GOHAR SHAHI Interview To Pakistan Post in Washington USA

Question. Please tell us your thoughts on the religious state and current affairs in the world. The world is in a state of pandemonium, the world has forgotten about the creator and is distracted towards other things. Everyone is always on the run in Pakistan and here as well, please tell us your thoughts on these matters.
Answer. There are two powers, a man came to see a Sufi and asked him “how did you find god?” The Sufi replied “just like how I left him in the first place”. He was confused. Then the Sufi elaborated, have you not read in the Quran that these people have made these worldly needs their God. Until one abstains from these worldly desires they cannot reach the true God. Everyone is chasing that God( the worldly desires) and a very few are looking for the true creator. Now mostly people chase the worldly desires and Satan is present there. Satan is man’s eternal enemy, and now he is making mankind fight with each other and pushing them away from religion as well. Mankind will have to leave these worldly desires and make their way towards the real God. They will still get the same livelihood there as they do chasing these worldly desires. If you are with the Satan you are still going to have the same livelihood as you would following God, therefore why don’t people opt for God instead.

Question. Surkar how do you view the advancements in Europe and America? Is it possible for further advancements or has it reached its peak? And are we going to see a decline now as we normally read that’s what follows after something reaches its peak?
Answer. All the advancements that Allah wanted have been achieved, now Allah doesn’t require further advancement. Allah wanted that mankind develop planes and telephones. Allah himself helped with these advancements. People think that Europeans did this, but Allah himself wanted these. Because Allah was going to send Imam Mehdi (A.S). If these facilities were not available then he would have to stay in one place? He was being sent for the entire world. Prophets were sent for specific regions, some for one nations and some for others. But Imam Mehdi will be sent for the entire world, therefore the system was setup so he could travel around the world and people could come to him.

Question. So is the world coming to an end then?
Answer. There will be no further major advancement anymore.

Question. Before the world ends, Imam Mehdi (A.S) will come and Jesus will also reappear. Then there will be a war against Dajal?
Answer. All these facilities are for them.

Question. Then the day if judgement is not upon us in the near term? As we have also heard that Imam Mehdi (A.S) will rule for 40 years?
Answer. Some say he will rule for 10 years and some say it will be 40 years, and some even said in between 10 to 40 years.

Question. So would this duration be according to our time factor or Allah’s? 10 years or 40 years or something in between?
Answer. This will be based on Allah’s time factor.

Question. The speech you gave regarding the institutions in England, I received one or two copies of that press release and used them in my newspaper as well, in response to which Sipah Sahaba responded in New York Times and Pakistan express that you have stated that in your book Risala Rooshnass that Namaz and fasting are un necessary and you have claimed to be the Imam Mehdi (A.S).
Answer. First of all I have never said that Namaz and fasting are un necessary! Yes I do say this once you start to do Zikr you will be better off then you were before and then when you will read Namaz it will be more beneficial. I do claim that if you drink alcohol then you can not read Namaz. Yes! If you do Zikr and it becomes a part of you then you will quit alcohol and then you can read Namaz. I have never preached that one should not offer Namaz. Secondly, I have never claimed that I am Imam Mehdi, yes I did say that who ever has the manifestations bestowed by God, if he has Qalma on his back just like Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had on his back. Imam Mehdi will also have Qalma on his back then who ever he is we will all have to accept him, Doesn’t matter if it’s me, you a child or any elderly person. That’s all I have ever said, now these people have their own opinions why they think I am Imam Mehdi you will have to ask them. What evidence or signs have they witnessed that they think I am Imam Mehdi. I have never claimed it, most probably will never claim it and even if I became him I might not claim it. This is just evidence of their jealousy and hatred. But Imam Mehdi will come he will be one of us, but whoever falsely claims to be him will be publicly embarrassed as many have been in the past. Whoever has been sent by Allah as Imam Mehdi, when he claims he is the one then people will throw him in jail for that too. Either way only the one sent by Allah is true Imam Mehdi.

Question. Sarkar Sipah Sahaba also claimed that firstly he claims to be Imam Mehdi and secondly he is very well off as well.
Answer. Being well off is not a sin, or is it? Hazrat Usman Ghani was very well off? If I didn’t have any money then how would I spread this message? A lot of the work has been done via travelling through cars, once we had the funds we started to travel through aeroplanes, a lot of money is spent on traveling. I didn’t have any other business, if I am well off then Allah gave me this wealth. I had left all these worldly objects to meditate in loneliness, if I wanted to be rich then why would I have left it in the first place? Allah ordered me to go to civilization to spread his word, to which I said I don’t have anything to support your religion, he replied I am responsible for that. If I became well off it’s because Allah himself, he didn’t hand over money to me but supported me through his people. He doesn’t hand over sacks of money, his people supported me through cars, financially, air travel and for the food that’s provided to our followers. After this we bought a few buildings, built a few schools but that is not committing a sin. Now they object that why does he travel in vehicles? It’s not a sin to travel by vehicles. They also object on why does he dress well? Now that is not a sin either. They even wrote that he wears ither (cologne), they themselves are drenched in ither all the time yet they object when it comes to me, even though I don’t wear ither, even if I did how is that sinful?

Question. Sarkar people from different sects are saying you have created a new sect now?
Answer. I would like to invite all the sects to educate me on what new sect have I created. This is not a new sect this is the first and only sect that was present in Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) times. During Prophet Muhammad’s times there were no Sunni’s yet people call them Ahley Sunnat! Have you ever found any evidence of Ahley Sunnat, Ahley Shia, Ahley Wahabi, Deobaundi during Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) times? You will never find it as during his time only Umaat existed. Quran does not mention Ahley Sunnat, it only mentions Ummati and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said only they are Ummati who have noor inside them. When they noor in them they were Ummati, as they moved away from noor, Sunni, Shia, Wahabi started to come into existence. So if this a new sect? Or the first sect? Even today if you have noor inside you, one will never claim to be Sunni, Shia or Wahabi they will only claim to be Ummati of Prophet (PBUH). This is not a new religious group this is the original sect. Then they object that they do Zikr but don’t offer Namaz. Then ones who were always offering prayers still do and they also do Zikr. But the ones that didn’t offer Namaz in the first place don’t offer it now either. Now during Prophet (PBUH) times, After 11 years they were gifted Namaz, what did they do during those 11 years? They did Zikr Allah. They kept doing zikr and after 11 years when they received Namaz it wasn’t just for show it went straight to their hearts. They got the real Namaz-e-haqiqat. Today if these people do Zikr and start offering Namaz after 11 years they will get the same Namaz-e-Haqiqat as well. If nothing else at the least due to Zikr they will move away from sins, if nothing else at least they have love of Allah in their hearts and may be this love leads to them being blessed the day of judgement. So this is not a new sect. It would have been a new sect had we said don’t offer Namaz a certain way. We offer Namaz the same way as Ahle Sunnat does. All we suggest is convert your empty heart beat to doing Zikr all the time. If you have love of God in your heart then I won’t bother you, if not then I would suggest when you do offer Namaz along with it you should do zikr Allah as well. Even if you don’t offer prayers, even then you should still do Zikr so it compensates for not praying to some extent. If you don’t offer prayers then it’s written down as sin, but if you do Zikr at least then that counts as a blessing, may be blessings would out number your sins. That’s why it’s suggested to Zikr often and do as much as you can. Apart from Zikr what else do we say that suggests we have created a new sect.

Question. Sarkar people of different sects say the things you talk about cannot be found in the religious books and they are not part of Shariat either?
Answer. Yes they are right, Hazrat Abu Huraira had said “I have received two kinds of knowledges from Prophet Muhammad(pbuh), one I have informed you of, if I was to tell you of the second one you would kill me.” This is a Hadith, which means the second set of knowledge was not part of Shariat that’s why they would have killed him, if it was part of Shariat then why would they kill him? The truth is the knowledge of Shariat for them are Quran and Hadith, the second set of knowledge is not in a book form and has been transferred from one heart to another. The first one is for everyone while the second is for special people only, that knowledge makes one Moses and the second makes one Khizr (a.s). They are both correct and you can’t deny either even though they are very different. They are both have their differences but both are on the right path. Shariat is one of the right paths and so is Tariqat. That’s why Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said “I have received three different kind of knowledges” one for the common and that’s Shariat, second for the Wali Allah and the third one is for himself. Yes this knowledge is not available in religious books but there are hints about it in those books. There are hints about Moses and Khizr(a.s), there are signs about Zikr that one should remember me all the time. Just like the books say offer your prayers but it doesn’t give instructions on how to read it, that’s how I was taught how to do Zikr and now I teach how one can do Zikr while sleeping and even when at work or shopping. I give out the details and I learned this knowledge through spiritualism. It’s true that there hints about this knowledge in the books but it’s not available in a book form. If I received this knowledge it was straight from the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) himself. You need a clean paper for that knowledge and if you have a clean heart for this knowledge. Not everyone has a clean heart, therefore not everyone can receive this knowledge either.

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