Takoni Masjid Heerabad Hyderabad 17 November 1992

Question: People that don’t do Zikr of the Ism granted to their Prophet, on the day of judgement will they be part of that Prophets Ummah?
Answer: The answer to this is, I believe if a persons reads Qalma, doesn’t matter how much of a sinner he/she may be as long as they are not hypocrites or blasphemist due to Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) they will be forgiven. They might receive the punishment for their sins in this world and if it is a lot they might receive the rest in their grave, if it’s still not enough they might spend some time in hell but eventually they will be sent to Junnah. Now comes the question there are seven levels of Junnah. One better then the other, there are seven beings inside you every being is related to one level of Junnah. The lowest ranked is Qalb which is related to Khuld. Now there are Jins as well, Sahaba Jins and spiritual Jin’s but they will not go to Junnah as they don’t poses the Qalb. They will have their homes outside of Junnah but not in Junnah. Now the sinner also reached Junnah at this point the Quran stages “ Do you think we will hold these individuals equals to the pious?” Now the person who did meditation for Qalb deserves the Junnah (Khuld), deserves the women of Khuld, deserves a home in Khuld. But the person that didn’t meditate or pray at all also went to Khuld, now that individual will be the servant of the person who did meditate with their Qalb. That’s when this individual will regret, I also possessed a Qalb, I wish I had also prayed and meditated and today I would have been like them too. Servants do not get the women of paradise. Now one Hadith states that people in Junnah will also regret, now if you are already in Junnah then why regret? They will regret that when I was in this world I wish I had done Zikr every moment so I could be like these people too. The one’s who meditated with their Qalb will regret that wish we had done Zikr for “Rooh” as well and we would have been one level above, and would have reached the Junnah Darul Salam. Now those who did Zikr for “Rooh” will regret had we done Zikr for “Siri” we would have reached the next level of Junnah (Darul Qarar). Every level of Janati will regret, the last ones will say had I done Zikr for “Unna” I would be able to enter Janat ul Firdoos. For these different levels of Junnah there are seven beings inside you. Each have their own Zikr for one it’s “Ya Allah”, the other it’s “Ya Hayiyo Ya Qayum”, another “Ya Wahid”, “Ya Hoo” is another one and Qalima for the other. These are all Different Zikrs for these beings. Now there is a veil on every human’s brain. It’s called “Khawab-e-Akbar”. Now if one was told that you will be visits Murree for two months, they will start to prepare for it by packing appropriate clothing and food so you are not un comfortable there. Now where we all are eventually going to go we don’t prepare for it due to this veil of Khawab-e-Akbar. This veil gets removed when one is about to die, the Satan removes it as he put it there in the first place. That’s when one regrets that I wish I could do something but it’s too late by then. Yes, a Hadith states that if one dies before their worldly death then one will prepare more for the next world. Now there are five different zikrs for these beings in your chest, then there is one for your Nufs that’s six and then there is one for Unna that’s in your brain. The zikr for Unna is “Ya Hoo” due to this Zikr that veil will be removed and that’s when you will prepare for the next world. Any other questions.

Question: According to one Hadith, if a man spits facing Khana Kaaba then you cannot pray behind him, how true is that can you please elaborate?
Answer: This Hadith was stated in Khana Kaaba, he didn’t say this here. Here you have Mosques where they read the Quran but there is a curtain on the upper level you can offer prayers there too. Now from here to Khana Kaaba who knows how many curtains are present. Yes, if you were in Kaaba and you spat facing the Kaaba then yes your prayers are not accepted. Here you don’t even know what direction the Kaaba is in, it changes as you move directions.

Question: A lot of groups don’t think highly of Allama Iqbal, they call him a drunk as well. Whereas followers of your Anjuman call him a saint?
Answer: This happened when he was in the 4th grade, his mother had passed away. It was his father and two brothers, his father would make chapati for them in the morning. One for each so when they came back in the afternoon they could have them. One day when Allama Iqbal came back from school a female dog followed him home. He realized she must be hungry that’s why she followed him home. When he was entering his house she sat in front of the stairs. He went upstairs in his house, grabbed his chapati and came downstairs to the dog. He gave half of that chapati to her and kept the other half for himself. She ate the half and still kept looking at him for more, he figured she must be very hungry, hungrier then me even. So he gave her the other half as well. She ate the chapati and then left. He stayed hungry all day, didn’t even tell his father as he was worried he would scold him. That night his father was informed by Wali Allah that today your son did something that made us very happy and we will make sure he becomes a saint as well. This is a incident from his life. Then he grew up, another incident was his servant that use to take care of him, after Allama Iqbal’s death he divulged this incident. He told that one night Allan Iqbal was alone but I realized there was elderly personality with him, I was astonished that I am the one who answers the door always and where did he come from? Then Allama Iqbal asked me to go grab some Lassi (refreshment). That’s when I asked it’s 1:30 am in the morning where am I going to find that right now. All the shops are closed and are far from the city but he insisted that you go and get some Lassi. So he grabbed a jug and left home thinking where am I going to find lassi at this time. When I went outside I saw a shop with the light turned on, it was a shop that sold Lassi. Now I started thinking I travel though here everyday and there is no Lassi shop here and they don’t have any customers in there either. So he went into the shop, got Lassi from the man in there and took out a 5RS bill to pay, that’s when the man said no need to pay we have good relations with Iqbal. He took the Lassi home and gave it to them and they both had it. He sat outside waiting for that elderly gentleman to come out so he could kiss his feet, but neither did he come out nor did the servant open the door and he never knew when he left. After a few days the servant was giving Allama Iqbal a massage when he asked him that he was inquisitive about who was the elderly gentleman? And who was the guy selling Lassi that night? I have never seen that shop before or after that night. That’s when Allama Iqbal told him the elderly gentleman wa Khawaja Sahab and the Lassi saleman was Datta Sahab. These incidents are quite famous, yes we do consider him a saint. Yes, he was not a Ghaus or Qutub, but he was in Nuqba Zunjaba. Nuqba and Zunjaba stay hidden, hence Allama Iqbal was hiding himself, up to the level of Abdaal they hide themselves. But Ghaus and Qutubs reveal themselves, up to the level of Abdaals you don’t need to make any followers but Ghaus and Qutubs do.

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