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What is true Spiritualism?
When the human sperm enters the womb it is followed by Rooh΄-e-Jamadi (spirit that unites) initially that brings the blood together. Thereafter, Rooh΄-e-Nabati (botanical spirit) enters which generates the growth of the embryo. After four months, Rooh΄-e-Haywani (animal spirit) is entered into body which causes the foetus to make small movements. These are called terrestrial spirits. Then after birth, human spirit along with other creatures (spirits) which are called LATA-ÈF (perceptive – invisible spiritual bodies) comes. These are called celestial spirits. These very Lata-èf (spiritual bodies) are the receptive mediums of knowledge and wisdom and are the admittance to divine light energies of Allah. Otherwise, mere flesh (tissue) and heart is also possessed by animals. These Lata-èf develop their residence in chest. There are five different names for these Lata-èf. The first is the Qal΄b, second is the Rooh΄, third is the Siŕi, fourth is the Khafi whereas the Akhfa is fifth is Latifa. These five Lata-èf belong to five determined Prophets. The inner wisdom concealed in these five Lata-èf was also blessed to very these five Prophets. The knowledge of Latifa-e-Qal΄b was blessed to Hazrat Adam A.S, Latifa-e- Rooh΄ to Hazrat Ibrahim A.S, Latifa-e- Siŕi to Hazrat Moses A.S, and the knowledge of Latifa-e- Akhfa was awarded to Hazrat Muhammad PBUH.Half of the wisdom of each Latifa was passed on to saints by Prophets, so there became ten fractions of it. Then special people were blessed with this knowledge through saints. The apparent (outer shell) of this knowledge is in book (the Holy Qur’ān´) that has thirty partitions (chapters). The inner wisdom was also blessed upon Prophets through revelations, that’s why, even the very same is called the Inner Qur’ān´ too. Later on this knowledge kept on being transferred from chest to chest among saints. It has been opened (for every one) through books. These Lata-èf are present in every human being. Many of the Muslims are unacquainted with even the names of these Lata-èf, many know (their names) but are ignorant of their functions. There are different corresponding remembrances and meditations to bring these creatures (bodies) i.e Lata-èf to vibration (revived). These revive through the strokes of divine light energy of remembrance. These are wasted (usually) within the ones’ chest for not being supplied with the sustenance of divine light energy. The attributive divine light energy is produced through the repeated remembrance of verses (of Holy Qur’ān´) and attributive names (of Allah) which is an indirect. Where as the divine light energy of the repeated remembrance of the personal name of Allah has access to His Almighty which is a direct one. The detail description is available in my books. These very same remembrances are the basis of inner knowledge and the first lesson of spiritualism.

A very negative propaganda is conducted by Savants concerning the claim for Prophecy. What is the reality?
I have declared it many times (earlier) that if any body has any evidence regarding contempt of Prophecy or denials of seal of Prophecy then burn me alive certainly. My every vein and muscle is absorbed in the love for Allah and Prophet PBUH. National newspapers are witnesses to the fact that I have contradicted it many times. But a particular group is using this issue as a source of its recognition. Vahābī (Muslim followers of the Holy Prophet’s Traditions only), Deobandi and Maul΄vī (Muslim priest) are in front line over the issue of seal of Prophecy. They are against the teachings of great saints in reality and they are use to either registered a false report against those who have love for Allah and last Prophet PBUH or bring a false accusation against them. These are really those liars upon whom Allah imprecates curse.

Why are your personality and books being exhibited in controversial (contentious) way?
I have neither connection with political party nor I interfere in government matters. What ever am I doing is with the consent of Allah. I have declared many times that if there is any proof for country enmity, Islam hostility, contempt of Prophecy or the denial of Prophecy then with any body then burn me alive certainly. As for as the matter of antagonism of some elements is concerned, there are anti spiritual and mystic sects and narrow minded Maul΄vī (Muslim priest) who have malice, hostility and enmity against saints. Some of the confused, jealous kinds Vahābī, Deobandi Maul΄vī of the very same nature are carrying unreasonable news propaganda against me. They are on a continuous failure attempt to sabotage this great activity of love for Allah even suffering a disgrace. There are most of the sleeping dreams, revelations and inspirations in my book “An Account of Access to Spiritualism” which happened to me during my mystic activity. None of the revelations and inspirations was declared as a real truth. Moreover, if the sleeping dreams and revelations are found even unethical then the Sharī΄a laws cannot be enforced. Any how, some of the words of phrases of scripts have been made intelligible to the common man; no doubt the evidences of these events are available in the reliable books of saints. Yet, despite of all these measures, some jealous savants are neither defending the allegations charged by those who are against the believes of Sunnis and are flinging insults to great saints nor even denying, in the passion of making statements and meanness with Gohar Shahi. They have adopted pardon as a measure of expediency or jealous.Now, as for as the matter of comparison of images on Moon, Sun and Black Stone is concerned, it is purely from Allah and such indications from Allah are not usually meant for creating disturbance rather to obliterate the disturbances. A very evident proof of it is the teachings of Gohar Shahi for peace and love for Allah through which the follower of every religion have engaged in their self reform. Today, Hindu, Muslims, Sikh and Christian are coming together at one platform in the firm believe in Gohar Shahi. They are inviting me for speech and preach in their churches, Hindu temples and Sikh temples. There could not be found any such example in history before this.It becomes ones’ moral duty that such man should be appreciated who is a source of pride for country and nation, for which Allah is showing his indications as witness for His credibility. But on the contrary, the enemies of saints, enemies of Aih΄l-e bā΄it (members of the Holy Prophet’s PBUH family comprising Hazrat Fatima A.S, Hazrat Ali A.S and their children) especially Vahābī and Deobandi Maul΄vī and their groups have stood against me. They are putting efforts to divert the attention of general public from these indications of Allah through baseless suit cases and baseless propaganda. When it became difficult to give the lies these apparent pictures then they started lamenting that Moon is under magic charm. Whereas Hazoor Pak PBUH said that Moon cannot be put under magical charm. Then they say that the Black Stone is also entangled with magical spell. If ka΄aba is also happen to entangle with magical spell then what the last resort for Muslims will left with? No doubt, Hazoor Pak PBUH was cast with a spell but there was revealed Surah Walnnas for its neutralization. They may drive blows over Moon and Black Stone through Surah Walnnas, if these could not be erased and get even more enlightened then they shall have to accept the truth.I have been making appeals to governments to investigate these signals and bring the facts into public view. If savants consider that they are on truth then it is their moral duty to demand for the investigations of these images from government without hesitation so that a common man may also get benevolence with these indications of Allah.

Remembering Allah or prayer! Which adoration you focus to?
Just as one cannot reach ones’ destination without the engine, steering and wheel etc, likewise prayer is incomplete without purification of Naf΄s (self) and reconciliation of Qal΄b. Such prayer is called showiness prayer where there is a prayer on tongue and obscenity in heart. Adoration is a source of purifying heart if heart could not be purified through worship then it means that you are very far from Allah. Believe it that Allah also wishes to see you but you are either unaware or careless or unlucky. You clean it daily with soap what people watch, apply cream and get the beard trimmed but did you ever clean what Allah watches. There is some one or the other source to clean every thing whereas hearts get purified with the remembrance of Allah. Remembrance with Heart is a mean to approach the remembrance with Rooh΄ as prayer and fasting are means of approach to remembrance with Heart. It is a proof of reverence and obedience for Allah to remember and pray with tongue. Whereas, the remembrance through heart is a mean to approach the love for and have liaison with Allah. Remembrance of the name of Allah through heart also keeps on expiating for apparent worship and sins and makes one the lover of Allah and pious later on. And Allah feels love for some one when He likes any of his blandishments. And feeling the love for some one in this way burns ones’ sins. Even all those who use to sit with him also come under the blessing of forgiveness.

What is meditation?
To reach any place by bringing together the powers of spirits through divine light energy is called mediation. Every sleeping dream, meditation or revelation of Prophet is true. Whereas the forty sleeping dreams, meditations or revelations out of hundred of saint are true. It should be practiced by only those whose Naf΄s (self) have got purified and Qal΄b have got reconciled whereas the meditation practiced by a common men is a folly.

Why is it obligatory to seek permission of a saint for the remembrance of Allah?
Religions are like boat and savants are like boatmen. If there is a defect in any one then it is impossible to reach destination. Saints of Allah can even run the boat up on ashore surely. There are ninety nine names of Allah. Allah is the personal (name), the other are attributive (names). Every name can be acquired with effort but the name Allah is bestowed one. It can never be consolidated over heart with personal effort. The assistance of perfect spiritual guide is obligatory to get it consolidated over heart. There are contemplation, heart remembrance and saints of Allah to impress Allah upon heart. The fortune of every true Muslim is in the hands of some saint or the other. An apparent life of saint is mandatory. Lots of Prophets and saints were commissioned to this world. You may concentrate upon them one by one as trial during remembrance. Upon whom consideration your remembrance gets swiftness or progresses, your fortune are there with him. Then make selection of him for contemplation. Allah SWAT says in surah Kahaf:
Translation: Allah introduces them to some saint / spiritual guide.
If none of them helps you during your concentration then try Gohar Shahi.

What is religion of God? Is it another different religion?
The book “Religion of God” is a gift for the seekers of Allah and who have love for Allah. This book is a worth consideration and worth investigation for every religion, sect and every man and a challenge for those who disagree with spiritualism. And as for as the matter of religion of God is concerned; all the revealed books and scriptures are not religion of Allah. These books contain (order for) prayer, fasting and beard, whereas Allah is not bound down with it. Those religions were created to enlighten and purify the ummah of Prophets whereas Allah itself is a holy light. Love is the religion of Allah. The meaning of ninety nine names is a lover of His friends. Those whose destination is progressing from Qal΄b to Rooh´, very those have either fallen in religion of God or on the brink of religion of God. They are taught by divine light energy instead of books. If one has become divine light energy (saint) after having unit with Allah, he also enters in the religion of God. Allah Himself is a love, Himself is a lover and Himself is a beloved. If someone is blessed with some part of it from him (such a saint), he enters in the religion of God. Then his prayer is a God sighting and his passion is remembering God. The compensation of all the sunnah and obligations of life is also the God sighting. The combined adoration of demons, angels and human being even cannot reach (find) his status. Where all rivers merge together, that (merger) is called a sea. And the religion where all religions become a single string after merger, the very same is a love of God and religion of God.

There is a lack of unity among Muslims. What is its reason and when (how) will we be united?
There was a time when the men of book were standing at a single platform. They had been making meals together and seeking consent from one another regarding marriages. But the book was on tongue and was temporary, slipped out. But the men of remembrance will unite together today and will be eternal because the name of Allah will be in (their) hearts and blood. The very same is the supreme remedy of dissension. Because the love that dissolves in blood or whose love resides in heart, its escape is difficult. It is usually an everlasting one. The unity lies in the bonding of hearts. And once hearts get tied up then all this violence will be finished. And all these shall become like beads needled in a string of the rope of love for Allah whether they are Muslims or non Muslims.

As the terrestrial spirits move from one body to another body, do the Lata-èf too change bodies likewise?
The terrestrial spirits leave the human body only after death and keep on being transferred in any other body. But the celestial spirits are dedicated to only one body, although they may even make conversation for the time being appearing in the body of a particular alive man.A certified claim for being Imam Mehdi A.S is not come into public view as yet. Are the circumstances pointing to that direction so that Imam Mehdi bring Himself into public view and make a claim?
مُشک آن است کہ خود ببوید نہ کہ عطار بگوی
Public will recognize Imam Mehdi through the indications and miracles of Allah. Several artificial Mehdi have gone who were claiming (for being Mehdi). And the one who is appointed by Allah shall be announced Allah for being Mehdi. He shall be attested by the saints of time. Trees and stones, sun and moon & the earth and sky will bear testimony for Him. And everyone, no matter what religion does he belong to, will have love and respect for Him in ones’ heart. Mere devil (Satan) and followers of dajjāl΄ (great deceiver) will hate Him and fight (against Him).

Please comment on the divergence of your teachings and the teachings of religious savants?
Religious savants focus on apparent education whereas I teach inner knowledge along with that of apparent education. Actually the Sharī΄at (Islamic Law) and Tarī΄qat (the mystic way of life) are like the two wings of a bird. The balance between these two is compulsory. Apparent worship is like a snake inside a hole that is being beaten from outside. The Naf΄s (self) of those who practice an apparent worship and recite or do verbal remembrance neither dies nor gets purified rather gets corrected (improved) surely. The divine light energies resulting from any holy verse cannot reside in heart unless there is a Naf΄s-e Ammā´rah (evil genius) in human body, it does not matter even if one has become Hafiz (one who learns Holy Qur’ān´ by heart) of words and verses. Only a purified heart may earn divine light of Allah. There is a saying that Ka΄lima (declaration of faith) is compulsory for an entrance into paradise. Spirits are meant to go to paradise instead of these bodies. The body is mere a house (made up of) clay. If you aspire for paradise and Hoor-o Qasoor (black-eyed heavenly nymph) then worship a lot so that you may be paid a higher ranked paradise. If you are desirous to find Allah then you must learn spiritualism as well so that you may get an access to spiritual union with Allah traveling on Sīrāt-e Mūstaqīm΄ (the right way).

Who is superior among Muslims, Jews and Christians in your perception?
There is a belief in every religion that its Prophet has supreme dignity, and the very same belief became the reason of wars among men of book. It is better you should go into the meetings of these Prophets through spirituality then you shall come to know that what dignity is possessed by whom and who is bearing what status. As for as me is concerned, one is admirable and is highly ranked who has love for Allah in ones’ heart, no matter what religion one belongs to.
بن عشق دلبر کے سچل کیا کفر ہے کیا اسلام ہے
Just as your eye hangs about the shining star likewise Allah too notices the shining hearts, it does not matter that those are religious or non religious.

Is there any concept of monastic life in Islam?
Every religion adopted monastic way of life. Hazoor Pak PBUH too was used to go to Hira cave. Ghous Pak R.A, Khawaja Sahib R.A, Data Sahib R.A, Bari Imam Sarkar R.A, Qalandar Pak R.A, all these could earn such supreme status after monastic life and religion could preach owing to very these.

Please comment over the images appearing on the Moon, the Sun and the Black Stone.
Some people of Manchester England pointed out the images on Moon in 1984. Later on, it started an emergence of witnesses regarding the resemblance of that image to me from all over world. For the verification of those images, an order was placed to NASA and foreign countries to send the photographs of Moon. Those were dim in the beginning but these have become so clear for last two years that these can even be seen without telescope or computer. There published a news in newspaper regarding the image on Black Stone that an image is appearing on it too. Then I verified it, although I already had information about it but was silent lest a trouble could occur among Muslims. Every Sarfrosh (member of Anjuman Sarfroshan-e Islam) has investigated by himself. As the image was so evident that it was difficult to deny it, as a result a huge population of general public also agreed to it. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and her alliance got incensed. They quoted these arguments that photographs are forbidden following the custom of disbelieving. How can it appear on Black Stone? They did not ponder that any hint coming from Allah can never be unlawful. The images are now apparent even on Sun. these hints of Allah cannot be denied. The mentions of Allah are not meant for disturbance rather for the eradication of disturbance. Allah says in Qur’ān´-e Majīd’ (The Holy Quran):
Translation: I shall exhibit you my allusions (references / hints) on earth and sky and even among you.
I informed the Government of Pakistan a lot on the subject of investigation of causes of suits and images but these allusions of Allah have been denied at the government level owing to the pressure of disbelievers of teachings of supreme saints. Even the Nawaz Government advised strictly the Government of Sindh to trap, pressurize or eradicate Gohar Shahi through any of the means. Now I have contacted the Military Government too that it should also make a justified investigation, and should not repulse these hints of Allah owing to the scare and fear of group of any Deobandi or Vahābī or under the pressure of so called sectarians or evil Maul΄vī, otherwise this Government also has no right to rule, because the king without justice and equity remains crownless from the side of Allah.

You were penalized under 295. What is the reality?
I have been put under this attack by the preachers of Vahābī Deobandi (and) Tohafaz-e Khatam-e Naboowat who have been severely against the teachings of saints and their shrines. Even they attempted to demolish the tomb of Hazoor Pak PBUH in twelfth century. And Shah Saood, following the teaching of Abdul Wahab, announced that only one was a Muslim and allowed to perform pilgrimage who would adopt the sect Vahābīa. Those who did not agree to this sect were massacred from Makkah to Madina and the dead bodies of those Muslims were hanged in trees to teach a lesson and their mosques were squashed in compensation of mosque Zarrar and those Muslim countries were banned to perform pilgrimage who protested. And since then to date, enormous holy shrines have been demolished which also include the shrines of father and mother of Hazoor Pak PBUH. Apparently these people seem very pious, virtuous and well mannered. But God knows better that why they loss their faiths usually at the time of giving fake witnesses, false oaths, bogus suits, allegations and spurious propagandas. I wish that my suit should be conducted in the open court of general public. If the charge is really proved there then I should be burnt alive. On contrary, the general public should cause to get rid off the people from these false pious, owing to cruelty and cheating and deception of whom, lot of innocents were disrepute and scandalized in the world and died before the death.

Many savants, hafiz and religious preachers are preaching Islam today, whereas (they have the same and) one Qur’ān´, Prayer, Ka΄lima (declaration of faith), Prophet and Ka΄ba, then why is there contradiction among themselves and even the heathenism?
Actually the preaching is permissible and true only when the activity of purification of Naf΄s (self) and reconciliation of Qal΄b (heart) has been completed, for instance the preach of Data Sahib or Khawaja Sahib in Hindustan who turned the infidels into Muslims. The ones’ preach without the purification and reconciliation is troubling, no matter that how highly one qualified (savant) is. If the infidel self is present within one’s body then how will he turn the other infidels into Muslims? Surely, one shall make Muslims fight with each other by declaring the other Muslims as infidel. The true preach which is through Sharī΄at is the bodily worship and cleanliness and is the Tarī΄qat (the mystic way of life) for the correctness of inner self, i.e., it is compulsory to clean the chest through authoritative remembrances.

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