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I tell this good news to those who are in prison unjustly, Or those who fled because of unjustly cases and became robbers, Or those who forced to leave the country because of political revenge. That the time is coming that this country will have a Darwesh government in Pakistan. Goats and lions will drink water in one place. There will be peace, peace, and justice, and everyone will prosper. Most Merciful will sit on the responsible chairs. It is my knowledge that these English laws and prisons will be abolished. All prisoners will be released after ransom, slaughter, and fine or slavery Or they will end up being flogged, or cut off, or stoned. No need for prisons.

This strict law will lead to peace.


16 09 2000

His Holiness Riaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi is a Spiritual Leader. His Holiness has a strong belief that there is no God but Allah and that Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is the last Messenger (PROPHET) of Allah. According to him anyone claiming to be a prophet after Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), is false prophet and a non believer (Kafir).
He has never claimed to be Imam Mahdi (AS) and according to him one who falsely claims to be Imam Mahdi is a liar and doomed. whereas His Holiness Gohar Shahi has explained the signs that real Imam Mahdi will have (like Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had the Seal of prophet hood on his back) similarly Imam Mahdi will carry the Seal of Mahdiyat on his back along with the Kalma which will appear through his veins and the only way to recognize him will be through Noor (Spiritual light). Therefor, we should all strive to create Noor (Spiritual light) of Allah in our Hearts.

Press Releases given by Hazrat Gohar Shahi to local Newspapers

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