(ISM-E-ZAAT ALLAH CONFERENCE) Shahfaisal Colony Karachi 8 March 1998

In the name of Allah the beneficial the most gracious. Respected friends Asalamo Alikum. We have had thousands of congregations before this in Pakistan, in the city of Karachi and even abroad and most of you must be familiar with them. Now some groups have been plotting against us and have been promoting negative propaganda. Now there are people promoting us as well but I thought rather then doing another speech it would be beneficial if people asked any questions they might have. For this I invite everyone who might have any questions they can easily ask them.

Q1- Why do you only talk about Zikr of Ism-e-Allah, whereas Allah has many other names as well l, why don’t you talk about them?
A1 – Allah has 99 names, ninety eight are due to his qualities and one is his personal name. A hundred and twenty four thousand prophets were sent to this world. They all did Zikr based on the names of his qualities. They all put together couldn’t reach the one that did Zikr of Allah’s private name. Now for example you do a Zikr for “Ya Rehman” then you will be able to reach his mercy, but he is merciful on animals as well. If you do Zikr for “Ya Rizako” then you will be able to have plenty of food, so what’s the big deal about that as he provides food to an insect living inside a rock. Now if you did Zikr of Ism-e-Zaat, then only you can reach him. All prophets desired Zikr of Ism-e-Zaat. If one can see Allah that’s because of Ism-e-zaat. They couldn’t see Allah as they didn’t have Ism-e-zaat, Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) did have ism-e-zaat and through that he was able to see Allah. Through Prophet(pbuh) that ism-e-Zaat was transferred to his followers and that is why his followers are above the rest. The difference is that one’s heart cannot chant ism-e-Zaat without the permission of Allah and the Prophet (P.B.U.H). When this doesn’t happen then people do Zikr of his qualities. If ones heart starts to chant ism-e-Zaat, then all the qualities are contained in it too. Only ism-e-zaat contains all his qualities as well, therefore we highly recommend that everyone should learn this first. So your heart can also chant his personal name, you fall in love with his personality, if this doesn’t work then you can chant the names of any of his qualities.

Q2- You say true love of Allah is superior then praying, while the conventional Ullama recommend praying. They also claim that praying is more important. If true love of Allah is superior, how can one find it?
A2 – Sultan Haq Bahu says “Where true love gets you, belief doesn’t even know about it”, the ones who only focus on praying are way behind the ones who have true belief. And he claims where true love gets you, even true believers don’t know about it. What is true love? There is a difference between affection and true love. Now you can chant Allah’s name all day long, a parrot can do the same. But if your heart starts to chant his name then you will have affection towards him. If Allah resides in your heart then you have a strong affection towards him. This is still affection not true love, then one day he will look at you, that’s when affection changes to true love. Then when he says this individual is mine, at that point what will praying do for you. But true love is not for everyone, only the one’s Allah chooses himself.

Q3- What is your true purpose and mission?
A3- Some people say every time the elections are near that these people will enter politics now, but we despise such politics where one claims one thing in the morning and something totally different at night. Neither do we think very highly of politics and nor does religion contain such politics. Some people claim he is after Mehdiyat, some claim he is after prophet hood. Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is the last Prophet and to us anyone who makes such claims after him is a non believer. Now some people think he is after Mehdiyat, well we say whoever Allah chooses will be Mehdi. Whoever is self proclaimed will be humiliated and a lot have been humiliated like this. I have discovered this secret and I am not the only one, saints from all around the world claim that Mehdi (AS) has arrived. In our opinion just like Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) had the stamp of prophet hood on his back just like that whoever has the stamp of Mehdiyat on his along with Qalma we will have to accept him, whoever he is.

Q4- A lot of people are opposing you, are you not scared?
A4- I have no fear at all, I roam freely. The reason is I don’t need money, Allah has granted me a lot, I have real estate. I don’t need to deal with anyone’s opposition either, when I have no entrust in politics then I don’t need to deal with anyone’s opposition either. I want stay quite, I want to stay separate completely, but there is a higher power that tells me you need to say these certain things. I have faith that he who tells me what to do is the most powerful. That’s why no one can harm me, so why should I be scared.

Q5- In the last few days it was quite popular that you had met Isa (A.S) is it true that your met Isa (A.S)?
A5- Look a lot of people claim that we have met Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) yet there is no uproar against them, even though Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is at a higher rank then Isa (A.S). A lot of people even claim they have met Allah, even then there is no uproar against them. If I claimed to have met Isa (A.S) then what’s the big deal. Yes I met him, I saw him myself, now I don’t know if he came in a spiritual form or in human form. I never claimed he was in a human form or the spiritual form. I am still not sure myself, if he was there in his physical state or spiritual. Yes, if I ever meet him again, I’ll make sure I touch him to ensure his state. They claim he will descend in Jerusalem or Khana Kaaba, I never said anything about descending all I said was I met him.

Q6- we have heard that you have preached about Zikr to Hindu’s, Sikh’s and Christians as well? Even though they are not Muslim’s? How can non believers hearts also chant Allah Allah?
A6- When Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) cane were there any Muslims at that time? It was these people where he began preaching, he didn’t say outright to read the Qalma or offer Salah. That was his unique way. He focused on their hearts and they started chanting Allah Allah. Then they were compelled to read the Qalma, now if one is a sinner or a non believer we tell him to do Zikr with his heart beat, now it won’t happen because I said it, it will only happen with Allah’s will. Whoever Allah wants then their heart will start chanting his name, now isn’t that person a Muslim then? If they aren’t today they will convert someday. If he is a sinner today he will turn to a pious individual someday. Now whoever Allah wants, it doesn’t matter if they are Muslim or non-Muslim, dead or alive, if he wants to befriend them then he will. There are multiple incidents when non believers, thieves when he wanted them they turned into saints. You talk about Muslims these people became Wali’s (Allah’s friend). Only those individuals who are destined to convert later on only their hearts chant God’s name. There is video evidence of this, you should have a look at it, first year we invited them to Zikr and the next year those individuals are reading Qalma. There is a method to it, we can’t tell them about Quran or Namaz right away. We talk about Qalb first, then slowly they are interested in learning the verbal details as well.

Q7 – you have emphasized a lot on purifying one’s Baatin (hidden world), how can we purify our Baatin?
A7- Baatin is very important, if you asked Hindu’s, Sikh’s, Christians and Muslims all to line up and asked Allah to look at them. He doesn’t care about one’s sujjud or one’s beard, he cares about a pure/shining heart. So I ask if your Baatin is not pure then what’s the difference between you and the rest? Only your language is different. Yes, if you have a pure Baatin then you are above them. Otherwise, you are just repeating words just like a parrot does. Now how does one purify there Baatin? There are two types of religious meditations, one purifies the body while the other purifies the heart. Salat and fasting cleanses one’s body this is also important. But it’s very important that one’s heart and soul are also pure, that is why until you cleanse your heart and soul nothing pure will stay inside you. One prays and reads Quran every day and night yet it makes no difference, the reason is that Nufs is not pure. If Quran and salat started to stay within you then there will be no sects anymore. Why are Muslims killing other Muslims when all Momins are suppose to be brothers? Then that means you are not a Momin. You should become a Momin so you all can be one, your heart is suppose to be Allah’s home, this is what Hadith preaches as well. Since peoples hearts didn’t chant Allah’s name, now the Satan resides in it. Now till you get this Satan out, your hearts will not be pure, your Nufs will not be pure. For this to happen there is a method, like there is a method to offering prayer and fasting there is a method for Zikr-e-Qalb. Just like the prayer beads help with praying your heart also helps in doing Zikr. Prayer beads are for the average people, Bulleh Shah claims “ My heart chants Allah Allah”. Now teach that heart how to chant Allah’s name. That heart beat is like the prayer beads for the heart. It beats 6000 times in one hour and over 24 hours it can chant Allah’s name over 125,000 times. Now a heart that chants Allah’s name 24 hours the Satan cannot reside in it. When the Satan leaves that’s when the blessed come. Now when the heart chants Allah’s name the Noor from that runs through your veins, and through the veins it reaches your soul. That’s when the soul too starts to chant Allah’s name. Then you can stay asleep and your soul will keep chanting his name, you can be at work and they will chant his name, even after you are dead they will chant his name. They will chant his name till he day of judgement. It’s the body that dies, one’s soul doesn’t die. If you prayed regularly then after you die you can’t pray, but the soul keeps praying for you till the day if judgement. What you teach them here is what they will do there. There is an incident that proves this, Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) led the prayer for all the prophets before going on Miraj, if your soul was capable enough then you too could get that prayer. That prayer has been there for thousands of years and it will be there till the day of judgement. So our intentions are along with this body, the heart and the souls should also be purified. So when you pray your heart and soul also pray with you. Your body is fake yet your heart and soul are the real thing. People focus on the body yet the souls that will stay alive forever that will never die nobody focuses on them. They are dependent on you, you should chant his name but also teach them how to do it. If you teach them how to chant Allah’s name then till the day of judgement you have means of Sadqa Jariah.

Q8- These days not just in Pakistan, but my relatives abroad have informed that Gohar Shahi has claimed to be Mehdi, today I got the chance to meet you, could you elaborate what’s the reality in this Mehdi case?
A8- As I have stated, whoever is Mehdi he will do some miracles. He will do miracles that no one else could. Every religion will be obligated to believe in him. If someone claims in Pakistan that he is Mehdi, but if people of England, Europe, Palestine don’t believe in hi then he is not Mehdi. Mehdi will be one that every person will believe in not matter what city or county. Every religion will believe in him. Now the question is my followers say this so you should question them on why they call me Mehdi. When I ask them on why do you call me Mehdi you want to sabotage me? They say we found the right path through you so you are our Mehdi. But that’s not who Mehdi will be, Mehdi will be in whom the whole world will believe. He will be something else.

Q9- In multiple speeches you have talked about Shariat-e-Muhammadi and Shariat-e-Ahmadi, can you discuss in detail who can achieve these?
A9- Prophet’s (P.B.U.H) body was called Muhammad (P.B.U.H), his souls name is Ahmad, the being in the center of his chest was named Khamid, the being in his head (Anna) was called Mahmood. Now the actions that Prophet Muhammad’s (P.B.U.H) body did fall under Shariat-e-Muhammadi, and the actions taken by his soul fall under Shariat-e-Ahmadi. Once Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) did Mirage( visited Allah) with his body,all the other times he visited Allah with his soul that’s Shariat-e-Ahmadi. His soul use to pray before he was born in this world that is why he said I was a prophet before coming to this world, he even stated I was Prophet even when Adam had not been created yet. His (PBUH) body was created afterwards yet what his soul did before that falls under Shariat-e-Ahmadi. Even today Prophet(P.B.U.H) soul leads salat, they don’t raise their heads till Allah replies “Labaik Ya Abadi” if your soul becomes deserving then you too can offer that salat.

Q10- I have heard that you claim that Quran doesn’t have 30 Parahs instead it has 40?
A10- In Shariat-e-Muhammdi there are only 30 Parah’s, but Shariat-e-Ahmadi is a different knowledge. For this Hazrat Abu Hurairah stated I have received two different knowledge’s from Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), one I have told you about if I inform you of the other you would kill me. This is a Hadith. Then what is that second knowledge? It is the knowledge regarding souls. Just like! OK let’s elaborate on this in detail. Just like this human body is made from heavenly mud, you have to admit it will die one day, it will remain in this world and vanish it will not go to the heavens. There you would get a new body, one that doesn’t burn, won’t die, won’t age and won’t get Ill either. If this body is going to stay here, it won’t be going to heavens, then what’s its accountability? What are the goals for this body? It’s something to think about. This body is a house, in which 7 beings are locked. One being that is Nufs, it’s called Latif’s Nufs, for these people the Quran was sent. It’s mentions it in various spots that purify the Nufs, sometimes Quran tries to scare it with hell and sometimes entice people with Junnah. This is all for this Nufs, once it’s pure then what’s next, once Nufs is pure then that knowledge of Baatin begins. The first knowledge then is for Qalb, after the Nufs is purified then Zalik al Qitab La Rain Hazel qitab, Zalik al Qitab that book that everyone trusts, this book is not trusted by Hindus or non believers. They don’t trust the Quran but everyone trusts that book. If a non believer(Kafir) was to purify their Nufs then even they will trust Quran. Quran has 30 parahs, the 10 contain that knowledge. The knowledge regarding the Qalb was bestowed upon Adam, half of it for him and half for his saints. Then there is the knowledge of the soul, Abraham was bestowed the knowledge of the soul and that’s why he ranks higher then Adam. Then came Moses, he was given the knowledge of Siri, half for him and half for his saints. That is why he is ranked above Abraham. Then was Jesus, he was bestowed the knowledge of 4 beings that’s why he was above Moses even. And then Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) received the knowledge’s for all five beings including Akhfa. That’s he is above all. Now there is Nufs and the other five beings, the knowledge for Nufs is in the first 30 Parah’s the knowledge for the other five is in those 10 other Parah’s. Then there is ANNA the seventh being it’s not related to knowledge but to true love. If you had a saint as a teacher then you would realize that there is worldly knowledge and then there is knowledge of the Baatin. We say that 30 Parah’s of the Quran are in this material world and the other 10 are in the Baatin and there is evidence of this in the books written by saints. The Ullama deny this knowledge. There is an incident of Shah Shums Tabreez of when he put the books in the water and took them out and they were dry that’s when he said that there is another knowledge of which you are not aware. That is the reason why if Quran was all that was needed then Ghaus Pak had also read the Quran, then what knowledge was he afte that he went to meditate in the forests. There must have been some other knowledge, here an Allama teaches you there Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) teaches you. Then there must be some difference between the teachings an Allama and Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). When one gains the knowledge of this world they become a scholar there they become a saint or sultan.

Q-11 I have read different boards where your sayings have been depicted as it is possible to see Allah, what is the evidence of that?
A-11 Imam Abu Hanifa said that he has seen Allah 99 times, he claims that in his book. Ibrahim bin Adam claims that he has seen Allah 70 times. Sultan Bahu claims I can see Allah when I desire. Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is above all, the rest saw Allah through these beings while Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) went to see Allah physically. Now when one says Wali Allah, this means friend of Allah. Then a friend is who has seen him talked to him. When one haven’t seen or talked to him and claim that they are Wali Allah then that is false claim. If someone claims to be a false prophet he is considered a non believer, then anyone who claims to be a false Wali is very close to them as well. To be a wali it is necessary that they have conversed with Allah and have seen him. The only thing is women can only converse with Allah they can’t see him. That’s why they get half way there. That is why Rabia Basri Qalandar is addressed as half Qalandar. The rest of the Wali’s they have and can see Allah and talk to him. Anyone who claims to be a Wali without seeing him or talking to him is making a false claim.

Q-12 The one’s that love you call you Allah! What the reality of this?
A-12 The truth is ,A lot of people that don’t like me call me Satan as well, they call me a blasphemer as well, they also address me as a non believer. A lot of people call me Mehdi (A.S) and Jesus as well. Now whoever believes me in whatever way that’s how they think of me. You should ask them I can’t say. I am a Muslim and I believe in the Quran, and it states “Qull hoo Allah ho Ahad” there is one god, he has no family. I have parents and I also have my kids. So now you should ask these people and state any Fatwa’s on them if you need to.

Q-13 if someone dies after receiving Zikr-e-Qalb from you, then what happens to his progression?
A13- first of all this Zikr-e-Qalb is not dependent on an individuals will, I am just an agent that informs you about it. Then whoever Allah wants then we guide him. Until Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) vouches for that individual Allah doesn’t grant them permission. Once the permission is granted then whether that person is alive or dead their progression continues. Only the body dies the spiritual beings inside don’t. There is a record of such people, Shah Latif Bhitai people always that he was a Sufi poet, no one get any blessings from his tomb. But he was meditating and progressing once he reached his goal in Baatin then people prayers were accepted at his tomb. Such people reach their destination either way.

Q14- What are your thoughts on photography? Is it Haram to have ones pictures taken?
A14- Some people claim that it’s haram while others claim it’s not a big deal. Some Walis made it confusing too. When Allah has people confused then what’s the big deal if Wali’s do the same. Alah Huzrat in one place claims photography is haram, hasn’t he said that? In Alah Huzrat’s time pictures of Pir Maher Ali Shah were every where, why didn’t he tell him that photos are haram. Alah Huzrat writes in his book Kunzal Iman that Taboot (chest) Sakina holds the pictures of all of the prophets, then what am I suppose to say, it’s up to you if you think it is haram or allowed.

Q-15 If Imam Mehdi (A.S) and Jesus have arrived then show them to the people?
A15 – People will see, I have already told everyone about the signs, time and time again.

Q16-If one of the Zakir’s after Zikr was to concentrate on their heart and they see Kaaba surrounded by noor instead of Qalb, they see foreign beings performing tawaf around the Kaaba and during this they see Qalma written in golden words on their heart, so does this qualify for the rank of Ainul Yaqeen? Please elaborate.
A16 – This is not Ainul Yaqeen but instead is Haq-ul-Yaqeen, because this does not happen without the Qalma, if there is Qalma then it is true. If the Qalma is not there then it’s Ainul Yaqeen. If the Qalma is there then it is true. This has happened, Mujadad Sahab once saw that foreign being was doing Sajda towards him. He was very confused as sajda to a human being is not allowed, that’s when a sound came from the skies that don’t worry they are not doing sajda to you but instead they are doing sajda to the Kaaba that resides inside you. It happens to who ever Allah wants.

Q-17 First you use to preach about Zikr-e-Allah, your teachings were regarding Zikr-e-Qalb. The you started talking about spiritualism. Now lately you have been explaining about Imam Mahdi(A.S), now after this what are you planning to talk about? Are you planning to enter politics as well?
A17- I have already answered these questions before.

Q18- What is the difference between Wahdat-ul-Wajud and Wahdat-ul-Shahud?
A18- There is probably no one here that is a believer of Wahdat-ul-wajud, what should I say, the person who believes in Wahdat-ul-wajud believes Allah is present in everything, they believe Allah is present in every heart. Whereas people who believe in Wahdat-ul-shahud ask if Allah is present in every heart then the non believers would be included in that too, then whom did he create hell for? Whoever poses the boot of Allah they will not enter hell. Those people who did Zikr of Ya Rehman have the belief system of wahdat-ul-wajud. They either chanted Ya Rehman or Ya Wududo, the noor that was generated in their hearts at that time was Sifati noor of Ya Rehman. When they looked from their perspective they saw that even animals poses nature of Ya Rehman that’s why they care and love their offspring. That’s why they said Allah is present everywhere. Now who were the people with the belief of Wahdat-ul-Shahud? These people did Zikr of ism-e-zaat (Allah’s personal name), they chanted Allah Allah. That created Allah’s noor in their hearts. Now when they looked at this world from their perspective they figured there is no noor present in this world. That’s the battle between Wahdat-ul-wajud and wahdat-ul-shahud, and I am a believer of wahdat-ul-shahud. Whoever poses the noor of Allah in his heart they are from wahdat-ul-shahud, who doesn’t have the noor of of Allah they are are from Wahdat-ul-shahud. The believer of Wahdat-ul-wujud when he traveled in the other realm he came to a stop at a certain point, that’s when he claimed all I saw was a light, I didn’t see Allah in the body form. Whereas, believer of wahdat-ul-shahud was connected to his being and that’s why he went straight to him. He shook hands with Prophet(P.B.U.H) and then realized that Hadith was right that Allah made humans like him. That’s the battle between wahdat-ul-wajud and wahdat-ul-shahud.

Q19- lately you were accused of murder at your Astana regarding a woman from Karachi, is this true?
A19- The truth is this, she came to our Astana like a lot of people do. She didn’t have anybody with her, her son dropped her off and then left, she was alone. If we were to kill her then we could have buried her as well. I own a lot of land, have our own vehicles, we could have easily buried her or discarded the body. Why would we murder her and then return her to her family? Invite them to our place and ask them to take her body? There are a few politicians along with government agencies that had planned this. Now just like they have been spreading this negative propaganda about us, after some time they will start to do the positive propaganda as well. They are investigating this case, crime branch is looking into it. Then they claim, we read in the news paper that woman must have witnessed something and that’s why she was murdered. She was alone, so if she did witness something how did someone else find out? Did she come in their dream to reveal this? What I say that’s why I was murdered? These reporters should be ashamed. Apparently, she came to visit them in their dream to reveal the secret. Next please.

Q-20 A lot of people have been talking about Imam Mahdi(AS) and Jesus, where is Dujjal? Tell us something about him.
A-20 If I tell you right now that Dujjal is located in this certain place, trust me that would start a war right away. You should let time unravel the story, whatever Allah wants will be best for all. Dujjal is not very far away, he is close to Pakistan.

Q-21 You have told us all about the secret behind Ali Laam Meem, there are other secrets in the Quran, what is the secret behind Alif Laam Ra?
A-21 I cannot reveal that secret yet.

Q-22 They say that if someone called a Sultan-ul-Fukra a human or god it’s the same. How is this possible? How can a human become a god?
A-22 In reality a human poses these beings there is no doubt about that, if he becomes a Wali due to these then he may not be called a god. There a few Wali’s that Allah gifts them another being that is called Jusa Taufeeq-e-illahi, some he grants Tifl-e-noori. That’s when that human is not human anymore that’s Allah himself. That’s why Allah says through meditation one becomes so close to me that I become the hands he holds with, the tongue he speaks with. This is said about these people. Now there are some people, once Allah thought I want to see how I look, like people like to see themselves in the mirror. Just like that Allah wanted to see himself too, that’s when in front of Allah’s a reflection was created which then turned into a soul, Allah fell in love with him and he fell in love with Allah. Allah! That was the soul of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). That’s when Allah danced in happiness and seven more souls came into being. These were the souls of Sultan-ul-Fukra, and when these souls came to this world that’s when Sultan Bahu said that if you call these people Allah that would be true. If you want more details you can read Sultan Bahu’s Risala Rooh-e-Sharif, you will be more satisfied then.

Q-23 With all due respect! Arab countries are full of sins right now, and you go all over to invite people to Zikr, why don’t you invite them to Zikr as well?
A-23 No! We have traveled everywhere to invite people, we have been to the Arab countries too. Now it depends on Allah whoever he wants their hearts will start to chant his name. Whoever he doesn’t want then we never go back there. Whoever he wants gives us more courage and we go there.

Q-24 Sarkar people who oppose us tell us if you think you are on the right path then jump in the fire, should we do such a thing?
A-24 No, leave that to me. All these people who oppose us gather them and myself, they oppose me and have nothing to do with you. So gather us all (opposition and myself) and throw us in the fire, then we will see who survives and who burns. All these Maulvi’s that oppose me bring them and throw us in the fire.

Q-25 Mr. Shahi I would like to ask you a question in person, would you grant permission for that?
Sarkar Shah Sahab – Yes of course.
Asalamo Alikum I have a few questions for you, but I will begin with a question that hasn’t been asked today so far. It’s regarding your picture in the moon, it was a popular thing people were talking about it. This question has not been asked, hence I am asking it. We can see your face today as it is, and for sure it has changed with time and will continue to change. So the moon has always been like this, but you admit that the picture in the moon is yours. Even though that picture was there from day one and remain there till the last day. So claiming that it’s your picture how much of it is true? This is the first question, after I get the answer to it I will ask the next.

A-25 I don’t know when this picture showed up in the moon and how long it will last.

Q-26 This is known that the moon will stay as it is from day one till the last day?
A-26 First people started to say that they see this picture. Then I saw it, if this was fake then twenty years of my preaching s would have been washed away. Then we had this investigated using a computer, it was investigated in England, it was also investigated in America. When they confirmed then only I claimed that this picture in the moon is mine. Why is it there, who put it there, that I don’t know about. But I can confirm that picture is mine. If you wish investigate further, the moon is present every month, it should be there now, take my picture and take a picture of the moon as well. Copy it onto a computer and investigate. If it’s false then you can question me, but if it’s not then you should accept it. If it’s false then you can have start a scandal, I have even asked them government don’t just accept it. If it’s fake then that’s a big lie why don’t you arrest me then! But if it’s true then accept and tell people the truth. You have the means, this uproar didn’t start now it’s been going on since five to six years. Because of this issues people have been falsely accusing me, there have been false cases, if this was not true then would these Maulvi’s spare me? First they wouldn’t admit that this was possible. Now they say yes it’s there but it not an evidence of him being a Wali. Now they admit it. I am waiting for someone to investigate this issue. If it’s false then give me whatever punishment you desire, but if it’s true then accept it, don’t be a hypocrite. There must be government agency here today, I have tried to get my message to them in every way possible, we have done it through newspapers, I have said it in multiple speeches and I am saying it again they should investigate it.

Q-27 I have come across this rumor that people that work for your Anjuman Sarfroshan-e-Islam if you grant them permission then they can offer Namaz if you don’t then they may not offer Namaz! This is between Allah and his human being, so why should they ask for your permission regarding Farz Namaz?
A-27 I have never said that. Yes I do urge them to do Zikr and offer Namaz, this will be beneficial for them. If all you do is offer Namaz then all you will be is a Namazi for the rest of your life. If all you do is Zikr and don’t offer Namaz then all your life you will be just a Zakir. When you start doing both then only you can be a Wali. As far as Namaz is concerned the one who doesn’t believe in offering namaz is non believer (Kafir) according to me.

Q-28 (Thank you) last question! When I came here they were playing music, they were playing music in your vicinity. Secondly, they were using word “YA” along with your name, so far in my life I have learnt that the word “YA” can be either used with Allah or Muhammad (P.B.U.H), which is also wrong. But why are they attaching “Ya” to your name? They don’t use it with Umar, nor they use it with Ali, nor do they use it for Usman, and they don’t use to with Farooq either. So why is it like that?
A-28 Here listen! They use “Ya” with all of those names. Ya Ali, Ya Ghaus Al-Mudad is there as well. People use the term “Ya” alongside their spiritual leaders names. As far as the question is concerned that’s their own belief. There is no harm in using “YA”, one doesn’t become a non believer due to that term.

Q-29 When Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) met Allah, he was wearing a ring in his finger. He gave that ring to Hazrat Ali, what is this secret?
A-29 This is true. When I say this they blame me that he is siding with the Shia’s. But what is right still remains right. This was in our Hadith, but when they fixed “Sahih” the Hadith they took these details out. Before it use to be Hadith Muslim, Hadith Bukhari but then they changed them to Hadith Sahih Muslim and Hadith Sahih Bukhari that’s when they took them out. These details were in there.

Q-30 The war between Imam Mehdi (A.S) and Dujjal, how will it take place?
A-30 The time will show, how can I tell?

Q-31 Who is on the post of Qutab-e-Mudar?
A-31 If someone finds out about Qutab-e-Mudar then they lose their Waliyat. I can tell you who is on the post of Ghaus right now, he is in Ghomkol Sharif. In Pakistan in Ghomkol Sharif,Kohat.

Q-32 Sarkar you had said in the Nishtar Park speech, that Imam Mehdi (A.S) picture has been shown to the Wali Allah. Can you please tell us some names so we can spend some time with them.
A-32 You can visit Ghomkol Sharif. In London, people living in Europe should meet Sheikh Nazim. In America people should visit Sheikh Hisham. They all know.

Q-33 Are the 40 Parah’s written like the Quran? Have you read them? If you have read them, then why don’t you have them written as well?
A-33 Those 30 Parah’s just like Torah, Zabur and the bible are written in the languages of their prophets. That knowledge (40 Parah’s) is in “Suryani” language. It’s summary is taught to the prophets and Wali Allah in whatever language they know. This Quran came afterwords, first it was the Torah, then Zabur and then the bible then the Quran. The knowledge of the first Adam was in Suryani language. That knowledge is the knowledge of Baatin. That Suryani language is still being carried on, whatever language the Wali understands it’s taught to them in their language. They are taught it’s summary. Because if they were to teach them in Suryani then they would have to be taught Suryani first, then afterwards they would have to teach Suryani to their followers. That is why it is taught to them in their own language. This is the summary. This is their knowledge, there is an incident in the Quran that the knowledge that Moses possessed was different than what Khizr (A.S) possessed. Whatever knowledge came from God as “Ilham” it is known as Hadith Qudsi, and if Gabriel brought that knowledge then it is know as the Quran.

Q-34 Some people say Imam Mahdi(AS) father’s name will be Abdullah and his mother’s name will be Amna! And he will have a lisp, is this true?
A-34 When he comes you should ask him, what is the name of his father. When he comes and claims that I am Imam Mahdi(AS) then you should ask him all these questions. Why are you asking me? I haven’t announced that I am him. Now I would like to tell these people a little about Zikr as there must be some new people in the audience today. There are some people, Muslim people, that don’t offer prayers nor do they do Zikr. They are similar to animals, as animals do their jobs and then fall asleep as well. They also worked hard and then fell asleep. Now there are some people who offer their prayers but they don’t do Zikr. Then there are some that do Zikr but they don’t offer their prayers. Those that started doing Zikr are better off then those that don’t do anything. May be due to Zikr they will have love of Allah in their hearts. And this love might become a path for them. May be due to this Zikr they will start to offer their prayers as well. At that point the hearts will purified due to Zikr and the tongue will be pure as well, that’s the true prayer (Namaz Haqiqat)then. For this you don’t have to be a follower and no donations are required either. Whoever you follow we have nothing to do with that. All we want is rather then you using these material prayer beads, you can use your heart instead (for chanting his name). Like the prayer beads make the sound of “Tik Tik” your heart beat is very similar to it. Once you start to perform Allah Allah with your heart beats the Noor from that will transpose into your blood. Then due to blood it travels through your veins, and through veins it eventually reaches those beings inside you. At that point those beings will also start doing Allah Allah. Right now when you pray you are saying one thing with your tongue but the heart has other ideas going through it. Once Hazrat Abu Baker asked Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) that when I pray my heart is distracted with other things. That’s when Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) replied you are receiving credit (Suwab) for two things, one for offering your prayer and secondly for Jihad. When your heart does Allah Allah and then there are distractions trying to enter it, the Allah Allah eliminates those distractions, then those distractions try to re enter and the same thing again. So at this point there is a war going on inside you, that’s jihad. If there was no Allah in your heart then the distractions would reside in there. Then your heart would have been partners with the Satan. That’s just a worldly prayer, and there is not trust for those. These are the kind of prayers that will be thrown in your face on the day of judgement. Once your heart starts to chant Allah Allah, you will want to work and want the heart to chanting Allah Allah, you will be successful. Then you will want to pray and want the heart to keep chanting Allah Allah, at that point whatever the tongue recites the heart will say the same. The tongue will recite “Kul Hu Allah Hu Ahad” and the heart will chant Allah Allah, the tongue then recites “Allah hus sumad” and the heart chants Allah Allah. At this point the distractions are all gone. Verbal recitation does not reach the higher realms. This heart inside you is like a telephone. Between you and Allah this is a telephone, but the Satan resides inside it so how will your prayer reach the higher realms. Once Your heart starts to chant Allah Allah that’s when the Satan leaves, and the. It starts to generate noor. Just like a telephone needs electricity to function, if there is noor in your heart it will perform similar functions too. Those electrical waves are generated here and you can talk to someone in America, and the waves generated by noor in one’s heart allow you to talk to Allah in higher realms. At that point when you pray, through this telephone it will travel straight up to higher realms. That prayer is Mirage for the Momins. You will talk here and that too will travel straight up. Why do people visit Wali Allah? They cry in their homes but it’s the same Allah that Walis are in touch with, but it doesn’t make a difference for them. But as soon as they go to visit Wali Allah, those Wali Allah have these telephones so when these people make their request it goes straight up. They get what they want. Then you should install this telephone as well, it’s for everyone. Whoever had this telephone installed they never claimed that I am a Sunni, Shia or Wahabi, they claim I am your Umati (follower) Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Once this Noori telephone left people’s hearts that’s when the 72 sects came into being. Now the government wants these sects to be eliminated, but how is that possible as the Satan resides in their hearts. On the outside they have big beards and forehead marks but the Satan resides in their hearts. The Satan doesn’t let people unite. He makes husband and wife fight over no reason. He makes these Maulvi’s fight among st themselves. Until the Satan leaves your hearts, and he will only leave when you have noor inside you. That’s when you all will become Momin. Then you will become relatives due to these Noori relations. Just like a brother sister relationship is a blood relation, those will be noori relationships. At that point you are brothers. Until that happens you will never be brothers. once this Allah Allah starts in your heart, whatever resides in your heart you tend to fall in love with it, when Allah resides in your heart you will fall in love with him. Then when you have true love for Allah in your hearts that’s when he loves you back. Then when he loves someone he takes care of them as well. Then those people don’t go astray. Then those are the people who get guidance from Allah. Now whoever is interested in getting permission for Zikr they should chant Allah along with my voice, you will have permission to do Zikr then. You should practice, if your heart starts to chant Allah’s name then you can remember me in your prayers. Otherwise you are happy where you are and I am happy where I am. There is another method, before you fall asleep at night think of your index finger as a pen and pretend you are writing Allah on your heart. Whoever your spiritual leader is request him in your heart to write Allah on your heart while holding your finger. They have the power to do that. If you don’t have a spiritual leader then whichever Darbar you visit, pretend the person from that Darbar is holding your finger and writing Allah on your heart. If you don’t visit any Darbar then request Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) tomb that someone from there is writing Allah on your heart. Then whoever appears in your conscious he holds your future. While doing this you will fall asleep at night. When you get up in the morning it doesn’t matter if you have Wudu or not, the Wudu of the heart is not performed with water. Keep doing Zikr on the inside. Doing Zikr on the inside is nothing special, everyone can do it. Sometimes place your hand on your heart, when you feel the heart beat sync Allah with your heart beat. The day your heart chants Allah, that day Allah has accepted you. Then do something that makes the heart beat faster, like working out or running. When the heart beats faster at that point sync Allah Allah with your heart beat. Once you do this for a few days, your heart beat will turn into Allah Allah. If you have time, hold on to your vein (in the wrist) match Allah Allah to the heart beat felt though the vein and imagine the word Allah is entering your body. God helps those who help themselves. Then whoever Allah wants all he needs is a small excuse. The ones he doesn’t want they will claim we have been doing this for ten, twenty years and it didn’t work for us. This is the secret to figuring out if Allah is gracious to you. This is one method apart from this there is no other method. If you start to feel hot after Zikr, read Darud Sharif as that will cool it down. If you do Zikr again and feel that you are getting hot again, read Darud Shareef again. One day Allah Allah and Darud Shareef will become one and at that point you won’t feel hot or cold. Now if your heart is chanting Allah Allah and you continue to back bite this will become a hindrance In your way. If you perform good deeds while doing Zikr like praying and fasting then your vehicle will be well on it’s way to Allah.

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