So called younus and his organization Mehdi Foundation International is involved in anti-Islamic and anti-state activities.

When Gohar Shahi passed on 27th November 2001, Younus takeover the web site of Gohar Shahi ( and started anti-Islam and anti-country ideas on the website. When Gohar Shahi’s wife was informed about this situation, she immediately dislodged Younus from Anjuman Sarfroshan-e-Islam (R) on 31 December 2001 via local newspaper, and said that after today we have no connection with so called beliefs of Younus and from any of its actions. Any letter or document from family of Gohar Shahi will be presented or published will have a valid name, address and seal.

Latter’s to sitting government about (M.F.I)

Anjuman Sarfroshan-e-Islam forword many latters to sitting governemnt to take action against M.F.I

26 10 2002 latter to President of Pakistan General Perwez Musharaf

15 11 2002 press release from Father of Sufi Saint Gohar Shahi Haji Fazal Hussain to local newspaper

02 02 2005 telegram to sitting president, prime minister and other officers about distributing anti-Islamic literature of M.F.I

25 01 2013 Anjuman Sarfroshan-e-Islam Protest’s Against M.F.I

30 05 2013 Application to DC Lahore and Home Secretary Punjab about distributing anti-islamic literature of M.F.I

27 03 2017 Latter to Law inforcment agencies from Hammad Riaz about so-called younus and M.F.I

16 04 2019 Latter to Sitting Government and Law inforcment agencies about youtube channel (ALRA TV) of M.F.I

FIR Against (M.F.I)

Anjuman Sarfroshan-e-Islam Launched FIR’s on M.F.I

21 06 2004 M.F.I Member’s Attempted Murder on (Provisional Ameer Sindh A.S.I) Waheed Anwar Qadri

01 09 2004 M.F.I Member’s Attempted Murder on (Incharge Ladies Wing Karachi Dividion) Syeda Mussarat Naved

01 08 2005 M.F.I Member’s Attacked on House of Sufi Saint Gohar Shahi at Khuda ki Basti Kotri Jamshoro

09 08 2005 M.F.I Member’s held anti islamic rally at hyderabad press club and fir launched by cant police station

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15 12 2011 M.F.I Member’s Murder President (Ameer A.S.I) Wasi M.Qureshi

15 02 2014 M.F.I Member’s Murder (Dist. Malir Ameer Karachi Division) M.Tariq

20 03 2014 M.F.I Member’s Murder (Naib Ameer Korangi Karachi Division) M.Mushtaq

13 02 2015 M.F.I Member’s Nominated on Wall Chalking in Jhang City.

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