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What are your teachings and who are in opposition?
I am teaching a lesson of love for Allah without any discrimination in race and complexion, it is my message that the existence of such a man is worthless altogether whose heart is without love for Allah. Human evils pass away gradually in the love for Allah. I am facing an antagonism of so called monopolists of religion in the mission. The reason for their opposition is their own jealousy and haughtiness; the people who really fall in love for Allah go along with me with all their hearts and souls and keep guiding the others as well for true path. Molvi (the Muslim priest) talks about imaginary paradise whereas the friends of Allah motivate about love for Allah, when one falls in love for Allah then Allah reveals the real paradise and station in the very life. Molvi can teach mere Sharī΄at (Islamic Law) whereas my teaching is beyond the Tarī΄qat (the mystic way of life), Haqi΄qat (the truth) and Ma΄’rifat (recognition of Essence of Allah), the personal name Allah had been being conferred in jungles fortuitously before but is now being blessed with least exertion.

Does it not contrary to Islam that you claim for access to Allah without converting someone into Islam?
There are two paths leading to God, one path passes through religion whereas the second path is the path of love and divine affection. The path that passes through religion is like a vehicle that passes through town; lots of rules follow that (conveyance) for being passing through town, there also come (traffic) signals and halting places (small destinies) do keep on occurring, it has to be abode by the traffic (rules) and vehicle has to be driven as per certain rule as well. Another path leading to God is the path of love and divine affection. Just like a vehicle that is moving towards its destination without entering into the town, the rules of town are not imposed on it and it keeps on progressing towards its destination without following the rules of every town. Such path is called by-pass. But this path is for those people whom Allah picks for this path, there are two examples of it; one of them is about that thief who entered into the house of Hazoor Ghous Pak R.A (a super category of mystics) with an intention of thievery and became Qūt´b (highest cadre in spiritual pivot) and the other one is Hazrat Abu Bakar Hawari R.A who was great bandit, mothers were used to frighten their children by quoting His name, you know he became saint over night; these people neither said prayers nor fasted and even those people were not pious (religious), mere perfect sight made them clean and they became saint (friend of Allah), there is a law for human being that one should hold religion to get access to God but there is not any law for God, He has authority to bless anyone with His access to whom He wishes, He wished the dog of ashā´b-e kah´f (Catacomb Comrades) then even it became Hazrat Qitmīr΄ (name of dog accompanying the Seven Sleepers in the Catacomb), what adoration and mystic exercise was performed by that dog? What was its religion? That is to say He (Allah) has supreme authority, He may bless anyone with His access to which He wishes, Allah is for everyone, someone calls Him Rama where the other calls Him Raheem but He is neither found in mosques nor in (Hindu) temple, He resides in the heart of true believer. Whoever found Him, found Him from the inner and even love is bonded with heart and it is the hypocrisy to say something through tongue which is a contradictory with heart. If someone wished to have love for Allah then one must have to recite Allah Allah through heart then the divine light energy shall accumulate in heart and mixes with blood and these Rooh´ which are called shak΄tīān (strengths) by Hindu shall absorb this divine light energy as sustenance and then shall come out of body and then shall be able to sight Allah, it is a medicine like an injection, the time when heart recites Allah Allah then the inner gets enlightened and āt΄māen (Rooh´-souls) also get enlightened and there increases the love for Allah (Bhagvān΄) in heart, there is not love for Allah (Bhagvān΄) by saying through tongue, you know the love is bonded with heart and heart is a residence of Allah and He does not reside in heart till the heart gets clean and purified and heart gets cleaned only when certain cleansing medicine is applied over it and the process is that you fall in love with Creator, someone calls Him Rama and the other Īsh΄var (Hindu word for Allah) whereas someone calls Him God, but His personal name is Allah and He neither resides in mosque nor in (Hindu) temple, He lives in the heart of human, if you want to find Him then seek Him in heart, body is made up of clay and this is either burnt, it gets turned into clay in grave then who will be entitled for paradise of hell, your spirits (souls) are meant for it which are lying within your body, the Muslims call them Lata-èf (invisible spirits) and the Hindu call them shak΄tīān (strengths), if you want to revive them, you will have to worship, adore the Creator through heart then there shall develop the divine light energy in heart through remembrance. That divine light energy shall be then transferred to these shak΄tī (strengths), at that time these spirits shall be able to sight the Creator through the power of divine light energy of Allah Allah while you are sleeping. The body has religion but spirits don’t have. The religion left behind here when someone dies. If the soul of someone is spiritual then it is moved ahead that is to say to ‘Ā’lam-e bā΄lā (heavenly world), there is no religion, such spirits shall unite there because the religion is for every one and spiritualism is not for every one, if people get spiritual here then they shall be united.

How is your belief about the Holy Prophet PBUH as Allah’s last messenger or the seal of Prophet’s?
I am expressing the true belief very clearly once more that I have firm belief over the Holy Prophet PBUH as Allah’s last messenger or the seal of Prophet’s and the one who does not agree the Holy Prophet PBUH as Allah’s last messenger or the seal of Prophet’s is infidel and zindīq´ (religious hypocrite). I never claimed prophecy, my every vein and muscle is absorbed in the love for Allah and Prophet PBUH. All the law-suits and allegations in this context are baseless and fake and are a segment of disgusting intrigue of sectarian Molvi (the so called Muslim priest) who are against the teachings of mysticism (and) are in search of making a damage to my mission but the opponents should remember that they can not cause GOHAR SHAHI to stop through their intrigues.

It is a general perception that claims for appearing of your simile in Black Stone, Moon, Sun, Mars, Space and Nebula Planet are ingredients to straighten the way for awaited Mehdi A.S.
I never claimed that I am the awaited Mehdi A.S. It is propaganda of opponents. Surely I conveyed in deed that there shall be a stamp of being Mehdi A.S at His Holy back like that Hazoor Pak PBUH had stamp of being Prophet at His Holy back. Stamp of being Mehdi A.S shall be growing through tissues and there shall also be the Holy Islamic Creed along with it, owing to these facts the occurrence of artificial stamp of Mehdi A.S is an impossible phenomenon. Where as those people who are having the divine light energy in their hearts shall stand with Imam Mehdi A.S. As long as the matter of my similes in Black Stone, Sun, Mars and in the other existences of nature is concerned, I don’t know that how are they appearing but the real facts can be accessed very easily through solid scientific witnesses and modern technology. Where as the other space research organizations of the world apart from the American research organization NASA have already completed their research in this context. Yet they are escaping to acknowledge the truth just because of the fact for being a Muslim and Asian, where as I have filed several appeal with the Government of Pakistan to help us in conveying the facts pertaining to these existences of nature to even a common man. A top level board must be organized for this purpose comprising of the intellectuals, scientists, journalists having justifying disposition and those practicing savants who have love for the teachings of mysticism and including the elite selective people performing their duties in different branches of life who must inform the general public all the minor details and background of this sensitive matter after pursuing their research (ascertainment).

Is it true that you are struggling to cease the religious laws specially the section 295-a, b, c of contempt of prophecy (blasphemy) along with non Muslims?
First of all I want to inform you that the incorporation of ALL FAITH SPIRITUAL ORGANIZATION – the common world wide spiritual organization of world religions under my supervision is not meant for the cease of any law rather is organized in Ireland two years back for the correction of people belonging to different religions and teaching the love for Allah. This organization has full support of the S.G.A.R International of Britain, the American Sufi Institute of America and Anjuman Sarfroshan-e Islam of Pakistan. As for as the blasphemy law is concerned, I repudiate this allegation again, even may take oath, that neither I am against the blasphemy law nor have wish for any kind of alteration with this law. But an objective of our struggle is to end the maltreatment of above mentioned law and to serve with justice to guiltless because a religious group by means of strength of its party is using against other sects and religion as a weapon in the God gifted country-the Pakistan. A lot of guiltless people have been penalized with life imprisonment and death till now only for that their ideologies are colliding with that of particular group. This extremists’ class is collecting its contemptible objectives of the propagation of believes of its choices by driving back the attention of general public from their insolently ideologies by imprisoning those innocent mystics having love for Prophet PBUH and darvéshī (saintliness) characteristics through the contempt of prophecy (blasphemy) law of 295-a,b,c. Whereas the administration have no hearing for these faultless people. None of the newspapers is ready to publish the reality of those cases registered under 295-a,b,c. Most of the newspapers, magazines and individuals are under the influence of it (extremists’ class), the other are afraid of and are silent. I am communicating you these facts because all of us are also victims of this oppression and tyranny and you could be a victim for the same in future. (Imagine that) how much one has to face the bad name and disrepute in the false accuse of contempt of prophecy (blasphemy). I am not against this law but against its maltreatment through which that particular group picked the unfair advantage. In the history of Pakistan, these are such people who burn the Qur’ān´ by themselves and get others trapped in it by acting as witness (to it). A Hafiz-e-Qur’ān´ (one who knows the Holy Qur’ān´ by heart) was stoned to death for being accused in almost same way in Gujranwala. This community is a deadly enemy of shrines and mysticism. To demolish shrines in Pakistan and to cease the general spread of the teachings of Saints of Allah, their hands have reached to the collars of religious noble men. They consider the killing of any one as virtuous deed for the sake of their contemptible objectives, it does not matter what sect or religion one belongs to. You may find out the evil achievements of Molvi (the so called Muslim priests) of this particular group if you consider those law-suits which have been registered under this law. The government of Pakistan has complete updates regarding this. The group of these people comes to roads if government attempts to take step. The administration is scared of taking any action against them. If government makes public the true facts of these law-suits through media before taking any action then people, after being informed of the real facts, will unite together making a power for the failure of this group. These have been registered using fake and false means. The victim is used to have lost his dignity through fake propaganda till it starts any process in courts; there is mental torture, the devastation of family and disrepute even the plunderers are used to have succeeded in their contemptible objectives either by occupying their property or burning it to fire. The abominations are developing among innocent hearts owing to this barbarity and Islam and Pakistan are getting bad names world wide and I wish that my efforts could bring favor for every one. A platform ALL FAITH SPIRITUAL ORGANIZATION has been incorporated to prevent this cruelty and injustice. Its objective is to provide the protection to every innocent and guiltless and one who wishes that religious extremism and violence should end may join this movement. No goodness is higher than to raise voice against cruelty and to help poor persons and aggrieved in the rights of people. This is a message for every religion and sect so that facts and truth could be brought to light and the aggrieved public could get rid of this brutality.

Please quote some examples regarding the misuse of law of contempt of prophecy (blasphemy)?
Hafiz Sajjad of Gujranwala was stoned to death is an example, later on it was discovered that he was faultless then the authority declared that we (did it) in misunderstanding and then court penalized them with imprisonment for ten (10) years in near past whereas Hafiz Sajjad can not be brought to life at confess of their misconception. As it is a murder so, court should punish those culprits with death in compensation then it will be considered as justice. The prisoner in Lahore Jail, Abu Mohammad Yousaf Ali is the second example. Even upon a very clear statement and the publication of pamphlets from him wherein he stated that he was an ordinary devotee of Hazoor Pak PBUH and he owned up as follower of faith and gave declaration that Hazoor Pak PBUH is the last Prophet but perhaps the antagonists of Yousaf Ali learned more knowledge (and concluded) that he had claimed as being prophet and had disapproved the completion of Prophecy. Even court penalized him with death owing to false witnesses. Now you tell me that how Yousaf Ali shall face this world and who will be responsible for the severe damage of his life and grace if he is declared guiltless in near future through appeal. There is no one who is accountable. On the other hand, Sufi Shabaan did not obey certain impermissible order of the Chaudhary of village; it created the contention of land, Chaudhary entrapped him for his whole life in the false suit of contempt of phrophecy giving bribe of huge amount of money to S.H.O. He will neither be granted bail nor will he get the chance to argue. Either the punishment of death or at least life imprisonment seems to be his fate. The relation of Sufi Shabaan with whole world has got abandoned. I and you (i.e People) start abusing him sitting in our homes. Neither someone investigates nor does someone sympathize to him rather considers a virtuous deed to kill him. A suit was registered against a slightly insane named Mohammad Arshad of Karachi Orangi Town under 295 without investigations in accuse of burning Qur’ān´ which is equivalent to a joke with this holy law. I just want to say that F.I.R should be registered after investigations because what ever is registered in F.I.R by middle (lower of secondary education) qualified police officer in Pakistan it puts the future of the accused on stake. Three (3) false suits of contempt of prophecy (blasphemy) have also been charged against me (Riaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi) following the same pattern for which any body is unable to present any kind of proof till now. For instance the claim of prophecy PBUH, the contempt of prophecy, the contempt of Qur’ān´ or any thing other than this and yet court has declared its decision on the basis of false witnesses and false suits. Other suit cases are also in progress. Like wise false suits under 295 against more than 100 people of ANJUMAN SARFROSHAN-E ISLAM are also registered. Apart from this, you may even pick a list of innumerable faultless from office of the organization Aman-o Insaaf; many among them are either died or imprisoned or living a miserable life. This tactic had been in practice over minorities then we were of the view that they might have committed some insolence. But it is the duty of government to provide justice, no matter what religion or sect does one belong to. The duty of newspaper (media) falls in second level. One’s personality goes on defaming upon wrong reporting. All those who had been in assistance for the murder of humanity shall be answerable in the court of Allah. All of us afflicted of 299 a,b,c shall continue this effort till every faultless without a discrimination in race and complexion is released from the charge of 295 a,b,c, the withdrawal of false suit cases is done and the abandon of its misuse. We are ready for every kind of sacrifice for this cause.

Would you like to give any message?

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