after the other souls descended to earth from the celestial sphere. For the education, training and the elevation of the souls, schools were created in the form of religions. According to their destiny, which was written at the beginning of time some souls were given religions and others remained without a religion. 
The souls loving God also came into the world, some came into the homes of Muslims, some into the homes of Hindus, some into the homes of Sikhs and some were born into the homes of Christians and Jews. These souls then, through their respective religions attempted to find God. This is the reason that the spiritual elite, (Godly) of all the religions adopted asceticism. Some Muslims say that asceticism does not exist in Islam, this belief is wrong. The Prophet Mohammed did also go to the cave of Hira. 
Sheikh Abdul-Qadir al-Jilani, Khawaja Moin-uddin Ajmeri, Data ali Hajvayri, Bari Imam, Baba Farid, Shahbaz Qalander, were all eminent Saints and only after adopting asceticism did they achieve their magnificent and elevated spiritual status. Such people then became the means of religious propagation.

The origin of man in the world

After the human sperm enters the womb the bonding spirit arrives which enables the blood to collect and bond. Then as a result of the botanical spirit the fetus grows in the womb. After four months the animal spirit is placed in the fetus due to which the fetus is able to move in the womb. These are the terrestrial (earthly) spirits. After birth the human soul arrives along with the other spiritual entities, these are the celestial spirits.

If a child dies in the womb a few moments before birth, then there is no funeral for the child, as it was not a complete human. Should a child die a few moments after birth then its funeral service is compulsory. Due to the arrival of the human soul and the spirit of the self, (ego) which arrived with its companions (spiritual entities) and settled at the navel. 
If the bonding spirit is strong in a child, then in adulthood that person will generally prefer to live in mountainous regions. Similarly, as a result of the botanical spirit, human beings develop an affection for flowers and trees. Further if the animal spirit is dominant within a person, a love for animals and behavior similar to that of animals develops. 
Whereas the spirit of the self, generally referred to as the human ego, resemble a dog in appearance. When this is the dominating force within a person, that person develops dog-like behavior and an affection for dogs. When the spiritual entity known as the Qalb is awakened, the human being is angelic in nature. 
After an individual’s death, the celestial spirits, which are particular to each body, return to the celestial spheres. The terrestrial spirits including the spirit of the ego remain in the world. The terrestrial spirits are allocated to individual bodies but do move around from one body to another, as these spirits have no connection with the hereafter. 
The spirit of the self, of the holy and the pure however, remains in their graves, continue worshipping, practice meditation and provide spiritual help and assistance to people. Just as the Prophet Mohammed on the “Night of Ascension” passed the grave of the Prophet Moses and saw that Moses was engaged in meditation. When the Prophet Mohammed reached the celestial spheres he saw that the Prophet Moses was present there also. 
The powerful spirit of the self (ego) of the evil and the impure, joins Satan’s clan in to survive. These possess different bodies and generally cause harm to people. These are evil spirits and it is in the Bible that Jesus exorcised people to expel evil spirits from people who were possessed. 
Terrestrial (earthly) spirits and the spirits of the self, remain in the world. After death the human soul is sent either to the realm where the righteous souls wait before the final judgment or to the realm where the evil and wicked souls wait before the final judgment. The remaining spiritual entities inside the human body, if these are spiritually strong and illuminated, they too go to the waiting place of the righteous, otherwise they waste away in the graves. 
It is because of the spirit of the self, and when it came within the human body that the human being became impure. According to a famous saint of the East, Bhulle Shah, “this spirit of the self (ego) made us impure, we were not impure from the beginning,” (when created by God). It was to purify the spirit of the self (ego) that Scriptures, Prophets and Saints were sent. 
Sometimes the person was frightened by the tales of hell, an incentive for betterment, and sometimes it was given the incentive of paradise. By practicing various austerities, such as meditation worship and fasting, efforts are made to reform and improve it and only then was the individual entitled to paradise. Many people did manage to purify it by becoming illuminated and attaining a higher consciousness through spiritual disciplines and who then became the friends of God.

The spiritual entity Nafs (self or ego)

This is a Satanic bacterium. It’s fixed abode is at the navel point. All the Prophets and the Saints sought refuge from it’s mischief. Its diet consists of phosphorous and unpleasant odors. These are in bones, coal and cow-dung. All the religions have stressed the importance of bathing after sexual intercourse because of the unpleasant odor released from the sweat pores. Further, drinks and animals that have unpleasant odors are also forbidden for human consumption for this reason. 
In the primordial time all the souls that were in front of God, up to and including the bonding spirit, became acquainted with each other and became supportive of one another. 
As a result of the bonding spirit coming to the earth, (which formed stone and rock) human beings made homes from rocks. As a result of the botanical spirit coming to the earth (which created vegetation) they made roofs for their homes by collecting wood from trees. They also derived benefit from the shade and the trees provided clean oxygen. The animal souls that were at the rear of all the souls came into the world and hence animals came into being and these were made lawful for consumption by all human beings. Birds that were in this category of animals were also made lawful. 
On the left side of God, genies and Satanic elf-like creatures were made and behind these were another form of evil spirits which became the enemies of God. 
The animal, botanical and bonding spirits that appeared behind these evil spirits, on the left side of God developed enmity for human beings. The bonding spirit of this category was sent to the world as a result of which coal and cinder came into being. Gases released by these became harmful to human beings. Due to the botanical spirit of this category, dangerous and thorny vegetation harmful to humans came into existence. 
Due to the animal spirit of this category, (left side of God) wild and man-eating animals came into being. Birds related to this group, due to their hostility towards humans were declared unlawful for human consumption for this reason. The animals and birds of this category are recognized by the fact that they eat their food by holding it with their paws or claws. 
The souls on the right side of God were to serve human beings. These became the message-bearers and helpers and the human being was endowed the most, with excellence and perfection and appointed the vicegerent of God. It now depends upon the individual to decide, the efforts made and the destiny of an individual, whether to be a Vicegerent or to reject this status. 
The spirit of the self leaves the body during sleep. It takes on the appearance of the person it lives in and then wanders around Satanic gatherings. Another spiritual creature the Khannas is connected to the spirit of the self. It resembles an elephant and sits between the spirit of the self (at the navel) and the spiritual entity the Qalb (which is close to the heart). The Khannas helps the spirit of the self in tempting and misguiding the human being.

In addition to these, four spiritual birds attach themselves to four of the spiritual entities inside the human body, known as the Qalb, Sirri, Khaffi and Akhfa. Again their function is to lead the human being astray. 
Of these four birds, the cockerel attaches itself to the Qalb, as a result of which lust dominates the heart. Only when the Qalb, itself engages in the continuous incantation of the Name of God (a spiritual discipline practiced under the guidance of a perfect spiritual guide) does the cockerel eventually become purified. Only then do an awareness and an appreciation of what is lawful and unlawful develop in a person. The Qalb in this state is known as the healthy and awakened Qalb. 
Attached to the spiritual entity Sirri is a crow. This brings desire and greed. Attached to the spiritual entity Khaffi is a peacock that creates envy in a person. With the spiritual entity Akhfa is a pigeon that comes with stinginess. 
The nature of these birds, forces greediness and envy upon these spiritual entities only until they become spiritually illuminated. It was these four birds that were taken out of the body of Abraham. They were purified and returned to his body. 
After death, the birds inside the holy and the pure make their home in the trees. Many people make bird-like sounds after spending a few days in the jungles. These birds then become acquainted with these people and help them with cures for minor ailments.

An important note:

· The spirit of the self is connected with Satan. 
· The five spiritual entities inside the chest are individually connected with the five major Messengers of God, (five major Prophets). 
· The spiritual entity, Anna, found in the head is connected with God. 
· Similarly the human body is connected to the perfect spiritual guide (Universal Master).

Whichever spiritual entity or person is lacking its connection, it is deprived and incapable of receiving the corresponding spiritual grace and bounty from that source.

1. The spiritual entity Qalb

Prophecy and knowledge relating to this was granted to the Prophet Adam a.s

In the Urdu language the fleshy meat, (the heart) is known as dil, and in Arabic it is called fawad. The spiritual entity that is next to the heart is the Qalb and according to a Prophetic statement the heart and the Qalb are two separate entities.

Our solar system is the physical human sphere. There are other realms and spheres, for example the realm of the angels, the realm of the throne of God, the realm of the soul, the realm of the secrets, the realm of unification and the realm of the essence of God. These spheres and life forms inhabiting these spheres have existed before the eruption of the ball of fire, our Sun, which created our solar system. Ordinary angels were created alongside the creation of the souls when God commanded “Be” but the Archangels and the spiritual entities (which are placed inside the human body at birth) have existed in these realms before the formation of our solar system.

Many planets in our solar system were inhabited but subsequently these life forms became extinct. The remaining planets and their inhabitants are awaiting their destruction. The Archangels and the spiritual entities (of the human body) were created seventy thousand years before the command “Be.”

Of these spiritual entities God placed the Qalb in the realm of love. It is with this that a human being is able to become connected with God. The Qalb acts like a telephone operator between God and the human being. A human being receives guidance and inspiration through it. Whereas the worship and the meditation done by the spiritual entities themselves can reach the highest realm, the Throne of God, with the aid of the Qalb. The Qalb itself, however cannot travel beyond the realm of the angels, as its place of origin is the Khuld, the lowest heaven in the realm of the angels.

The Qalb’s meditation is from within and its vibrating rosary is within the human skeleton (the heartbeat). People that failed to achieve this meditation of the Qalb in this lifetime will be regretful, even though they may be in paradise. As God has stated regarding those who will go to paradise, that do they, the inhabitants of paradise think that they will be equal to those who are elevated (reached higher realms by practicing the spiritual disciplines and becoming illuminated). As those that have achieved the meditation of the Qalb, they will enjoy its pleasures even in paradise when their Qalb will be vibrating with the Name of God. 
After death physical worship ceases to exist and the people whose Qalb and spiritual entities are not strengthened and illuminated with the light of God are afflicted and distressed in their graves and their spiritual entities waste away. Whereas the illuminated and strengthened spiritual entities will go to the realm where the righteous will wait before the final judgement. 
After the day of judgement a second body will be given, the illuminated spiritual entities along with the human soul will enter that body. The people that taught their spiritual entities, meditation, whereby the entities chanted the Name of God Allah in this life time will find that the spiritual entities will continue with this meditation even in the hereafter. Such people will continue to be elevated and exalted in the hereafter.

Those that were “blind of heart” (not illuminated) in this life time will be in darkness in that realm also, as this world was the place of action and effort. Those in the latter category will become quiescent. 
Besides the Christians and the Jews the Hindu faith also holds a belief in these spiritual entities. The Hindu faith refers to them as Shaktian and the Muslims know them as Lata’if. 
The Qalb is two inches, to the left of the heart. This spiritual entity is yellow in colour. When it is illuminated in a person, that person sees the colour yellow in their eyes. Not only this but there are many practitioners of alternative medicine who use the colours of these spiritual entities to heal people. 
Most people regard their heart’s word, “inner feeling” to be truthful. If the hearts of people were indeed truthful, then why are all the people of the heart not united? 
The Qalb of an ordinary person is in the sleeping or unconscious state and it does not possess any appreciation or awareness. Due to the dominance of the spirit of the self, the ego, and the Khannas, or due to the individual’s own simple- mindedness the heart can make judgements in error. Placing trust in a sleeping Qalb is foolish. 
Only when the Name of God Allah, does vibrate in the heart does an appreciation of right and wrong and wisdom follow. At this stage the Qalb is known as the awakened Qalb. Thereafter due to the increase in the meditation by the Qalb, of the Name of God Allah, it is then known as the God-seeking Qalb. At this stage the heart is capable of preventing the person from doing wrong but it is still incapable of making a right or just decision. Thereafter and only when the Light and the rays of the Grace of God (theophany) start to descend upon that heart, is it known as the purified and illuminated Qalb that stands in the presence of God (witnessing Qalb).

A Prophetic statement:
“The mercy of God descends upon a broken heart and an afflicted grave.”

Thereafter when the heart reaches this stage then one must accept whatever it dictates, quietly without question because due to the rays of the Light and the Grace of God the spirit of the self, (ego) becomes completely illuminated, purified and at peace. God is then closer to that individual than that person’s jugular vein. 
God then says, “I become his tongue with which he speaks and I become his hands with which he holds.”


2. The Human Soul

Prophecy and knowledge relating to this was granted to the Prophet Abraham

This is on the right side of the chest. This is awakened and illuminated by the meditation and one-pointed concentration on it. Once it becomes illuminated, a vibration similar to the heartbeat is felt on the right side of the chest. Then the Name of God, Ya Allah is matched with the vibrating pulse. The meditation of the soul is done in this way. At this point, there are now two spiritual entities meditating inside the human body, this is an advancement in rank and status and is better than the Qalb. The soul is a light red in colour and when it is awakened, it is able to travel to the realm of the souls (the station of the Archangel Gabriel). Anger and rage are attached to it that burn and turn into majesty. 

3. The spiritual entity Sirri

Prophecy and knowledge relating to this was granted to the Prophet Moses

This spiritual entity is to the left of the centre of the chest. This is also awakened and illuminated by the meditation and one-pointed concentration on it with the Name of God, Ya Hayy, Ya Qayyum. Its colour is white and in the dream state or by spiritual separation from the physical body “transcendental meditation” it can journey to the realm of the secrets. Now there are three spiritual entities meditating within a person and its status is higher than the other two.


4. The spiritual entity Khaffi

Prophecy and knowledge relating to this was granted to the Prophet Jesus

This is to the right of the centre of the chest. It too is taught the Name of God Ya Wahid by meditation. It is green in colour and it can reach the realm of unification. Due to the meditation of four entities one’s status is further increased.

5. The spiritual entity Akhfa

Prophecy and knowledge relating to this was granted to the Prophet Mohammed

This is situated at the centre of the chest. It is awakened by meditating on the Name of God, Ya Ahad. It is purple in colour and it too, is connected to that veil in the realm of unification behind which is the throne of God.

The hidden spiritual knowledge relating to these five spiritual entities was granted to the Prophets, one by one and half of the knowledge of every spiritual entity was granted from the Prophets to the Saints of their time. In this way there became ten parts of this knowledge. The Saints in turn passed this knowledge on to the spiritually favoured (Godly) who then had the benefit of the sacred knowledge.

The apparent knowledge of the seen is connected to the physical body, the spoken word, the human realm and the spirit of the self, this is for the ordinary mortals. This knowledge is contained in a book that has thirty parts. Spiritual knowledge was also given to the Prophets by revelation brought by Gabriel and for this reason it is known as the spiritual Holy Scripture.

Many of the verses of the Qur’an would sometimes be abolished, since the Prophet Mohammed would sometimes mention matters relating to this “hidden spiritual knowledge” before ordinary people, which was only meant for the special and Godly. Later this knowledge passed on spiritually from the chest of one Saint to another, and now it has become widespread by its publication in books. 

6. The spiritual entity Anna

This spiritual entity is inside the head and is colourless. It is by the meditation on the Name of God Ya Hu that this spiritual entity reaches its pinnacle. It is this spiritual entity that when it becomes illuminated and powerful it can stand in the Presence of God, face to face, and communicate with God unobstructed. Only the extreme lovers of God reach this realm and station. Besides this there are a few and extremely exalted people who are granted additional spiritual entities, for example the spiritual entity Tifl-e-Nuri or a spiritual entity of the Godhead, Jussa-e-Tofiq-e-Ilahi, the spiritual status of such people is beyond understanding.

With the spiritual entity, Anna, God is seen in the dream state.

With the spiritual entity of the Godhead, God is seen in the “physical meditating state” when the spiritual entity itself leaves the human body and transcends to the essence of God.

Those possessing the spiritual entity, the Tifl-e-Nuri, see God whilst they are fully conscious.

It is these people who are the majesty and power of God in the world. They can either occupy the people by prescribing worship and austerities or by their spiritual grace send a person straight to the realm of God’s love. In their sight, concerning dispensing spiritual grace the believers and the non-believers, the dead and the living are all the same. Just as a thief became a Saint, in an instant, by the passing glimpse of the Saint Sheikh Abdul-Qadir al-Jilani, similarly, Abu-Bakr Havari and Manga the thief, became instant Saints by the passing glimpses of such Saints.

The five major Messengers were given knowledge of the five spiritual entities separately and in order of their appearance, as a result of which spirituality continued to prosper. With whichever spiritual entity you practice meditation you will be connected to the corresponding Messenger and become worthy of receiving spiritual grace (from that Messenger).

Whichever spiritual entity receives the rays of the Grace of God (favour), the Sainthood granted to that spiritual entity will be connected to the corresponding Prophet’s spiritual grace.

Access to seven realms and gaining elevated spiritual status in the seven heavens is obtained through these spiritual entities. 
The functions of the spiritual entities inside the human body

Akhfa: Due to the spiritual entity, Akhfa a person is able to speak. In its absence a person may have a normal tongue but will be dumb. The difference between human beings and animals lies in the presence or the absence of these spiritual entities. At birth, if the entity, Akhfa was unable to enter the body for whatever reason, then a Prophet appointed for the rectification of this ailment would be called to treat the condition as a result of which the dumb would start to speak.

Sirri: A person is able to see due to the spiritual entity, Sirri. If it does not enter the body the person is blind from birth. An appointed Prophet had the duty to find and place the spiritual entity into the body, as a result of which the blind would start to see again. 
Qalb: Without the spiritual entity of the Qalb, in the body, a person is like the animals, unacquainted, far from God, miserable and without purpose. Returning this entity into the body was the task of the Prophets also. 
The miracles of the Prophets were also granted to the saints, in the form marvels and mystical wonders as a result of which even the impious and liberal became close to God. When a spiritual entity is returned by any allocated Saint or Prophet, the deaf, dumb and the blind are healed. 
Anna: When the spiritual entity, Anna, fails to enter the body, a person is regarded as insane even though the brain may be functioning normally. 
Khaffi: In the absence of the spiritual entity, Khafi, a person is deaf, even if the ears are opened wide. 
These conditions can be caused by other defects in the body, and can be treated. There is no cure in the case, where the defect is caused by the absence of the associated spiritual entity except where a Prophet or a Saint intervenes and cures the defect. 
Nafs, self: As a result of the spiritual entity of the self (ego) a persons mind is occupied with the material world and it is because of the spiritual entity Qalb that a persons direction turns towards God.

The word Allah

The Semitic language which is spoken in the celestial spheres, is the language in which the angels and God address each other. Adam Safi-Allah spoke the same language in paradise. Adam and eve then came into the world and settled in Arabia. Their children also spoke the same language. Then as a result of the descendants of Adam spreading in the world, this language passed from Arabic, Persian, Latin and into English and God was then known by different names in the different languages. As Adam lived in Arabia, there are many words of the Semitic language which are still found in the Arabic language. God addressed the Prophets, Adam as Adam Safi-Allah, Noah as Nuh Nabi-Allah, Abraham as Ibraheem Khalil-Allah, Moses as Musa Kalim-Allah, Jesus as I’sa Ruh-Allah and Mohammed Rasul-Allah. All these titles, in the Semitic language were written on the Tablet before the arrival of the Prophets. This is why the Prophet Mohammed said: “I was a Prophet even before I came in to this world.” 
Many people believe that the word Allah is a name given by Muslims, this is not so. 
The Prophet Mohammed’s fathers name was Abd-Allah, at a time when Islam did not exist. Prior to the advent of Islam the Name Allah was announced with the title of every Prophet. When the souls were created, the first Name on their tongue was Allah and when the soul entered the body of Adam, it said, Ya-Allah, and only then it entered the body. Many religions understand this enigma and chant the Name Allah and many others because of doubt are deprived of the Name. 
Any name which is used to point towards God is worthy of respect.

In other words, which points towards God. The mystical effect of the Name of God has been diversified due to the different names. Every letter of the alphabet has a separate numeric value. This is also a celestial knowledge. All the numeric values are connected with all of the human race. Occasionally the numeric values do not agree with the astronomical calculations as a result of which people become afflicted. Many people go to astrologers and experts of this knowledge and have charts prepared based on the stars. They name their children on this basis.

Just as the letters (a, b, j, d,) (1, 2, 3, 4) when added have the numerical value of ten. Similarly every name has a separate numeric value. As God has been given so many different names, this has caused a conflict between the numeric value of the different names. If all the people called upon God by the same name, then despite the fact that they would all have separate religions, they would all be united inwardly. They too, like Nanak Sahib and Baba Farid would then say:

“All the souls have been created by the light of God, even though their environment and communities are separate.”

The angels that are assigned tasks in the world are also taught the languages of the people of the world.

It is important for the people of every Prophet that they recite, chant and affirm the Title of their Prophet which was granted by God to the Prophet at his time, for the recognition, spiritual grace and purification of his people. The recital and affirmation should be in the same method and in the language of their Prophet.

The entry of any individual into any religion is subject to the condition that the individual accepts and affirms the Title of the Prophet of that religion. Just as the affirmation and the verbal vows are a condition of any marriage.

Entry into the heavens has been made subject to the acceptance and affirmation of the Titles of the Prophets. In the western world many Muslims and Christians have no knowledge of their Prophet’s Title furthermore many do not even know their Prophets original name (in the original language of the Prophet.)

People who only verbalize the affirmation of their Prophet’s Title rely upon their good deeds. Those that reject and do not affirm their Prophet’s Title are refused entry to paradise. Those individuals in whose hearts the affirmation of their Prophet’s Title has descended (entered) they will enter paradise without any accountability.

The revealed celestial Scriptures, whichever language they are in so long as they are in the original form, are a means to finding God. Where the texts and the translations that have been adulterated, just as adulterated flour is harmful for the stomach, the adulterated books have become harmful and people of the same religion and the same of Prophet have divided into so many sects.

To be sure of the straight and guided path it is better that you are guided by the Light (of God) also. 

The method of producing light.

In prehistoric times stones would be rubbed together to make fire. Whereas a spark can also be produced by rubbing two metals together. In a similar way electricity is made from water. Similarly by the friction of the blood inside the human body, in other words electric energy is produced by the vibrating heartbeat. In every human being there is present, approximately one and a half volts of electricity due to which the body is energetic. As the heartbeat slows in old age, this reduces the electricity in the body and this in turn also causes a reduction of the energy level in the body.

Firstly, the heartbeat has to be made vibrant and pronounced. Some do this by dancing, some by sports and exercise and some people try to do this by meditating and chanting the Name of God Allah.

When the heartbeat becomes vibrant and pronounced then by chanting the Name Allah try to synchronize it with every heartbeat. Alternatively try to synchronize Allah with one heartbeat and Hu with the other. Some time by placing your hand on the heart and when you feel your heartbeat, again try to synchronize the Name Allah by chanting it with the rythm of the heartbeat and imagine that the Name Allah is entering the heart.

The chanting of Allah Hu is better and more effective but if anyone has an objection, or a fear of chanting Hu, then instead of being deprived one should solely use the Name Allah, repetitively in the chanting. It is beneficial for people who chant and practice this discipline and who read mantras to physically remain as clean as possible as the:

“disrespectful are unfulfilled and the respectful are fulfilled.”

The first method for producing light.
Write Allah on a paper in black ink, and do this exercise for as long as you wish on a daily basis. Soon thereafter, the Word Allah will be transported from the paper and hover over the eyes. Then with one-pointed concentration, attempt to transport the word from the eyes to the heart.

The second method for producing light.
Write Allah on a zero watt bulb, in yellow. Whilst you are awake or just before sleep, concentrate and try to absorb it into the eyes. When it appears on the eyes then try to transport it to the heart.

The third method for producing light.
This method is for those people who have perfect spiritual guides and teachers and who due to their spiritual connection are spiritually assisted by them.

Sit alone and imagine that your index finger is a pen. Using your finger and with your concentration, attempt to write Allah on your heart. Call upon your spiritual teacher (spiritually), so that he too may, hold your finger, and write Allah on your heart. Continue to do this exercise everyday, until you see Allah written on your heart.

By the first and second method, the Name Allah becomes inscribed on the heart, just as it was written and seen by you but when it becomes synchronized with the heartbeat, then it slowly starts to shine. In the synchronized method, the assistance of the spiritual teacher is provided and for this reason it is seen shining and well written on the heart right from the beginning.

Many Prophets and Saints have come into the world, and just for the sake of testing this, if you feel it appropriate, concentrate or call upon all of them when you are practicing your meditation.

Whilst concentrating on any Prophet or Saint, during your meditating practice, if the rhythm of your heartbeat increases, in its vibration or you feel an improvement then this means that your destiny (spiritual fruits) lies with that Prophet or Saint.

Thereafter it is beneficial to concentrate on that same person whenever you practice your meditation as spiritual grace is transferred in this way, because every Saint is spiritually connected to a Prophet, even if that Prophet is not physically living.

The spiritual fruit (grace) of every illuminated person is in the hands of one Saint or another. It is essential that the Saint is living. Sometimes a very fortunate person is gifted with celestial spiritual grace by a perfect Saint who is not living, but this is very rare. However Saints not living in our human realm can provide worldly spiritual grace and assistance to people from their tombs. This is known as Owaisi spiritual grace.

The recipients of such spiritual grace often get entangled in their spiritual insights, visions and dreams because the spiritual guide providing the assistance is in the spiritual realm and so too is Satan and the recognition of the two becomes difficult.

Along with the spiritual grace it is important to have knowledge, for which a living Saint is more appropriate. If a person (Saint) possesses spiritual grace but is without knowledge, that person is known as a Majzoob (Godly but abstracted due to the complete absorption into the Essence of God and who is not in full control of his faculties).

A person (Saint) having spiritual grace and knowledge is known as a Mehboob (literally, loved one). Such people (Saints) as a result of their knowledge provide worldly spiritual assistance as well as spiritual grace and benefit. Whereas the Majzoobs are known to provide worldly spiritual assistance to people by their unusual but accepted practices of shouting obscenities and poking people with their wooden sticks.

If any (Prophet or Saint) appears but does not help or assist you then put Gohar Shahi to the test.

You may belong to any religion, there is no condition in this respect as long as the individual is not eternally ill-fated.

Many people have received the spiritual grace of Qalb meditation from the Moon. This is obtained when there is a full Moon from the East. Look at it with concentration and when you see the image of Gohar Shahi on it say Allah, Allah, Allah three times and you will be blessed with this spiritual grace. Thereafter without any fear or reservation practice the meditation as described.

Believe (the fact) that the image on the Moon has spoken to many people in many different languages. You can try looking and speaking to it also.

About Muraqba 
(transcendental meditation)

(Literally. journey. Meditation in which the soul leaves the human body)

Many people without having acquired the illumination of the spiritual entities (‘Lata’if/Shaktian’) and without attaining spiritual strength and prowess try to engage in this meditation. They either fail to reach the meditative state or become the subject of Satanic interference. This type of meditation is for illuminated people, whose spiritual entity of the self has been purified and the Qalb has been cleansed. The practice or attempt at this type of meditation is foolish no matter what type of physical worship is used to achieve this. To collect and gather the strength of the soul and the spiritual entities and then to travel to a place is what is known as meditation.

Sainthood is the one fourtieth part of Prophecy.

Every dream, meditative journey, inspiration or revelation of a Prophet is accurate and authentic and does not need verification. Only fourty out of a hundred dreams, meditative journeys, inspirations and revelations of Saints are accurate the remaining sixty percent are inaccurate.

God cannot be understood without knowledge

The lowest type of meditative journey is started only after the illumination and awakening of the spiritual entity of the Qalb. This is impossible without first achieving the meditation of the Qalb (meditation with the vibrating heartbeat synchronized with the Name Allah). It takes one jerk or shake to bring the person out of this meditative state and back to consciousness. The faculty of the augury (foretelling the future by reading verses or looking into designated books) is also connected to the Qalb.

The next stage is the meditative journey of the soul. It takes three jerks or shakes to return a person back to normality from this meditative state.

The third stage of the meditative journey is done by the spiritual entity, Anna and the soul together. The soul travels along with the spiritual entity Anna, to the realm of souls just as the Archangel Gabriel accompanied the Prophet Mohammed to the realm of souls.

People who are in this meditative state are sometimes even taken to be buried in their graves and they are unaware of this happening to them. Such a meditative state and journey was taken by the “Companions of the Cave” as a result of which they remained asleep in the cave for more than three hundred years.

When this meditative state and journey was undertaken by the Sheikh, Abdul-Qadir al-Jilani, in the jungle, the occupants of the jungle would regard the Sheikh as dead and would take him to a grave for burial but the meditative journey would break just before the burial (the Sheikh would return to consciousness).

How to recognize a special inspiration and revelation from God.

When a person has awakened and illuminated the spiritual entities in the chest and is worthy of receiving the rays of the Grace of God, then at that point God communicates with that person. God is All-Powerful and can do as he pleases and thus communicate with the human being in any way fit, but he has made a special method for his recognition so that his friends can be saved from the deception of Satan.

Firstly, text in the Semitic language appears on the seekers heart and its translation is seen in the language of the seekers mother-tongue. The text is white and shiny and the eyes close automatically and look at the text (internally). The text then passes the Qalb and moves towards the spiritual entity Sirri as a result of which it shines even more. Then the text moves towards the spiritual entity, Akhfa and from here it shines more and then moves onto the tongue. The voice then spontaneously starts to repeat that text.

If this inspiration is from Satan then an illuminated heart will dull the text and if the text is strong and prominent then the spiritual entities Sirri or Akhfa destroy that text. Further if due to the weakness of the spiritual entities the text does arrive at the tongue, then the voice will prevent it from being spoken into words.

This type of inspiration is for special types of Saints, whereas in respect of ordinary Saints, God sends messages to them through the angels or other spiritual entities. When the Archangel Gabriel accompanies the special and inspired text, this is known as revelation which is confined to the Prophets.

Who is paradise for?

Some people who are eternally destined to go to hell attempt to be worthy of paradise by practicing worship and good deeds, but they are rejected in the end, like Satan because stinginess, arrogance and envy is their inheritance. 
There is a Prophetic statement to the effect that one who has even the tiniest amount of stinginess, envy and arrogance cannot go to paradise. 
People of paradise, even if they are not worshippers are recognized. Such people are soft-hearted and sincere, free from desire and envy and generous. If such people do engage in worship, they can attain a very exalted status and it is for such people that God creates opportunities and excuses for their salvation. There are others in between who have a continuous record of their good and bad deeds.

Further there are those who are special to God, it is these souls that loved God at the beginning of time. Such souls are not concerned with paradise or hell and they renounce everything for the love of God. With the discipline of heart-meditation and the grace of God they illuminate their souls and achieve the Vision and Sight of God. The highest paradise, Firdos is reserved for such people.

It is regarding these people that a Prophetic statement declares:

“there are some people who will go to paradise without any accountability.”


An explanation.

Those that were shown the illusionary vision of the world in the beginning, the world was written as their destiny. These people came into the world and made every effort to attain the material world. They stole, robbed, bribed and even overlooked crimes like usury and even denounced the oneness of God.

There were some souls amongst these people who adopted religion and worship in order to obtain paradise but this turned out to be fruitless as in the case of Satan, as some blasphemer or a religion disliked by God or sect became an obstruction in their way.

The other souls who had chosen paradise at the beginning of time, they did their worldly chores but gave priority to the practice of worship and austerities. They were motivated by the chaste maidens and servants of paradise and ran back and forth to their places of worship and were successful in obtaining paradise.

There were those amongst the former category who remained lazy in their attitude towards worship and as paradise had been written in their destiny, some opportunity and excuse was granted to them. But they did not achieve that status in paradise that was achieved by the pious. It was in respect of such people that God said, “ What, do these people understand that we will place them along with the pious,” because there are seven levels of paradise.

Ordinary people are guided by Prophets, Books, Gurus and Saints and it is essential for them to have a religion and to declare their faith. The exalted (Godly) manage to come under the graceful sight of God without a religion or book. In other words they are guided by the Light of God. It is stated in a Scripture that:

“those that God chooses, God guides with the light.”

It is said that in order to enter paradise it is essential to have affirmed one’s faith (belief in God). It should be noted that it is not these bodies that will enter paradise, it will be the souls that will enter it and if faith is to be affirmed upon entry then these souls can declare their faith at some stage when they reach the realm of vision. Or they may do this after death, just as the souls of the Prophet Mohammed’s parents and uncle were granted the affirmation of the faith. Furthermore there are the very special and exalted souls who affirmed and declared the truth in the celestial spheres before coming into the world.

The Prophet Mohammed stated that he was a Prophet even before he came into the world. These were the words of the soul of the Prophet Mohammed and could only have been addressed to the souls at the time as the body was given to the Prophet Mohammed only after physically coming into the world. An explanatory example of this is that there are leaders only if there are the nations to be led and there are Prophets only if there are believers, otherwise there is no need for them.

Then such people (Saints) are sent into different religions, some in the form of Baba Farid and some appear in the form of Guru Nanak. The souls that desire to find God do not exclusively look at the religions but rather they seek those who have access to God and join them. Ghose Ali Shah, a (Muslim) Saint of the past has written in his book Tazkira Ghosia that he even obtained spiritual grace from Hindu ascetics.

The Muslim scholars failed to understand what this meant or involved and declared the death penalty in respect of Ghose Ali Shah. The Scholars further stated that if any Muslim house had this book, that it should be burnt and destroyed straight away. However this book survived and is found in India and Pakistan and is still respected.

Some nations accepted their Prophets and others rejected them. God nevertheless sent guides and Saints amongst the rejecting nations who adapted to their faith and belief system. The people sent by God then taught them ways which would save them from sin.

Further by using their methods of worship, customs and values the guides tried to turn their direction towards God, by teaching people about peace and the Love of God. If such people did not exist then today all the religions would be thirsty for each others blood. These souls (guides) who are in the world, are assisted and guided by Khidr (Vishnu Maharaj) who knows the secret of every religion.


Who is Piety for?

Belief based on knowledge.

Such people are materialistic. This level of belief is based on what is heard and such people base their belief of knowledge. Their faith rests on what they hear from others and they are susceptible to being misguided. These people are not provided for on the basis of what they believe but only on the basis of effort, whether they provide for themselves by either lawful or unlawful means.

Belief based on vision.

Such people even though they have renounced the world continue to live amongst the people. Their sense of direction and heart is towards God. Such people are often shown celestial visions. Their station is that of sight and vision (belief is based on what they see and witness). They are also people who are provided for on the basis of their lawful efforts, they will be affected adversely if their provision is obtained by unlawful means.

Belief based on witnessing the truth.

Their station is that of arriving at the truth. In other words they have been exalted and have been awarded some status by God. They come within the Grace and Mercy of God. They are known as those who have completely abandoned the world and even whilst living amongst people they refrain from both lawful and unlawful enterprise. If these people were to go and sit in the jungle, God would provide for them in the jungle. This is the station of Piety. Although beginners talk about piety and abstinence they do not succeed in it.



There are two types of destiny, eternal and man-made (pending)

Some people say that if our provision has been written and provided for in our destiny then why the wandering around and the effort for it?

Makhdoum Jahaniya has stated that the wandering and the effort made in order to obtain our provision has also been written in our destiny.

For example (if by an eternal decision) a bunch of flowers has been placed for you on a roof. In order to get the flowers you have to go up the stairs on to the roof (this is the man-made, pending destiny), which is within your power.

It is in relation to this second, pending destiny that there will be accountability and not in relation to what was written down in the beginning.

Another example is if you strived and you went to the roof you would collect what was written for you in your destiny and if you were lazy and did not get to the roof then you would be deprived of it. On the other hand if another person, in whose destiny there is not that particular bunch of flowers manages to get to the roof by the stairs or some considerable effort then he would still be deprived.


The third category of the souls

The third category of the souls who chose neither the world nor desired paradise and who remained looking at the Vision of God. These souls came into the world and sacrificed everything in their search for God. Many gave up their kingdoms and whilst hungry and thirsty went to live in the jungles in order to find God. There were others who sat in the rivers for many years and after succeeding these people became known as the Friends of God (Saints). They then received differing spiritual designations and duties from God and even became a remedy and a means of hope for those destined for hell.

Just as the famous poet Iqbal mentions in one of his poems:

“that even the directive of destiny is altered by the graceful glance of the Godly”

It is absolutely necessary for this reason that the earthly souls, (who re-appear in every lifetime), physically meet their spiritual teacher or Guru, in every lifetime. As the spiritual teacher of the previous lifetime or the ancestral teacher became free of his physical body (gave up the physical body he had at the time).

This is similar to when a previous Prophecy is removed and exempted after the arrival of a major Messenger. Just as the Prophet Moses (Mus’a Kalim-Allah) was a major Messenger and all the Prophets that came after Moses, their religions were abrogated after the arrival of the Prophet Jesus (Is’a Ruh-Allah).

Further, all the Prophets that came in between the Prophet Jesus and the Prophet Mohammed, all their religions were also abrogated upon the arrival of the Prophet Mohammed but the validity of the religious system of every major Messenger continued and still continues and exists today. This includes Adam Safi-Allah, (Adam), Ibrahim Khalil-Allah (Abraham), Mus’a Kalim-Allah (Moses), Is’a Ruh-Allah (Jesus) and Mohammed Rasul-Allah, and every Saint’s Sainthood is from their authority and grace).

As the five spiritual entities inside the human body are linked to the five major Messengers, for this reason their Prophecy and spiritual grace and power will remain until the day of judgement.

When it is said that a person will not go to paradise unless that person has affirmed their faith, this does not mean any one particular faith, but it refers to the affirmation, in any one of the faiths of the major Prophets. It is for this reason that the Prophet Mohammed stated that, “I have not come, to reject the books of the Messengers but I have come to revise and reform,” in other words to revise the books where they had been changed and adulterated. 
The belief system of Adam Safi-Allah (Adam) exists even today. Those people who only practice the heart-meditation, who praise the Name of the Lord are humble before it, repent and try to remain free of sin, are all coforming to this, the original or first religion, the first Prophecy and the first type of worship. 
A Ghose (Head-Saint in our human sphere) and for that matter every Saints spiritual category is attached to (and presided over) by one or the other of the Prophets who in turn are spiritually linked in this way to Adam Safi-Allah (Adam). 
The last reformer of our century Mujjadid Alf-Sani stated that his spiritual category and designation was linked to Moses. Whereas there is a group from amongst the Qalandar group of Saints, whose category is linked to Jesus. Sheikh Abdul-Qadir al-Jilani was related to a category which was connected to the Prophet Mohammed.

Think for a moment to which Adam do you belong?

It is mentioned in some inspired books that fourteen thousand Adams have come into the world. It has been said that Adam Safi-Allah was the fourteenth thousandth and last Adam. There have indeed been many Adams in this world. When Safi-Allah was being made of clay the angels said (to God) that he too will go into the world and cause mischief. In other words the angels were aware of the actions of the previous Adams, otherwise how would they have known what God was making and what he (Adam) would do.

On the Tablet there are inscribed different languages, different affirmations and declarations, different mantras, different Names of God, various verses and even the knowledge relating to magic, (the magic) which was taught to people by the angels Harut and Marut and as part of their punishment both the angels are hanging upside down in a well in the city of Babal in Egypt.

Every Adam was taught a language. Thereafter a Prophet was sent to the nation of that Adam for its guidance. It has therefore been said that one hundred and twenty five thousand Prophets have come to the world, whereas Adam Safi-Allah was last on the earth six thousand years ago. If a Prophet was sent every year then there would have been six thousand Prophets.

Some time later because these nations transgressed they were destroyed. Evidence found of ancient cities has appeared and so has the evidence of ancient languages within them, which are not understood by anyone. Some nations were destroyed by flooding, like the people of Noah, and those who survived inhabited these ancient cities.

In the end Safi-Allah was made, better than the others, and sent to Arabia and many major Prophets emerged from his offspring. Many languages of the other Adams remained for some time amongst the surviving nations. When the last Adam came he was taught the Semitic language. Some of his descendants travelled to distant places and met with ancient peoples. Some of these travellers liked the regions they travelled to and others liked the fertile land and thus they settled with the ancient people.

The Semitic language was spoken in Arabia and then due to the mixing of the various nations Arabic, Persian, Latin and Sanskrit met up with the English language. On different islands there were people living who were the descendants of different Adams. Of these there was one Adam who was a gypsy, and his descendants survive to this day and as a result of whom many other nations were discovered.

The people of remote islands were unaware of the existence of each other and long distance travel by sea was not possible by the means of small boats. Columbus was successful in making a seaworthy ship as a result of which he was the first man to reach America. He reached land and saw people with brown skin and he thought that he had arrived in India.

These people were the red Indians (native Americans), who can also be found in North Dakota, in the United States today. I asked an Indian tribal chief if he knew who his Adam was. He replied that according to their belief their Adam was in Asia, the wife of which was named was Havva (Eve). 
He further stated that according to their historical records their Adam (of the great Sioux nation) appeared from a mountain in South Dakota (Black Hill). The mountain place is marked even now. 
People say that the English and the Americans are light-skinned as a result of the cold climate, this is not the case. There were descendants of a dark-skinned Adam, who were also present in these regions but who did not develop light skin. Therefore this is the basic reason that the appearance, character, intellect, languages and diet of human beings differ. The descendents of Adam Safi-Allah remained in Middle East, this is why people in Middle East are similar (to each other) in appearance.

It is said that Adam Safi-Allah (Shankar Ji) descended in Sri Lanka. Then from there he travelled to Arabia where he remained and where his grave lies. If this is the case then who discovered his foot markings in Sri Lanka? Which are preserved to this day. This means that (prior to his descent) there was some community present there. 
Saints and Prophets were no longer sent to the nations that were destroyed. The remaining survivors of these nations were therefore deprived of these exalted people and at some later time went astray. 
As foreign lands were discovered saints from Asia travelled to those parts and taught the people, according to the respective religions of the saints and today we see that the Asian religions have spread all over the world. Jesus was from Jerusalem, Moses was from what is now Palestine and the Prophet Mohammed was from Mecca. Whereas Noah and Abraham were also from Middle East. 
Some nations were punished and hence destroyed and others turned into bears and apes. Those who survived, then out of fear, turned to God. Others then regarded God as All-Powerful and imperious and turned away from him in disgust. They disobeyed every command of God and started to say that there is no such thing as a God and that a human is no more than an insect, and that paradise and hell are figments of the imagination. 
At the time of Moses, there was a nation of people who were transformed into apes (punished by God). The survivors turned towards Europe. The pregnant women at the time of the wrath, were now apes but gave birth to human babies. Those people exist today and say that they are the descendents of the apes. 
The nation that was transformed into bears, turned towards the jungles of Africa. Similarly the pregnant women of the time were carrying human babies. They gave birth and the race continued to survive. These people are known as Mamm. They have long hair on their bodies, the majority of them are female and they abduct people. They cannot be influenced or reformed by religion but due to their human nature they conceal their private parts by using leaves. 
Another Adam, due to a mistake he had made, was punished for a thousand years. He was transformed into a snake. His descendants survive to this day in the form of a very special snake. It can transform into a human being a thousand years after birth and it is known as Ruha. 
It is mentioned in history that Alexander the Great was out hunting one day, in a jungle, when he discovered a beautiful woman crying. He asked who she was and she replied that she was the princess of China and she was hunting with her husband when a lion attacked and ate her husband, further that she was now alone. Alexander asked her to return with him and that he would make the arrangements for her return to China. The woman thought that her husband had died, and how would she save face on her return in China. Alexander took her to his home and married her.

Some time later Alexander developed a pain in his stomach. He tried all kinds of remedies but these had no effect. His pain increased and the doctors too gave up. A snake charmer also came to treat him. He called Alexander to one side and said to him that he could treat him, but that there would be some conditions. Further that if he did not treat Alexander within a few a days, that Alexander could then have him killed.

The snake-charmer advised Alexander that he, have some pudding made for that night and that the salt in it should be plentiful. Further that both Alexander and his wife should eat plenty of pudding and that Alexander should lock their room from within so as neither of them could leave the room. He further advised that Alexander should not sleep but pretend to be asleep so as his wife would believe that he is in fact sleeping and that there should be not a drop of water in the room. Alexander did as he was advised .

During the night, his wife became thirsty and discovered that there was no water in the pot, she then tried to open the door and saw that it was locked. She then looked at her husband and felt that he was fast asleep. She then transformed into a snake, went out through a hole. She drank some water, returned in the form of a snake and then transformed back into a woman. Alexander watched all this. In the morning he related this to the snake-charmer who told Alexander that his wife was a snake which transformed every thousand years and that she was the cause of the pain in his stomach.

This woman was then taken to the sea on the premise that they were going sight-seeing and she was then thrown into the water. The place where she was thrown exists today and is known as the barrier of Alexander.

The descendants of this race exist in the world today. Ordinary snakes do not have ears but this type of snake has ears. It is not known which Adams descendants are locked in the mountains of China and for which Alexander made the wall of China in order to prevent them from entering this region. As mentioned they have very long ears. They place one beneath them and cover themselves with the other. They are known as Gog Magog (pr. Jooj-Majooj).

Scientists have discovered many areas and regions but there are many still to be discovered. Behind the Himalayas there are “snowy humans” and there are many humans in the jungles and apart from them, no one knows their language. They too worship according to the way taught to them by their Adam and in order to survive they have a tribal system. In addition to these Continents, there are many other lands and Planets. Such as the Moon, the Sun, Jupiter, Mars and so on, Adams have inhabited these Planets also. Some of these have been destroyed. In some instances by stopping the supply of oxygen and in other cases by the total destruction of the land. 

There is still human life on Mars and there is a fiery life form inhabiting the Sun
Our scientists have yet been unable to reach Mars whereas the inhabitants of Mars have visited the Earth on numerous occasions and have taken people back with them for experimentation. They are scientifically more advanced and their inventions are superior to ours. Even if our satellites and scientists reach Mars they will be unable to escape once they are captured by the Martians.

There was one Adam who was abundantly endowed with knowledge by God. The descendants of this Adam on the basis of their knowledge, were able to travel to and reach the realm where God communicates with the angels and gives them various tasks in the form of commandments. In other words whatever command God gave to

the angels, these people were able to hear them. One day the angels said to God, that these people had started to interfere with the affairs of the angels. Further that when the angels came down into the world these people would already have found an alternative solution to the task of the angels.

God then commanded the Archangel Gabriel to go and to test these people. A twelve year old boy, was herding some sheep when Gabriel approached him and said, “Do you possess any knowledge?” The boy replied, “ask me?” Gabriel then asked the boy to tell him where Gabriel was at that time. The boy closed his eyes and then said that he (Gabriel) is not in the skies. Gabriel then asked, “where is he?” The boy then said that he (Gabriel) is not on any land either. Gabriel asked, “then where is he?” The boy opened his eyes and said that “I have looked in the fourteen realms and he is nowhere to be found, either I am Gabriel or you are Gabriel.”

Then God said to the angels that this nation be destroyed by the floods. The people heard this command and started to make homes made of metal and glass. Then this nation was destroyed by an earthquake. At that time, the region was known as Kaalda. It is now known as Greece.

Those people with their knowledge and now our scientists with their scientific knowledge, are interfering with God’s affairs. In order to instill fear into them, disaster on a small scale has been instigated and for the complete destruction an Asteroid has been sent towards the Earth which is expected to hit the Earth in about twenty to twenty five years and when it does, that will be the last day of the Earth. A part of that Asteroid has fallen on Jupiter in the last two years, even the scientists are aware of this. 
They are therefore wishing to move to the Moon or some other planet and there have even been plot bookings on the Moon for this purpose when they know that life cannot be supported on the Moon as there is no oxygen, water or vegetation. Then what is the purpose of all the frenzied effort? As far as research is concerned, what benefit has humanity derived by reaching the Moon or Jupiter? Has any medicine or prescription been discovered to facilitate immortality or has a “cure” been found to prevent death? 
Even if we reached the inhabitants of Mars, the difference in our atmosphere and theirs would make living on Mars very difficult. 
All the money that is being spent in this regard is going to waste and if the United States and Russia were to spend that money on the poor, then everybody would be better off. The differences between human beings have led to the creation of atomic bombs (weapons of mass destruction), in order to destroy one another, when the world will be destroyed without the bombs anyway.

Too many souls were created in the celestial sphere

The souls of the those closest to God were in the front row (in front of God). The ordinary souls were sent to the world, amongst the nations of the Adams some of whom (Adams) were made from black, some white some yellow and others red clay. They were taught knowledge by the Archangel Gabriel and the angels Harut and Marut.

When Adams were created by clay on the land, then Satanic genies would at the right opportunity enter the bodies of those Adams and their offspring and would further try to entrap them in their Satanic hold. Then the Prophets and Saints of that nation and the knowledge taught by them would become the means of alleviation. Countless Adams were made in pairs (with their female partners) from which procreation commenced and sometimes a woman was created on her own (without an Adam) and she would bear children (at the discretion) subject to the command of God “Be”.

These people too, exist in the world. Only the women are the tribal leaders and as they are the offspring of women only, they believe for this reason that God is female. They further believe that they are the children of angels as their (female) Adam produced children without a man. This custom continues amongst them even today. The women of these tribes bear children by anyone and then later marry any other person, and do not regard this as abnormal.

The decisions made by the souls, their destiny and their spiritual status would determine the types of Adams that would be sent. Corresponding souls would then descend (once these Adams had been sent). This is the reason that no special religion was formulated for the souls. This is also the reason that even when the Prophets were sent amongst them, very few accepted them. They did the opposite of what the Prophets taught and instead of worshipping God, they worshipped, the Moon, stars, the Sun, trees, fire and even started to worship snakes.

Finally, Adam Safi-Allah was made in paradise, of clay which was also from paradise. In order that he would surpass all (the previous Adams) in excellence and perfection and be protected from the Satanic spiritual entities as these did not have access to paradise. 
Satan was from amongst the genies and was recognized because of his vast knowledge and due to his abundant worship, he became the leader of the angels. He spat on the body of Adam out of envy. As a result of the saliva a Satanic type of bacterium entered Adams body, which is known as the Nafs, the spirit of the self, (ego) which was then inherited by the offspring of Adam. It is in relation to this that the Prophet Mohammed said that, “when a human being is born, a Satanic genie is also born with the human at the same time.”

There is a difference between the angels and the Archangels

In the realm of the angels, angels exist, which were created at the time of the creation of the souls. The spiritual entities that are in the next higher realm, in the realm of souls are known as the Archangels which existed even before the command of God “Be” (when creation as we understand it was created). 
God commanded that the angels bow down before Adam Safi-Allah. No Adam was made in paradise prior to this and nor did the angels bow down before any other Adam. Azazeel, (Satan) objected and refused to bow, he was then cursed as a result of which he became the enemy of the descendants of Adam Safi-Allah. 
Whereas the nations (of previous Adams) did not suffer from his enmity, as Satanic genies were enough to tempt them and lead them astray.

As Satan was the most powerful of all the Satanic entities he trapped the descendants of Adam Safi-Allah in such a way and taught them such crimes as a result of which the other nations started to dislike these Asians. On the other hand as a result of the greatness of this Adam, these people were guided by God and they had access to God in such a way (Godly) and became so exalted that the other nations were amazed. 
Further the greatest of the celestial books, the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Psalms of David and the Qur’an were revealed amongst these people and as a result of the teachings, spiritual grace and blessing (of the books) the Asian religions were spread amongst all the people of the world. 
The soul of Adam had not yet been placed in his body, when the angels realized that he was being made for the world as a human made from clay would only be found on the Earth. Then by some opportunity and reason he was sent to the Earth. Even though the eternal decisions and tasks are worked out by God, ultimately humans are blamed for things. If Adam was sent to the world without being accused of a crime (made to feel guilt) he would have then, come into the world and done nothing but complain. Further, why would he have wept and sought forgiveness? (as there would be no reason for him to do this). 
A soul which is destined to go to hell, if it is born into a home which does not believe in religion then it is known as an unbeliever and a liar. It is such people that deny and reject the existence of God and who are the enemies of the Prophets and the Saints. These people are arrogant, hard-hearted and they take pleasure in harming the creation of God. The second category after having come into a religion remains distant from it. Such a soul if it is born into a religious home, it is known as a hypocrite. 
These people abuse and slander the Prophets and Saints and create mischief within their religion. Their worship is useless just as the worship of Satan. Their religion attempts to take them towards paradise but their destiny pulls them towards hell. 
As they are deprived of the spiritual assistance and help of the Prophets and the Saints for this reason they are easily led to temptation by Satan and the spirit of the self (who mislead them into believing) that they possess vast amounts of knowledge, they worship abundantly and that there is no difference between them and the Prophets? These people then without considering their spiritual reality feel that they are Prophets and believe that Saints depend upon them. They deny spirituality and the existence of miracles and only accept the qualities that they themselves possess. They even reject the miracles of Prophets and dismiss them as magic. They believe in the power of Satan but it is difficult for them to accept the power of the Prophets and the Saints. 
The soul that is destined to go to paradise if it is in a non-religious home or in an unclean environment it is regarded as crippled. It is possible for such a soul to be forgiven and saved. It is such souls that try to find the straight (illuminated) path and who try to get out of the “quicksand” by looking for the aid and assistance of the Saints. They are soft-hearted, humble and generous. 
The soul that is destined to go to paradise, if it is in one of the revealed religions or in a religious home, then it is regarded as sincere and faithful. It is these people who by their worship and austerities find the closeness of God and become entitled to his inheritance.

In the study of spirituality the spiritual entity Qalb

is of great importance

Some people played sports, others danced, others built and knocked down walls and others exercised, all tried to increase the vibration of their heartbeat and they then tried to synchronize the Name Allah with the vibrating heartbeat (heart/Qalb meditation). Then in ascending order the Name of God Allah reached all the spiritual entities (inside the body).

Others without going into the depths of this knowledge started to emulate such people. They started to dance to the chanting of Allah, Allah. They did not understand the concept of heart meditation and also failed to synchronize the Name Allah with their heartbeat. Nevertheless their animal spirit, whose nature it is, to jump around did become acquainted with the Name of God. Similarly the botanical spirit (in a person) also becomes strong and acquainted, as a result of chanting the Name Allah accompanied by music. Music is the food of the botanical spirit.

In the United States an experiment was carried out, whereby crops were exposed to music. Two portions of the same crop were planted on the same piece of land. One part of the crop was exposed to music day and night and the other part was left unexposed to music. The crop exposed to the music was better in quality and appearance than the crop that was left unexposed to the music.

The Nafs, the spirit of the self is very dangerous. Even after it has been purified (illuminated) it always searches for excuses and it likes music and rythm. Some people have tried to attract the attention of the spirit of the self by singing and have then attempted to divert its direction towards God. Others chanted and synchronized the Name, Allah with their guitar music. Even if this was not the ideal achievement, at least there ears were engaged in worship.

I met a guitar player who told me a story. He said: “In my spare time, I play the guitar and chant Allah, Allah with the music and sometimes when I awake from my sleep, I hear a similar melody of Allah, Allah inside me.” Such people became, better than the other pre-occupations, in other words (better than) the people who simply jump about and sing and play but they did not achieve any Saintly status. Nevertheless such people do possess an inclination and yearning and are seekers and if they (become attached) to a complete spiritual teacher and guide they do reach some spiritual station (status).

Amongst the Muslims and the other religions sufis (ascetics, seekers of spiritual knowledge and illumination) have attempted in many different ways to absorb the Name of God within themselves. An action that turns one towards God and increases the love for God is not wrong.

A Prophetic statement, “God does not look at the actions, but looks at the intentions.”

The people who follow the written Laws (Scriptures) regard this as abnormal and wrong as they become satisfied and nourished by (following) the Laws; but those people who want to advance from following the Laws to the Love of God, or those who do not follow the written Laws; why are such people prevented from adopting an alternative.


The Religion of God

All the religions in this world were established as a result of the Prophets. When even before this (God) was love, the lover and the beloved. Souls that were in the Proximity, Magnificence (Vision) and affection of God were in the religion of God which is Love of God. When they came into this world they sacrificed their life and limb in order to find God.

This was at first confined to the favoured (Godly) now through spirituality it has reached even the ordinary people

A Prophetic statement: One of the companions of the Prophet Mohammed has stated:

“I have received two types of knowledge from the Prophet Mohammed, I have told you about one of them and if I tell you about the other you would kill me”

When the Saint Shah Shamas took the dry books out of the well (full of water)

The Saint of Istanbul Maulana Rumi said:

“What is this?” 
Shah Shamas replied: 
“This is the knowledge that you know not.” 
When Moses asked God 
“Is there any more knowledge?” 
God replied: 
“Go to Khidr.” 
(a mystical figure, possessing the secrets of spiritual knowledge)

The prayer of every worshipper: 
“God, show me the straight (illuminated) path 
the path of those, upon whom you have bestowed your favour.”

The poet Iqbal states: 
“What would the pitiful scholars know of this.”

The souls that have been exalted from the beginning of time, the souls that God loves and the souls that love God, did praise the Lord and chant his Name when they came into the world. For example Jesus spoke whilst in the cradle, and said: “I am a Prophet” although Gabriel had already given the glad tidings to Mary prior to the birth.

In respect of Moses, Pharaoh had knowledge of the prediction, that a child would be born to a tribe, who would then be the cause of his destruction and that he (the child) would be a very exalted man in the sight of God. The Prophet Mohammed also said, “I was a Prophet even before I came into the world.”

There are many loved and eternal souls (Godly) present in different religions and in different bodies

During the last period (end of the world)

God will send a “Special Soul” into the world who will search for these souls and gather them together and remind them that they once did love God. All these souls no matter which religious or non-religious body they are in, will acknowledge and affirm his call and gather around him.

He will grant these souls a very special “Name of God” which will travel from the spiritual entity Qalb to the soul. Then the soul will meditate and chant that name of God.

That “Name” will produce a spirit of new energy and a new love and with its light the soul will again become connected to God.

The meditation of the Qalb is the way to achieve meditation of the soul.

Just as meditation and austerities are the way to the meditation of the (Qalb). Once a persons soul itself starts to meditate and chant the Name of God, then that person is from that category of people, who no longer fear the scale of judgement or the day of judgement. Further meditation and worship, more advanced than that of the soul are proof and indicate that persons exalted status.

Those people who have speedily moved from the meditation of the Qalb to the meditation of the soul are those who have already entered, or will soon enter the religion of God.

They are not guided by the books but are guided by the light, and become free of sin due to the light. Those who have heard about this or those who have made some effort but are still deprived of this spiritual discipline are not included in this path (religion of God).

The way, for the salvation of the ordinary people is worship and religion.

The way for guidance is the celestial books (Scriptures).

The way for (obtaining) intercession is the Prophets and Sainthood.

Many Muslims do not believe in the intercession (or recommendation) of Saints. When (it is known) that the Prophet Mohammed instructed his companions to go to Owais Qarni and ask him to pray for the salvation of the people of the Prophet.

The Religion of the Souls

The love of God and the recognition of those in the religion of God

Into which all the rivers merge, it is known as the sea. 
Into which all the religions merge and become one that is the love of God and the religion of God. 
“Where the four religions meet.” (the Saint Sultan Sahib)

The early recognition (signs of those in this religion)

When the meditation of both the Qalb and the soul commences, whether they are activated by worship and meditation or by the spiritual glance and grace of a complete spiritual teacher and guide, in both instances this means that the person is eternally Godly (destined to be thus from the beginning). Further the person develops a dislike for sins and even if a sinful act is committed the person regrets this deeply and thinks of ways in which to prevent the recurrence of the sin.

God has said: “ I like those people also, who ponder over ways in which to stay free of sin.”

Further the love of the material world decreases and the love of God starts to dominate. Desire, envy, stinginess and arrogance are felt to be disappearing. Also the tongue remains free of slander, you feel humble, stinginess is replaced by generosity and lying disappears.

Unlawful desires change into lawful desires and a dislike develops for acquiring things in a wrongful or unlawful manner. A dislike for eating forbidden and unlawful foods and a dislike of doing forbidden and unlawful things.

The extreme recognition (signs of those in this religion)

A complete abstinence from the use of cocaine, opium, heroine and alcohol. Be able to meet exalted spiritual dignitaries, whether in the dream state, by meditative journey or vision. Achieve the spiritual purification and illumination of the Nafs, the spirit of the self so that it is transformed from its base state to that of the “self at peace.” Have the spiritual entity, Anna standing face to face before God and find that all the veils between God and the human being have been lifted away.

Further to become free of sin, have the extreme love for God, be in Communion with God (united in God’s Essence), and from an ordinary person to a “provider of people” and from a poor man to the “provider of the poor.” 
Due to the fact that many Godly souls from the different religions will be entering this religion, for this reason there will be no condition attached to any religion. Every person will be able to continue with the worship as prescribed by their religion but the meditation of the Qalb, they will all practice, will be the same. 
Despite the fact they will all be from different religions, their hearts will be united and when God comes within their hearts they will all become the people of God. Thereafter it is up to God, whether God keeps them to himself or sends them into a religion for its guidance. In other words some will be amongst the people and be beneficial to them, some will be solitary and isolated, some soldiers and others commanders (spiritual). 
Even the unholy and sinful, who will help and assist these people will achieve some spiritual reward and status. Those people that will not have joined this group (religion of God), the majority of them will join the Satan (Anti-Christ) whether they be Muslims or Non-Muslims. Finally the two groups will have a mighty war. Those of Jesus, the Mehdi and the Kalki Avtar, will join and defeat the other group (Anti-Christ). Many of the Anti-Christ will be killed and those that survive will remain silent out of fear and lack of choice.

The Mehdi and Jesus will reign over the hearts of people and peace will be established in the whole world. All the different religions will cease to exist and transform into one religion. That will be the religion most liked by God and will be the essence of all the religions of all the Prophets and their books, and will be accepted by all of humanity. Superior to all types of worship and even superior to the Love for God will be the Ishq of God (a stronger, extreme and passionate form of Love for the Divine Essence of God).

“Where Ishq (love) takes one, the faith does not know.” (the Saint Sultan Bahu)

The famous poet Iqbal, presented a view of this time in the following way:

“The world needs the Mehdi whose philosophy will shake the foundations of accepted thought.” 
“Being opened are the hidden secrets, bygone has the time when God refused his vision whose essence has appeared before the people, he is the Mehdi, the one of the end time.” 
“Opened my eye in the mirror of comprehension, look at the hazy picture of the future look at the Universe, the land and space, look for a moment, at the one who appears from the East.”

“Gone has that time O’ giver of the drink (of love), when did hide the drinkers the whole world will now become a tavern and every soul will be the drinker (of Divine love).” 
“The time has come of the unveiling, all will see his splendour and majesty silence was his veil, whose secret will now be manifest.” 
“out of the desert came he, who overturned the kingdom of Rome heard have I from the angels, that the lion will awaken again.”

All of the revealed Holy Scriptures and the Commandments are not the religion of God. In these Books are the rules relating to the worship, austerities and beards. Whereas God is not bound by these. These religions were made to illuminate and to purify the people of the Prophets. Whereas God himself is a pure light. When a person too becomes light (illuminated) after unification with the Essence of God, then that person enters the Religion of God. The Religion of God is Love and affection. The meanings of the ninety-nine Names of God show that he is a God that talks about his friends.

(God) is the Love, the Lover and the Beloved. If any person of God, receives from God, a share of any of these (three) gifts then that person reaches and goes into the Religion of God. Then worship, is looking at God and chanting the Name of God (praise) is that persons desire. Further, the Sight of God absolves the person from the lack of life-long religious practice and worship. Then the collective worship of all the genies, angels and human beings cannot reach his status.

It is in relation to such a person that the grand Sheikh Abdul-Qadir al-Jilani has stated:

“Whoever reached the vision of God and still practiced worship or intended to do so, he has insulted the Grace and Mercy of God.”

The Saint Bhulle Shah has stated:

“After I started the worship of love, I forgot the Temples and the Mosques.”

The poet Iqbal has stated:

“What would the pitiful priests know about this.”

The companion Abu Hureira (of the Prophet Mohammed) has stated:

“I received two types of knowledge from the Prophet Mohammed. I have told you one and if I tell you about the other you will kill me.”

History has witnessed that whosoever revealed the secrets of this knowledge was killed, just like Shah Mansur and Sarmad (Saints) and today Gohar Shahi stands on the edge of murder.

Submission to the laws of the Prophets is for the people of those Prophets as the Prophets themselves do not need to practice any worship. They are Prophets before their laws come into existence and more accurately, they are Prophets from the beginning of time. As they have to be an example for their religion, if they do not practice any particular rule or action, then the followers regard that as the example to be followed. For this reason the Prophets have to be careful and remain alert.

Is any person able to say, that if any Prophet is not practicing any type of worship that the Prophet will go to hell? Never! (this cannot be said)

Is any person able to say, that without practicing worship a Prophet cannot be a Prophet?. Or can anyone say that Prophecy cannot be received without first becoming educated. Then why do people object and complain about Saints? When Sainthood is the substitute of Prophecy. 
You must remember that those who without seeing God, claim that they are united with God and who consider themselves to be at this spiritual state and emulate (others at this level) are spiritual outcasts and liars. Such liars are the subject of the curses found in the Holy Scriptures and as a result of which, the time and belief of thousands of (innocent) people has been wasted and destroyed. 
This book is worthy of study and investigation by all religions, all sects and all peoples and it presents a challenge to those who reject spirituality

Some sayings of His Holiness Gohar Shahi

“There are three parts of knowledge of the seen (apparent) and one part of the unseen (spiritual).”

“To acquire the apparent knowledge, Moses and to acquire the spiritual knowledge, Khidr have to be found.”

“The voice that comes without the medium of Gabriel is known as inspiration. The knowledge (that comes without the medium of Gabriel) is known as a direct Commandment of God; the knowledge which Gabriel accompanied is known as Holy

Scripture; whether it is the apparent or the spiritual knowledge and whether you call it the Torah, the Psalms of David or the Bible.”

“When religious Scholars make mistakes they dismiss them as politics and thus absolve themselves; if Saints make a mistake it is understood as wisdom and ignored, whereas the Prophets cannot be accused of making a mistake.”

“Whoever is engaged in whatever type of spiritual discipline, the corresponding spiritual entities inside them will become strong (illuminated) and those who are not occupied (spiritually) their spiritual entities are senseless and in humility and those who absorbed the Name Allah within spiritual entities by whatever method, they were then occupied at all times with imperial meditation (when all the spiritual entities meditate at one time to the extent that the human body splits into seven separate pieces) and Ishq (love) of God.”


Imam Mehdi will reform all religions

Just as Prophecy ended after the Prophet Mohammed and reformers came in Islam who renovated their religion subject to the environment. Similarly after the arrival of Imam Mehdi the renovation of those reformers will cease to exist and according to (the needs of) all the religions Imam Mehdi will instigate his own reforms. It is mentioned in some books that he will establish a new religion.

It was for this reason that the poet Iqbal said, “if there is love then even disbelieving is believing.”

Sachal Sai (a Saint) has said, “without the love of the beloved Sachal, what is belief and what is disbelief.”

If anyone worshiped their entire life but at the end that person opposed Imam Mehdi and Jesus, who will come back into the world, Jesus with his physical body and the Mehdi with the “earthly spirits” then that person is bound for hell like Bilyam Bawar and is cursed and rejected like Satan. ( Bilyam Bawar was a man at the time of Moses, who opposed Moses, and who will go to hell in the form of the dog Qutmeer).

If anyone spent their entire existence living like the dogs but in the end helped and assisted the Mehdi and Jesus then that person will go to paradise. Just as the dog Qutmeer. (who was exalted by only sitting in the company of the “Companions of the Cave” and who will go to paradise).

The people who have Ishq (passionate Love of God) when they are in a religion, (in some place) God then showers that place with his mercy. Then if that person is Baba Farid (a Muslim Saint) then even the Hindus and Sikhs come to his door and if he is Baba Guru Nanak, (an exalted spiritual figure revered by Sikhs) then even the Muslims and the Christians come to his door.

Some sects and religions say that I’sa (Jesus) has passed away and that his tomb is in Afghanistan. This is incorrect propaganda. In Afghanistan there is the tomb of another man by the name of I’sa. What would be the purpose of the burial when transport was primitive at the time and it would have taken months to travel

(to Afghanistan). Some ask how was Jesus raised to the celestial sphere? I ask how did Adam descend from the sky? Further, the Prophet Idris is still physically living in paradise and Khidr and the Prophet Elias still exist in the world and have not died.

The grandson of the grand Sheikh Abdul-Qadir al-Jilani, Hayat al-Ameer is six hundred years old (and is still alive). His grandfather, the Sheikh, said to him that do not die until you meet the Mehdi and give my salutations to him. The Saint Shah Latif was given the title Bari Imam by him (Hayat Al-Ameer). Close to Murri, (in Pakistan) is a place known as Bara Koh, signs of the sitting place (the retreat of Hayat Al-Ameer) are preserved there.

The punishment for physical crimes is imprisonment, a fine or the death penalty. If any person is on the spiritual path then the punishment is remorse as the punishment for spiritual sins or crimes is very severe. A person who slanders another, as punishment his spiritual rewards are transferred to the person that has been the subject of the slandering. Further desire, envy, stinginess and arrogance destroy any rewards that are written (on the persons record). If a person has any amount of light inside them, then this is confiscated if that person insults, abuses or begrudges any Prophet or Saint just as the Sheikh San’aan insulted the grand Sheikh Abdul-Qadir al-Jilani and his visions and miracles were confiscated from him. 
There is a story about the Saint Bayazid Bostami. When he discovered that a particular person was insulting and slandering him, the Saint fixed a monetary reward for him. The man continued to slander the Saint and continue to receive the money also. Then one day his wife scolded him and said that he should either stop the treachery or stop taking the money or stop insulting the Saint. The man started to praise the Saint. When the Saint discovered that the man started to praise him, he stopped the payment. The man appeared before the Saint and asked that when he insulted the Saint he was paid and now why has the payment stopped? 
When he has started to praise the Saint. The Saint said that at first you was my employee and because of your bad deed (slander) my sins were being washed away and I was paying for that service and for what shall I pay you now?. 
The above-mentioned sins are connected with the spirit of the self at its lowest, base self, who is helped by Satan. Whereas piety, generosity, forgiveness, patience and gratitude, humbleness and the merciful rays and Grace of God are all connected to the witnessing Qalb (the fully illuminated and purified Qalb and heart) whose helper is the complete spiritual teacher and guide. 
As long as the persons spiritual entity of the self is at its lowest state, (not illuminated) the light rays produced by the recital of any Holy Scripture will not enter a persons heart even if that person has memorized such words and verses, as he is considered to be a parrot. To the contrary when your spirit of the self is purified then any impure entity will not remain inside you. At that stage the person is considered illuminated. 
In order to purify the spirit of the self you must search for a Purifier. Who are people appointed by God and are always on this (spiritual) duty. The cleanliness of the outside of the physical body is done with water whereas the inside of the body is cleansed with light. Without being cleansed a person is impure and dirty. A clean body is worthy of worshipping God whereas a clean heart is worthy of receiving the rays of the Grace of God. Only then do the Holy Scriptures guide people (they guide the cleansed). Otherwise the people of the Scriptures turn against each other and become enemies. The Reformer Mujaddid Alf-Sani has written in his works that those

people are not worthy of reciting the Holy Scripture whose spiritual entity of the self is at its lowest and base state. It is important that the beginners practice heart meditation, purify and cleanse themselves and then once illuminated then recite the Holy Scriptures. 
There is a Prophetic statement to the effect that some people read the Holy Scripture and the Scripture curses them. The Saint Bhulle Shah has stated that there are those who deceive others and yet carry the Scriptures under their arms.

“Faqr is my pride and Faqr is from within me.” (Saying of the Prophet Mohammed)

(Sacred spiritual knowledge pertaining to the Essence and Vision of God).

The pious person believes that he does his worship and austerities for God and that he is very close to God. After worship the person asked God for good health, a long life, material prosperity the maidens and palaces in paradise. Think! Have you ever prayed and asked God that you desire nothing and only desire God?

The religious Scholar believes that in the Sght and Proximity of God he is saved and protected because he has the knowledge and the Scriptures inside him. Then why does the religious Scholar say to other people that they will go to hell, when many believers possess some amounts of knowledge and have memorized many verses of the Scriptures? Think! Who sells knowledge? Who shouts and abuses? Who slanders the Saints? Who is the person that is arrogant and stingy?

A particular intention in the heart and a contradicting word of mouth, one word in the morning and a different word at night. One who presents lies as truth and truth as lies? If you are far from these things then you are the Vicegerent of the Prophet and it is then disrespectful to even turn ones back to you. In other words in appearance he looks like a reader of the Scripture, but in fact he is the Scripture, (only when all these faults are eliminated by the Scholar). If you are lost in these characteristics then you are the person described by the wolf who said that if he had indeed eaten Joseph then may he be raised (have the fate of) as a religious Scholar of the “fourteenth century” (Islamic, our present time).


The straight path (illuminated)

1. Those who are physically pious but there spiritual aspect is dark (not illuminated) are the cause of the mischief in the religion and are the ambassadors of Satan. It is mentioned in Prophetic tradition, that one must be fearful of the ignorant priest (Scholar) whose tongue speaks the knowledge but whose heart is ignorant (dark- not illuminated.) 
2. Those whose spiritual aspect is illuminated but who are physically impious, they are regarded as Majzoob (Saints but not in control of their senses,) spiritually crippled, stagnant or isolated. 
“Those who have lost their senses in love, then what for the accountability on the day of judgement.” 
(Taryaak-e-Qalb written by His Holiness Gohar Shahi). 
3. Those whose physical and spiritual aspect is proper and (illuminated.) Those who practice Qalb meditation and practice physical worship.

This type of priest (religious Scholar) is known as the “Godly priest.” They are the inheritors of the pulpit and the religion of the Prophet. When a persons physical and spiritual aspect unite and become as one then that person is known as the Vicegerent of God. If such a person performs a Pilgrimage spiritually then it is as though that person has performed the Pilgrimage physically and he is rewarded accordingly. In fact he is rewarded much more than if he had done the Pilgrimage only physically. 
The worship practiced by the souls is considered to be like physical worship (but superior in reward). Further if these people worship physically then their worship becomes exalted in the spiritual realm. It these people whose bodies are in one place and souls are in another place. In the faculty of piety (spiritual path) these people are also known as M’aaraf (whose body and soul can be in two different places at the same time.) Whereas for the Ashiq, the extreme lover of God, the vision and sight of God is enough. Some people say that there is no such thing and that one cannot see God. The knowledge pertaining to seeing God began from the Prophet Mohammed. According to Abu Hanifa (one of the past, eminent Muslim Imams) he has seen God ninety-nine times. Bayazid Bostami (Muslim Saint) has said that he has seen God seventy times. The sight of God is achieved by the spiritual entity, Anna ( which is in the head) and you are unaware of its meditation and the teachings relating to it.

A friend of God

Some people may regard a particular person to be a Saint as a result of his miracles and spiritual grace. But their hearts do not allow them to follow or trust that person because of a particular characteristic or their religion; then rather than insult or abuse them, it is better to stay out of their path. Who knows? They (Saints) may be exalted in the sight of God. A person may be Sheikh Baqa or some Laal Shahbaaz or a Khidr or Sai Baba or Guru Nanak or Bhulle Shah or a person maybe an eternal lover of God (all eminent spiritual figures).  

revolutionary message 
Gohar Shahi 
to all of humanity

A Muslim says that he is the best of all, Whereas the Jew says that his status is better than that of the Muslim, the Christian says that he is better than both and even better than all the other religions because he is from the people of the Son of God (Jesus).

Gohar Shahi says:

“The best and most exalted person is the one, whose heart has the Love of God, even if that person has no religion.” 

“The verbal chanting, praise and worship is proof of submission and obedience to God, whereas the practice of Qalb meditation is the way to the Love of God and access to God.”

The Appointed are endorsed and those who copy are outcasts and rejects The one who claims a false Prophecy is an infidel

One who falsely claims to be a Saint is close to infidelity. Wali (Saint) literally means friend (of God) and it is a condition of friendship that a person has at least met and talked to his friend. The Prophet Mohammed said to his companions at one time that there are some tasks that I have to do and they are not for you.

Every worshipper prays and asks God, that he be guided on the straight (illuminated) path. The path of those that have been favoured and gifted by God. Further that his soul reaches and prays at the realm of spiritual appointments, which is the real worship. As this type of practice and worship continues even after death. Similar to when the souls of all the Prophets worshipped in the Dome of the Rock in the night of the “Ascent” of the Prophet Mohammed. Further it is important to comply with the written laws of the religion until one reaches unification and sees God.

On the other hand God has created a substitute for the lazy and sinful. The meditation of the Qalb, the ethereal chanting of the Name of God Allah is a penance for their sins and lack of worship. Sometimes this meditation can illuminate such people and make them the friends of God. 

Practice the chanting of the name of God Allah when you have missed your prayers (worship) whilst standing, sitting and even whilst you are turning on your sides

The closeness, acquaintance, spiritual grace and the prayers of Saints can become a means of good fortune for sinners and can even save them from hell. Similar to when the Prophet Mohammed sent his companions to Owais Qarni with the instruction that he pray for the salvation of the sinners, amongst the people of the Prophet. Generosity, practicing austerities, and martyrdom can also become a means of penance and salvation.

God also likes humility, repentance and the weeping of a person. As a result of these God even forgave a person like Nasooh who used to assault dead women and steal their shrouds (Scripture). 
One day Jesus asked Satan: “who is your best friend,” Satan said, “a pious miser who is stingy.” Jesus asked why and Satan said that such a persons stinginess destroys that persons good deeds. Jesus then asked Satan who is your worst enemy to which Satan said, “a generous sinner.” Jesus then asked why, to which Satan said because that persons generosity destroys all their bad deeds. 
Those who have love for other humans and the creation of God and who look after these and those who support the truth and are just, too become worthy of the Mercy and Grace of God. 
The Scholar Iqbal, a young boy at the time was returning from school one day, when he saw a bitch following him. He climbed up the stairs (to his house) and she continued looking at him in sorrow. He thought maybe she was hungry. His father had left him a pancake. He gave her half of the pancake which she ate immediately after which she stared at him again, in sorrow. He then gave the other half of the pancake to her as a result of which he remained hungry for the rest of the day. At night his father was told (in his dream) that God liked the good deed of his son due to which he was exalted and the subject of the Mercy and Grace of God.

When Sabaktgeen took a deer calf from the jungle he saw that its mother was running behind his horse. He stopped and saw that the deer stopped too and turned its face towards the sky. Sabaktgeen noticed tears on the face of the deer and then he freed the calf. Thereafter Sabaktgeen was showered with so much Mercy and Grace by God that he used to often weep over the Name of God.

Maulana Rumi has stated:

“A moment in the company of Saints is better than a hundred years of worship.”

There is a commandment of God that relates:

“I become his voice through which he speaks, I become his hands by which he holds.” (In relation to Saints).

Abu Zarr Ghaffari states:

“On the day of judgement people will recognize a Saint and say to God that they provided water for ablution for the Saint. A voice will be heard, “forgive him.” Another will say to God that he had clothed or fed the Saint and it will be said forgive him also. Countless individuals will be forgiven as a result of the Saints, in this way. 
Those who wage war against God are not beheaded for one day, they are turned into infidels and for all of their next life in hell, they will be painfully beheaded every day. 
Similar to Bilyam Bawar, who was a very educated Scholar and a pious man, but as he became the enemy of Moses he was sent to hell. 

People say that you find God through worship
I say that you find God through your heart

Worship is a way of cleansing the heart and if your heart has not been cleansed by worshipping then you are far from God. There is a Prophetic statement that God does not look at the actions nor the faces but he looks at the intentions and the hearts.

However a person can go to paradise as a result of worship but even that is very far from God.

This spiritual knowledge is for those people who without caring for the maidens (of paradise) and paradise itself desire the Love, Nearness and the Vision of God.

Then according to Scripture:

God makes them meet one of his Friends (a Saint) and Guide 
(A complete and perfect spiritual teacher and guide).

When God favours and likes any particular action of any individual, then God looks at that individual with great love and affection. His glance of love, burns all the individuals sins away and those who then sit in the company of that person, too, come within the Grace of God. The Friends of God, “the Companions of the Cave” slept in the cave or were on a “meditative journey” and God continued to look upon them with love as a result of which their companion, dog (was exalted), became Hazrat Qutmeer and will now go to paradise. When the Sheikh Farid came under the Merciful and Graceful Sight of God, a herdsman sitting close by was also illuminated and graced.

When God liked some action and favoured Abu Al-Hassan Kharqani, and began to talk to the Sheikh. He said to the Sheikh one day that if he (God) told the people about the Sheikh they would stone him until he died. The Sheikh then said to God that if he told the people how merciful God is nobody would bow before God. God then said to the Sheikh: “do this, don’t you tell, We won’t tell either.”

When Zaid was brought (before the Prophet Mohammed) for the third time, accused of drinking alcohol. The companions of the Prophet cursed him, as he was being produced time after time for the same sin. The Prophet then said do not curse him as he does love God and his beloved. Those that love God and the Prophet cannot go to hell. 
Without doubt God loves all of creation and looks after it, he even provides for the incapable insect inside the stone. Just as disobedient children are punished and chastised, similarly God becomes powerful and imperious for the disobedient and the blasphemers. 
Believe this: that God wishes to see you also but you are either unaware, not bothered or ill-fated. What people look at (face) you wash it every day with soap, apply cream to it and shave it, but have you ever washed what God will see? (the heart).

There is a Prophetic statement to the effect that for everything, there is a means, of cleansing that thing, whereas to wash the hearts there is the meditation of the Name of God. 
Pure (platonic) love is also connected with the heart. Those who simply say “I love you” verbally are cunning and deceitful.

“Love is not done, love happens, with whomever enters the heart.”

To send God into the heart there is the one-pointed concentration, the meditation of Qalb and the Saints. 
The engine of a vehicle cannot reach the destination on its own, without the other parts of the vehicle. 
Similarly practicing worship without first illuminating the spirit of the self and the Qalb is incomplete. If without these requirements you believe that your worship is complete and you have achieved paradise then why do you say about other individuals that they are infidels, apostates, and bound for hell when they too worship. The only difference is that people are riding on different wagons (religions) when but are the same on the inside, dark (not illuminated). There is only the difference of the beliefs and sects, whereas these small differences will remain in this world (after death) and only the souls inside people will go forth.

There is prayer on the tongue and yet abuse, desire and envy in the heart. This is known as the worship in appearance only. The general public remain falsely content with this and continue to become the victims of sectarianism. Such people who propagate a religion cause mischief within it. For example you follow a sect (set of beliefs) for ten or fifteen years and practiced worship, then you considered a different sect to be right and then you changed. This would mean that the first sect you followed was false. It should be noted that false worship is not acceptable to God. In other words you rejected the ten or fifteen years of worship that you did. It is also possible that the new sect you join too is false, too. In this case you lost your past and your future worship. When the blindfold was taken off one found oneself at the same spot like the circling Buffalo.

Instead of wasting your life it would have been better if you had found the complete guide (Saint). 

The belief of His Holiness Gohar Shahi

The pious and the worshippers of all the religions be placed in a row.

Ask God: “which of these would you like to see?”

Just as your eyes fall on a shining star, whether it be Mars or Mercury or a star without a name similarly God looks at shining hearts whether they are religious or without a religion. 
“Without the love of the beloved Sachal, what is belief and what is disbelief.”

To find God you run to the Temples, Churches and Mosques. Is there any proof in history that any person has ever found God sitting in any place of worship? O’ innocent, the dwelling-place of God is your heart. Bring God into your heart then you

will see the places of worship and those who worship in them run towards you. The Saint Bayazid Bostami said that for some time he circled around the Ka’aba and when God came inside him the Ka’aba then circled around him. These places of worship are places of reward whereas the heart is a home. You will call God in the places of worship whereas God will call you in the heart.

Nowhere in the destiny of the intelligent, is the feeling of passion It is the lovers who throw away everything Allah, Allah by doing this, you will not find God It is those of God that that make you meet God.

Every religion believes that the status of its Prophet is higher than any other. This belief became the basis of the wars between the “People of the Books” (Scriptures). It is better if through spirituality (illumination) you reach the gatherings of the Prophets as only then will you know who is in which realm and holds what status.


It was for this time that God said:

“We will soon show you our signs, on the land and in space and even within yourselves.”

Saying of Gohar Shahi:

“The earthly spirits of all human beings are re-incarnated and they are born with different bodies many times. The souls of the pure (illuminated) go into the bodies of the pure. The earthly soul of the Prophet Mohammed was held for Imam Mehdi. Just as it can be said about any part of the Prophet Mohammed’s body that it is the jewel of Amina’s eye (the Prophets mother.) Similarly it can be said about any part of the celestial soul of the Prophet Mohammed that it is the son of Abd-Allah and the jewel of Amina. The souls of the people, of the Prophets family, are also part of the Prophets family.”

An important note: 
Mahdi means the one who will guide. 
Mehdi means the one of the Moon. (Whose face will appear in the Moon.)
(As in the names Mehnaz and Mehtaab.) 
Zahid Gulzar Ire Land (

Important note:

God addressed all the Prophets by special Names. These became the means of recognition and titles of affirmation for the people of the Prophets. These names were in God’s own language, Semitic. By verbal affirmation of the different names individuals entered the “nation” of the individual Prophets. It is a requirement for this reason that the name (affirmation) be repeated three times.

After entering a nation of a Prophet the amount of recitation and chanting of these words, results in acquiring a corresponding amount of individual purification. At a time of disaster or misfortune the chanting or recitation of these words is a cause of relief from the affliction. These words can also help reduce accountability in the grave. Entry into paradise is also subject to the utterance of these words.

People of every Prophet should memorize the affirmation of their Prophet and chant these words as much as possible day and night. For guidance you can read the revealed Scriptures in your language, but for worship the original text of the original books bring the most spiritual grace and benefit.

The affirmations of the Prophets

The affirmation of the Christians:

لاالہ الا اللہ عیسیٰ روح اللہ

There is no deity but Allah Jesus is the soul of God.

The affirmation of the Jews:

لاالہ الا اللہ موسیٰ کلیم اللہ

There is no deity but Allah Moses speaks with God.

The affirmation of the people of Abraham:

لاالہ الا اللہ ابراھیم خلیل اللہ

There is no deity but Allah Abraham is a friend of God.

The affirmation of the Muslims:

لاالہ الا اللہ محمد رسول اللہﷺ

There is no deity but Allah Mohammed is the Messenger of God.

The Hindu and Sikh faiths are links of the religion of Adam and the religion of Noah. It was due to the respect that Adam had for the Hijr-e-Aswad (Black Stone) that the practice of idol worship started in the Hindu faith. Further people that survived on Noah’s Ark started to propagate (their beliefs) after reaching India and their gurus received spiritual grace from Khidr. The names of Adam, (Shankar Ji) and Khidr, (Vishnu Maharaj) are also found in the prayer (benediction) of these people.

Furthermore there is a group that is devoted to Hazrat Fatima (Prophet Mohammed’s daughter) who call upon her as Durga Mai, Lakshmi Devi and Ma (mother) in their worship. Guru Nanak taught his followers “Ishwar Allah is your Name you (God) are Raam and you (God) are the Merciful.”

For the recognition and salvation of individuals of every religion, these affirmations which are of the language of God, Semitic, are essential, no matter what language the individual speaks. It is necessary for an ordinary person to chant or memorize God at least 33 times morning and evening. To be protected from worldly afflictions 99 times a day or as much as possible.

To avoid calamities 5000, 25,000 or 72,000 times a day. Some individuals do this at one time whilst sitting in the same position. The highest figure is 125,000 times a day.

In order to purify the heart and to remove dark patches of sins, there is the discipline of chanting with every breath. When inhaling synchronize LA ILAHA IL-ALLAH with the intake of breath and then synchronize the remainder of the affirmation with the exhaled breath. Concentrate your mind on your heart when exhaling.

To acquire the Love and Friendship of God there is another method which is difficult to acquire without the will and favour of God. For this method as is described in this book, the heartbeat is regarded as a rosary and only the single word Allah is synchronized with each and every heartbeat. Practice this method also, as much as possible on a daily basis.

Some individuals can acquire this practice of meditation by concentrating. Others can acquire it without concentration and some acquire it after reviving (illuminating) their Qalb and soul, when this form of meditation can start automatically.

The amount of chanting done by the friends of God is 72,000 times a day. Whereas the figure of chanting done by the lovers of God can reach upto 125,000 times a day. In addition, if the spiritual entities (inside a person) also engage in chanting then the amount of the individuals chant is beyond the count of the angels keeping “the record” Karamann Katibeen.

Some on land, some on the celestial throne
Some in the Ka’aba, some in the presence of God


People of a religion, in addition to practicing with the Name of God Allah may also attempt to absorb into their hearts the name of their Prophet, so that the Name of God Allah is balanced. In the spiritual states of intoxication, absorption and majesty (rage and anger) continue to repeat the affirmation of the Prophet until that state no longer exists. Further visualize a spiritual teacher and guide that you have physically seen so as the guide’s spiritual power can inscribe the Name Allah onto your heart.

For people that do not have a religion, God has the knowledge of (the person) who holds their destiny (spiritual grace) or if it exists at all. These individuals, during the practice of this discipline, must visualize the names of the five major Messengers and visualize any Saint they have seen physically and in whom they place their trust and belief. Thereafter the origin of your blessings and grace will speak inside you. In other words your direction, love and heart will turn towards the subject of your visualization.

Some time in the past all the people of the Scriptures (nations) were gathered on one platform. Eating and drinking together and marriage amongst them was permitted. Similarly, in our present time the Ahl-e-Dhikr (people possessing the meditation of the name of God) will unite and gather in this way. The people of the Books were gathered temporarily as the Scripture was only on their tongue and they remained united until the Scripture was present.

Whereas unity amongst people of this type of meditation and chanting will be ever-lasting due to the Name of God Allah, and its light being present in the blood and the heart. A disease that enters the bloodstream or when love for an entity enters the heart, the removal of it is difficult.

Water is simply water but the chain reaction of its motion transforms it into electricity. When milk is churned it transforms into butter. Similarly when the verses of the revealed Scriptures are recited light is created. Recitation of verses and the attributive Names of God creates attributed light and the quality of access gained by this light is to the realm of the angels, which is further subject to assistance provided by an intervening medium. This is the state of “Unity of Being” Wahdat al-Wujjud. The recitation and chanting of the personal Name of God Allah and the personal light created by it provides access to the Essence of God which is direct and without a medium and is connected to the state of “Unity of Consciousness” Wahdat ash-Shuhud.

Many people have great respect, affection and love for the Prophet and the Saints of their religion but bear malice and enmity towards Prophets and Saints of other religions. Such people cannot receive any status from God as they abuse those who are from amongst the Friends of God and who were appointed by God to different nations and religions.

A few experiences of loving souls

An experience of an eternally (favoured) soul

I was passing a jungle in the United States one evening when I saw that a man was bowed down in front of a tree and pleading. I passed the same spot an hour later and saw that he was in the same position. I went close to him and stopped. He felt my presence, raised his head and said “why did you disturb me.” I said to him that I too was searching for God, but how can you find God in a tree? I said that it would be better if he adopted a religion and tried to find God in this way.

He said: “I do not know the original languages of the Bible, the Qur’an and the other celestial books and I am not satisfied with their translations and due to the many contradictions and differences in them it cannot be believed that any one God has sent these books. In one book it states that “Jesus is my Son” whereas in another book it is stated that “ I do not have a Son.” I have lost a lot of time and many years of my life in their study. I have now adopted another approach. I thought that this tree is so beautiful and this means that God loves it and may be I will find a connection with God through it.”

This (man) was some eternal loving soul that was trying to find God according to his own understanding. Can such people who are considered “disabled” go to hell? (spiritually- Sincere seekers of God but who have not found God through their chosen approach).

They, like Qutmeer are exalted. (a dog who was favoured by God, exalted and given status and who will go to paradise).

An experience of Miss Catherine of Arizona

“I was taught the Qalb meditation by Angela (a friend) who said that if within seven days I felt the Name of God Allah vibrate in my heart that I should consider myself favoured and accepted by God, otherwise my life was useless. When after seven days of effort I did not feel the Qalb meditation, I agonizingly cried one night and pleaded (with God.) That same night the meditation of the Name of God Allah started to vibrate inside me and has since continued now for three years.” Catherine does not believe in growing old she is keen on staying healthy. Similarly she does not believe in religion but believes in the Love of God. She states that due to this meditation the Love of God in her heart is increasing and that this is enough for her.

A meeting with a Hindu Guru

I was in the mountains of Sehwan at the time. I would sometimes go to the tomb of the Saint Laal Shabaz. A man was sitting in the courtyard outside the tomb and there were many people of the Hindu faith gathered around him in affection. I asked “who is this gentleman?” They said that he was a Guru of the Hindus, that he is enlightened and through him our requests reach the Saint Laal Sai and our requests are fulfilled. Many Muslims too respected him.

I was passing a hill one day when I saw the same man bowed down in front of a small statue that he had placed in front of him and he was chanting. I met him at the tomb the next day. I told him that I did not understand why an enlightened person like him would worship a statue made of clay. He said that he did not believe the statue to be any God but it was his belief, which was found in the books (of Muslims too) that God made man in his own image. For this reason he would make many images and worship them in the hope that one might resemble God. He said to me “you are enlightened too, tell me what does God look like? Which statue resembles the face of God? So as I can bring that image into my heart.”

I was about sixteen or seventeen years old when one day I went to the tomb of the Saint Baba Gohar Ali Shah (one of my ancestors.) I was reciting a Holy verse when a tall man with the appearance of a sage came in front of me and said “you are chewing on peas without reason.” He was Saintly in appearance due to which I remained silent but I thought in my heart that he was some Satan who was stopping me from my recitation.

A long time passed. When my Qalb meditation started I was about thirty five years old. I used to verbally recite the Holy verse as I had been told. I would then be silent so as my heart could recite it. I would then hear the verse from my heart. One day I was joyfully preoccupied with this practice when the same man came in the same appearance and said “ now, you are ‘reciting’ Holy Scripture.” He read this poem:

“A cure is not found until a medicine goes into the stomach 
Nothing is achieved until the Scripture of God descends into the heart
Verbal affirmation every person does, heart recitation do but a few heart affirmation is done by lovers, what would our verbalizing friends know.”

After I had finished my prayers in the Mosque of Data Darbar I saw that an elderly man was tidying the shoes of people who came to the Mosque for prayers. As I was in the last row I noticed that this man had not said his prayers and he was only tidying shoes. As I was leaving I said to him “as you did not say your prayers what will you gain by tidying shoes?” He said “I have not prayed my entire life and what hope of salvation can I now have from praying.”

He further said that he hoped that amongst all these people, there would at least be one friend of God. Further that the Friend of God or God would be happy with his deed. I said to him that there was no deed greater than prayer and he replied that there was no greater thing than the friend (God) but only if one can make him happy (achieve his favour).

One day, three years later when my spiritual seclusion ended, I travelled (spiritually) to a gathering of the Prophets and saw that the same man was sitting at the feet of the beloved. I then remembered this poem:

The sinful reached the Holy Court, the worshippers stood watching

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