Sufi Saint Hazrat Syedna Riaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi has organized some programs at Al Markaz-e-Rohani Kotri Sharif in His life. These include the Eid Milad Al-Nabi (S.A.W), the 9th Muharram al-Haram, Jashn-e-Giyarhween Sharif and 15ve Sharif. The purpose of these programs was to introduce people to spiritual knowledge and blessings and paying respect to Holy personalities related to these special occasions. Since Sufi Saint Hazrat Gohar Shahi passing in November 2001, His sons organizing these programs under their supervision at Shrine of Hazrat Gohar Shahi (Dargah) on the Allah Hoo Pahari, Khuda ki Basti no.1 Kotri Jamshoro Sindh.

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