Risala Roohi Sharif is the most significant book by the great Saint Sultan-ul-Arifeen Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo rehmat-ul-Allah alayh. In this treatise he explains the grandeur and attributes of the seven Sultan-ul-Faqr souls in these words:


بدان کہ چوں نورِ احدی از حجلہء تنہائیِ وحدت بر مظاہرِ کثرت ارادہ فرمود‘ حسنِ خود را جلوہ بصفائیِ گرم بازاری نمود۔ بر شمعءِ جمال پروانہء کونین بسوزید و نقابِ میمِ احمدی پوشیدہ صورتِ احمدی گرفت و از کثرتِ جذبات و ارادات، ہفت بار بر خود بجنبید و ازاں ہفت ارواحِ فقراء باصفا‘ فنا فی اللہ‘ بقا باللہ محوِ خیالِ ذات‘ ہمہ مغز بے پوست‘ پیش از آفرینشِ آدم علیہ السلام ہفتاد ہزار سال غرقِ بحرِ جمال بر شجرِ مرآۃ الیقین پیدا شدند۔

بجز ذاتِ حق از ازَل تا ابد چیزے ندیدند و ماسویٰ اللہ گاہے نشنیدند‘ بحریمِ کبریا دائم بحر الوصالِ لازوال، گاہے جسدِ نوری پوشیدہ بہ تقدیس و تنزیہہ می کوشیدند و گاہے قطرہ در بحر و گاہے بحر در قطرہ‘ و ردائے فیضِ عطا ’’ اِذَا تَمَّ الْفَقْرُ فَھُوَاللّٰہُ ‘‘ بَر اِیشان۔ پس بحیاتِ ابدی و تاجِ عزِّ سرمدی ’’ اَلْفَقْرُ لاَ یُحْتَاجُ اِلٰی رَبِّہٖ وَلاَ اِلٰی غَیْرِہٖ ‘‘ معزز و مکرّم‘ از آفرینشِ آدم علیہ السلام و قیامِ قیامت ہیچ آگاہی ندارند وقدمِ ایشاں برسرِ جملہ اولیاء وغوث و قطب۔

اگر آنہار اخدا خوانی بجاوَاگر بندۂِ خدا دانی روا۔  عَلِمَ مَنْ عَلِمَ ‘ مقامِ ایشان حریمِ ذاتِِ کبریا و از حق ماسویٰ الحق چیزے نا طلبید ند و بد نیائے دنی و نعیمِ اُخروی، حورو قصورِ بہشت، بکرشمہءِ نظر ندیدند و ازاں یک لمعہ کہ موسیٰ علیہ السلام در سراسیمگی رفتہ و طور درہم شکستہ ‘ در ہر لمحہ و طرفتہ العین ہفتاد ہزار بار لمعاتِ جذباتِ انوارِ ذات بر ایشاں وارد و دم نہ زدند و آہے نہ کشیدند  وَ ھَلْ مِنْ مَّزِیْد   می گفتند۔ وایشاں سلطان الفقر و سیّد الکونین اند ۔ ( رسالہ روحی شریف )



“Know! When light of AHAD (The One) coming out of His isolated Oneness, intended to manifest Himself, He graced all the worlds with the splendid sight of His pure Divine Beauty. Both the realms started burning like a moth on the candle of His blazing beauty. Hence, the light of AHAD concealed in the veil of ‘M’ of AHMAD (sall’ Allahu alayhi wa’allihi wasallam). Then, the Essence shook Himself seven times due to the abundance of Divine passionate will. Subsequently, seven purest souls of Fakirs, annihilated and immortal with Allah appeared on the eternal tree of pure transparent belief. It happened seventy thousand years before the birth of Adam.

These souls were absorbed in the Divine vision, all essence without body, submerged in the unfathomed ocean of Divine beauty. From pre-existence till eternal end, they neither saw nor heard anything except the Divine Essence. Thereafter, they ever remained in the Divine sanctuary as an everlasting ocean of absolute unity with Allah.  At times, they endeavored in glorification and purgation with their celestial body. While, sometimes they are a drop in the ocean and sometimes an ocean in a drop.”


“The beneficence of اِذَا تَمَّ الْفَقْرُ فَھُوَاللّٰہُ meaning: ‘When Faqr is accomplished that is Allah’ has covered them. Thus, they have got an eternal life. Furthermore, the crown of اَلْفَقْرُ لَا یُحْتَاجُ اِلٰی رَبِّہٖ وَلَا اِلٰی غَیْرِہٖ has honoured them. It means, ‘Faqr demands nothing from Allah or from anyone other than Allah’. They are neither aware of the birth of Adam nor about the occurrence of doomsday. They have their steps on the heads of all Saints, al-Ghawthand al-Qutb. In short, it is right to call them Allah and also justified if you call them men of Allah. One who knows their reality, finds this secret.

The sanctuary of Magnificence is their station. They never asked for anything from Allah except Allah Himself.  Moreover, they never paid heed towards the petty world, houris and castles of heaven or luxuries of the hearafter. The single theophany of Divine Essence left Prophet Moses perplexed and Mount Sinai burnt into ashes.  However, same theophanies of Divine passion descend upon them seventy thousand times every moment in blink of an eye. Yet, neither they object nor lament. Rather, they demand for more, saying ھَلْ مِنْ مَّزِیْد meaning: ‘Is there any more!’ They are the Sultan ul Faqr and lords of all the worlds.” (RISALA ROOHI SHARIF)


Afterwards, Sultan Bahoo reveals the names of these seven purest souls:


یکے روحِ خاتونِ قیامت (رَضْی اَللّٰہُ تَعَالٰی عَنْہَا)۔ یکے روحِ خواجہ حسن بصری (رَضْی اَللّٰہُ تَعَالٰی عَنْہٗ)۔ یکے روح شیخِ ما ‘حقیقت الحق‘ نورِمُطلَق ‘مشہود علی الحق‘ حضرت سیّد محی الدین عبد القادر جیلانی محبوبِ سبحانی ( رَضْی اللّٰہُ تَعَالٰی عَنْہٗ ) ویکے روحِ سلطانِ انوار ‘ سِرّالسّرمد حضرت پیر عبدالرزاق فرزندِ حضرت پیر دستگیر (قدس سرّہُ العزیز) ویکے روحِ چشمہءِ چشمانِ ھاَھُویّت ‘ سِرِ اَسرارِ ذاتِ یاھُو ‘فنا فی ھُو فقیر باھُو ( قُدَّسْ اللّٰہ سِرُّہٗ ) و دو روحِ دیگر اولیاء۔ بحرمتِ یمنِ ایشاں قیامِ دارین۔ تا آنکہ آں دو روح از آشیا نہءِ وحدت بر مظاہرِ کثرت نخواہند پرید‘ قیامِ قیامت نخواہد شد۔ سراسر نظرِ ایشاں نورِ وحدت و کیمیائے عزّت بہرکس پرتوءِ عنقائے ایشاں اُفتاد‘ نورِ مطلق ساختند‘ احتیاجے بریاضت و ورد اورادِ ظاہری طالبان را نہ پرداختند۔ (رسالہ روحی شریف)



“One of them is the soul of queen of doomsday Fatimah bint Mohammad (may Allah be pleased with her). Second is the soul of Hasan of Basra (may Allah be pleased with him). Third is the soul of our spiritual guide Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (may Allah be pleased with him). He is the Divine reality, absolute light and the perfect manifestation of Truth. Fourth is the soul of sultan of Divine light, secret of eternal Essence, Pir Abdul Razzaq (may Allah bless him). He is the son of Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani. Fifth is the soul of Fakir Bahoo who is annihilated in Hoo (the Divine Essence). He is the fountain head of sight of the Unknowable and secret of the secrets of the Divine Essence.

Furthermore, two among them are the souls of other Saints. The stability of both the worlds owes to their favour. Unless these two souls manifest in the world of diversity coming out of abode of Oneness, doomsday will not occur. Their sight is absolute light of Oneness and the alchemy of honour. On whosoever the reflection of their hidden reality casts, his being transforms into absolute light. They do not need to engage their disciples in the struggle of superficial daily recitals and mystic exercises”. (RISALA ROOHI SHARIF)


The marvel of these seven souls is that they directly manifested from the Mohammadan light. Consequently, they are the perfect representatives of Mohammadan reality in the world after him. From pre-existence till eternity, these pure souls have remained united as one with the Mohammadan light. Hence, were accompanying the Holy Prophet Mohammad S.A.W.W on the night of Miraj (accession to Allah). Thus, found Miraj in the celestial companionship of the Holy Prophet. They had the vision of Allah and Divine propinquity along with Prophet Mohammad S.A.W.W.

 Sultan Bahoo states the marvels of Sultan-ul-Faqr in his books other than Risala Roohi Sharif in these words:

  • Origin of Sultan-ul-Faqr souls is non-creation light of faith while their ultimacy is non-creation Divine light of Rehman (Most Compassionate). (Qurb-e-Deedar)
  • The company of Sultan-ul-Faqr is actually the ocean of Divine Oneness. Whoever reaches the bank of this ocean becomes a man of Divine closeness. (Mohkim-ul-Fuqara)
  • Faqr is a form of Divine light which eternally enjoys the company of Holy Prophet. Its name is Sultan-ul-Faqr which is the eternal source of beneficence. The Divine light of Sultan-ul-Faqr is brighter than the sun. Furthermore, its scent is more fragrant than the scent of rose and ambergris. Whoever gains the privilege to behold the Sultan-ul-Faqr in dream, becomes independent of all desires. The Holy Prophet particularly takes oath of allegiance from him and guides and educates him inwardly. Surely, my words are according to my experience. (Kaleed-ul-Tauheed)

History of Current
Sultan ul Faqr

1. First Sultan-ul-Faqr is Hazrat Fatima Razi Allahu Ta’ala Anha

The first Sultan-ul-Faqr Fatimah-tuz-Zahra was the beloved daughter of Holy Prophet Mohammad. She holds the status of first Sultan-ul-Faqr because her sacred soul manifested directly from Mohammadan light. Despite being a woman she traveled the most difficult stages of Faqr with great courage and firmness. Thus, her devotion and extreme Divine love elevated her to ultimate level of Oneness with Allah. As a result, the Holy Prophet made her first custodian of heritage of Faqr. That is why, true seekers gain Faqr i.e. Divine union, vision and presence in Mohammadan Assembly through her mediation. Also, she attained the status of supreme lady of all Muslim women. It is promise of Holy Prophet that Allah always grants the prayer asked through her mediation. Such is the status of belovedness of Fatimah bint Mohammad in the court of Allah.


Prophet Mohammad said اَلۡفَقۡرُ فَخۡرِیۡ وَالۡفَقۡرُ مِنِّی  meaning “Faqr is my pride and Faqr is from me”.

The person who acquires Faqr from him unites with the Mohammadan light. Thus, becomes one with the holy essence of Prophet Mohammad. When Fatimah-tuz-Zahra acquired Faqr from the Holy Prophet, he said about her “Fatima is from me”.

  • Miswar ibn Makhrama relates that Prophet Mohammad said, “Certainly, Fatimah is a part of my body (and soul). Whatever hurts her, hurts me in fact”. (Muslim, Nisai)
  • Miswar ibn Makhrama relates that Prophet Mohammad said, “No doubt Fatimah is my branch. Whatever makes her happy makes me happy and whatever hurts her in fact hurts me”. ( Musnad Ahmed, Hakim)
  • Ayesha bint Abu Bakr said, “I have not seen anyone resembling Holy Prophet more than Fatimah in habits and attributes”.

She loved and obeyed the Holy Prophet to such an extent that she became his perfect image. The Prophet also loved Fatimah more than anyone else. Whenever she came to meet him, he would stand up to greet her and let her sit at his place. Whenever the Holy Prophet went out of Madina, first he used to meet Fatimah and then set on journey. Similarly, when he returned he wanted to see her first and then went to his own house. Certainly, this shows her highest status near Allah and His Prophet.

Passed Away

Fatimah-tuz-Zahra left this material world at the age of 29 years. Thus, she met her father in paradise on 3rd Ramadan, 11th Hijri. Before passed away she called Asma bint-e-Amees and said, “For my last ablution do not take help from anyone except my husband. Take complete care of my veil during funeral and burial and do not let much crowd gather around”.  It was night when she died and was buried on the same night. Her tomb is in Jannat-ul-Baqi.

2. Second Sultan-ul-Faqr is Hazrat Khawaja Hassan Basri Razi Allahu Ta’ala Anhu

The second Sultan-ul-Faqr is Imam Hasan of Basra (may Allah be pleased with him). He was first person after People of the Cloak (Ahl al-Bayt) who attained extreme status of Faqr. He got cloak (khirqah) of spiritual succession (khilafat) from Ali ibn Abi Talib. Thereafter, Ali also passed on heritage of Divine knowledge of Prophet Mohammad and Trust of Faqr to him. Hence, he is the medium who transferred Faqr of Prophet Mohammad from People of the Cloak to Muslim umma.

His name was Hasan and patronymic was Abu Mohammad, Abu Saeed, Abu Nasar and also Abu Ali. His father’s name was Yasar who was a freed slave of Zayd ibn Thabit. While, name of his mother was Khaira and she was the maid of Prophet Mohammad’s wife Umm-e-Salma. Umm-e-Salma was Hasan’s foster mother as she fed him her milk and also brought him up.

Hasan of Basra was born in the caliphate of Umar ibn Khattab in 21 Hijri in Madina. Since birth he had an enlightened beauty. When he was brought to Umar for blessings, he said, “Name this child Hasan as he is very beautiful”. Also, Umar prayed for him, “O Allah bless him with perfect knowledge of Islam and make him beloved among people”. Allah granted his prayer and Hasan attained highest status in Faqr as well as in religious knowledge.

Passed Away

Hasan of Basra passed away on Friday, 4th of Muharram in 111 Hijri (8th April, 729). It was the reign of Hisham ibn Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan. His tomb is in Basra.

3. Third Sultan-ul-Faqr is Ghaus-ul-Azam Hazrat Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani Razi Allah Anhu

Al-Ghawth al-Azam Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (may Allah be pleased with him) adorns the status of third Sultan ul Faqr. His grandeur in the world of Sufism and Faqr is unquestionable and revered by all. He possessed the most dignified virtues, unmatched attributes and an unparalleled status. Undoubtedly, Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani is the king and leader of all Saints and Sufis. All the Saints obey him and seek guidance and bounties from him, whether from jinn or mankind.


Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani was born on Friday, the first of Ramadan in 470 Hijri (1078 AD). His lineage goes back to Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) from paternal as well as maternal side. His father Abu Saleh Musa Jangi was a Sayyid from the progeny of Hasan ibn Ali. While, his mother Umm-ul-Khair was a Sayyid from the progeny of Husayn ibn Ali. Hence, he got the heritage of Faqr from Prophet Mohammad through blood as well as soul.

Abdul Qadir’s father died in his childhood. Thereafter, his mother and maternal grandfather Abdullah Somai brought him up.  Both of them owned highest status of sainthood, hence nurtured Abdul Qadir with spirituality as well. To say, he was not only a Saint by birth and blood but his spiritual training also started from infancy.  He was complete incarnation of Divine light of Mohammad. All the virtues and attributes of  Prophet Mohammad’s essence were evident from Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani.

Passed Away

Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani passed away at age of ninety-one on Saturday night, 11th Rabi ath-thani, 561 H(12 February, 1166). His shrine is in Baghdad and is to date the centre for devotees. He passed on treasure of Faqr to his son Shaikh Abdul Razzaq Jilani who holds the status of fourth Sultan-ul-Faqr.

4. Fourth Sultan-ul-Faqr is Shaikh Sayyid Abdul Razzaq Jilani

The fourth Sultan-ul-Faqr is Shaikh Sayyid Abdul Razzaq Jilani. He was the son of al-Ghawth al-Azam Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani. He inherited the Faqr of Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani through blood as well as soul. Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani transferred his entire spiritual knowledge and powers to his son. Hence, he was the mirror image of his father.

Ibn al-Najjar writes, “Abdul Razzaq Jilani got knowledge of Hadith from his father. Also he learned from a group of proficient scholars. Furthermore, he acquired much knowledge due to his own intellect and hard work”. Being a great jurist and scholar of Hadith he got the title of Tajuddin meaning ‘the crown of religion’.

Passed Away

There is a contradiction about the date of his Passed Away. Some has written Shawal 603 Hijri and some say that it is Rabi al-awwal 571 Hijri. His tomb is besides the tomb of Ahmad ibn Hanbal near Baab-e-Haram in Baghdad. Both these tombs have become extinct due to the flow of river Tigris.

5. Fifth Sultan-ul-Faqr (Sultan-ul Arifeen) Hazrat Sultan Haq Bahoo R.A

The fifth Sultan-ul-Faqr Sultan Bahoo was born on Thursday, 1stJumada ath-thani 1039 H (17th January, 1630 ADin Shorkot, District Jhung, Pakistan (then India). It was the reign of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan.  Sultan Bahoo belonged to the Awan tribe whose genealogy traces back to Ali ibn Abi Talib. Awans are the progeny of Ali ibn Abi Talib from wives other than Fatimah bint Mohammad.

Sultan Bahoo’s father Bazyed Mohammad was a soldier by profession and held distinguished position in Shah Jahan’s army. His mother Bibi Rasti was a Saint. Allah revealed upon her the grandeur and spiritual status of Sultan Bahoo before his birth. Hence, she named him Bahoo (one with Hoo ھو  the Divine Essence) according to his status of annihilation in Hoo (Fana-fi-Hoo). He says;


 نام باھوؒ مادر باھوؒ  نہاد
 زانکہ باھوؒ  دائمی   با   ھو  نہاد

Meaning: Bahoo’s mother named him Bahoo because he has always remained with Hoo (ھو).

Title of Sultan Bahoo is Sultan-ul-Arifeen meaning ‘the king of Mystics’. He was a Saint by birth. Hence, he remained engrossed in heavenly experiences and doubtless revelations from his early age. A non-Muslim would immediately accept Islam if his eyes fell upon the luminous face of Sultan Bahoo. Such was the intensity of Divine theophanies radiating from him.

Passed Away

Sultan Bahoo passed away at age of sixty three years on Thursday, 1st Jumada ath-thani, 1102 Hijri (1st March 1691 AD). Shrine of Sultan Bahoo is in Garh Maharaja, tehsil Ahmadpur Sial, Shorkot District Jhang, Pakistan.

Sultan-ul-Faqr (of the time) Hazrat Syedna Riaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi

Hazrat Syedna Riaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi was born in the Indian Sub-continent on the 25th of November 1941 in the small village of Dhok Gohar Shah in the district of Rawalpindi. His mother is “Fatimi” a descendant of the Prophet Mohammed’s (S.A.W.W) daughter Fatima. She is of Sa’daat lineage (descendant of the Prophet Mohammed S.A.W.W) as she was the daughter of one of the (paternal) grandsons of Syed Gohar Ali Shah. The father of His Holiness is the descendant of one of the (maternal) grandsons of Syed Gohar Ali Shah and his grandfather was linked to the Mughal family. From an early age His Holiness was attracted towards tombs of Saints. The father of His Holiness states that from the age of five or six years His Holiness used to disappear and after searching for him, he used to be found sitting at the tomb of the Saint Nizam-Uddin Auliya (in Delhi). His father further states that he felt as though His Holiness (at that age) was talking to the Saint Nizam-Uddin Auliya. This was at a time when the father of His Holiness was settled in Delhi due to his work. In March of 1997 Gohar Shahi visited India and (during his visit) he went to the tomb of the Saint Nizam-Uddin Auliya. On the direction (spiritual) of the Saint Nizam-Uddin Auliya the attendant of the tomb, Islam-Uddin Nizami (a descendant of the Saint Nizam-Uddin Auliya) honoured His Holiness by placing a “turban of honour” on his head, close to the head side of the (tomb of the) resting Saint. From a very early age whatever His Holiness uttered would happen and for this reason his father would fulfill every request and demand of His Holiness. His father says “Gohar Shahi, as is the custom, comes into the lawn every morning and upon his arrival I stand up, out of respect for him.” He states that Gohar Shahi gets upset at this and says that as he is my son, he is embarrassed by this and that I should not stand up in this way. I say to him on every occasion that “it is not due to you, but because of God who lives inside you that I stand up out of respect.”

At the age of about thirty four years, Hazrat Sarkar Bari Imam R.A appeared before Shah Sahib and said: “Son! Your time has come. Go to the shrine of Sakhi Sultan Bahoo Sahib R.A for the inner (sacred dimensions of) spiritual knowledge.” Shah Sahib then left his work, family and parents and came to Shorkot, where under the blissful supervision of Sakhi Sultan Bahoo Sahib R.A, the “Noo´r-ul-Huda” (a book written by Sultan Bahoo Sahib R.A) became his destiny’s companion.

His Holiness then went to Sehwan Sharif for self satisfaction and for the state of rest of heart. His Holiness performed the self satisfaction for a period of three years in the mountains of Sehwan Sharif and the forest of Laal Baag. Thereafter, pursuit to a revelation, Shah Sahib spent six months in a hut behind the Jamshoro Textbook Board Building.

After three years of spiritual seclusion (austerities) when I achieved something I returned to the tomb of the Saint Jaam Dataar. The Saint (came out of his tomb) and appeared in front of me. I said to him that if he had accepted me (initiated me) when I first came to him I would have been spared the material life (that I had lived before I went to the jungle.) The Saint replied, “it was not your time then.”

A Few Facts About (Spiritual Personality) of Hazrat Syedna Riaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi

At the age of 19 the spiritual entity of God-head Jussa-e-Tofiq-e-Ilahi was attached (to His Holiness.) It remained for a year and due to its effect (His Holiness) tore away his clothes wrapped a piece of cloth around his waist and went to the jungle of Jaam Dataar. The spiritual entity of God-head was given for a temporary period of time. It (spiritual entity of God-head) disappeared for fourteen years and then it was this spiritual entity that was responsible for the return (His Holiness) to the jungle, of Laal Bagh in 1975.

At the age of 25 the “spiritual entity of Gohar shahi” was exalted and made the Commander-in-Chief of the spiritual forces as a result of which His Holiness was protected from the mischief of the forces of Satan and worldly Satan’s. The spiritual entity of God-head and the spiritual entity Tifl-e-Nuri are spiritual entities which are very special and far superior to the souls, angels and (ordinary) spiritual entities. The former like the angels have a direct connection with God and their station is the realm of the Essence of God.

At the age of 35 on the fifteenth night of the month of fasting in 1976 a spiritual seed (entity) of light, was placed in the Qalb of His Holiness. Some time later for education and training (His Holiness) was called to many different realms and spheres. On the fifteenth night of the month of fasting in 1985, that spiritual seed of light transformed into the spiritual entity Tifl-e-Nuri and it was completely handed over (to His Holiness) as a result of which His Holiness was honored in the highest and most superior “gathering of the Prophets” and the crown of glory (Taj-e-Sultani) was placed on his head.

Celebrating the Days of {Appointment and Ordination} of Sufi Saint Riaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi

On the 15th of the fasting month in 1977 the process of special inspiration (communication) from God started. The promise of Razia-Marzia (acceptance of each others will) was made by God  and His Holiness was exalted. 

Passed Away

Hazrat Syedna Riaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi passed Away on 27th November 2001 and His Shrine is located in Allah Hoo Pahari, Khuda Ki Basti no.1 Kotri Jamshoro Sindh Pakistan.


The Seventh Sultan ul Faqr will confirm the Sixth Sultan ul Faqr, and the Seventh Sultan ul Faqr will be the Hazrat Imam Mahdi a.s
Saying of Hazrat Syedna Riaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi​

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