Durban South Africa (Question & Answer)

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SARKAR: What does she speak now?

Translator: Wanted to inquire about the mission, what is the purpose of your visit and what is your message?
SARKAR: Tell her the purpose of our coming, here is no politics, no money or no religion. The ruling is divine. The time has come, now Allah Almighty wants them to become one. At that time there was no religion. When the spirits came into the world, they became a religion, with it the devil also came, he instigated fights among st them.We have brought that prescription, now they are all one with the fleeing devil. This is the heart of God, it is the house of God. Once the devil resides in there he made all the religions fight against each other. When the heart starts to chant God’s name, then Satan will come out. Satan will come out then Allah will come. Then all the religions will become one. Hindus, Sikh Christians, all will be Allah’s believers. This knowledge of course, it teaches the love of Allah. Once, the love of God came into their hearts then God would love them. When the love of Allah comes, whether in a religion or not, that is the source of His forgiveness. Prayers are sufficient for forgiveness. When Allah comes in, sin will begin to burn slowly, no matter what his sins are. So he will hate sins on his own. That’s what all religions teach. And love comes when those heart beats change to Allah. The same lesson we teach how the Heart Beat does Allah Allah, it is not verbal, it is not written, it is taught to the man.
Now tell them, what do they want to ask

Translator: Shah Sahib wanted to ask about the organization, organizational structure, its
SARKAR: – There are different types of people, Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs. Together they impart the same message

Translator: – Shah Sahib she is saying that what is this knowledge, these are Islamic teachings? what are the basis..
SARKAR: This knowledge is, of course, for every religion. Guru Nanak, he used to teach the same, Jesus also taught the same thing, Moses, too And the Holy Prophet used to teach the same. This is just for specific people, not for the general public.
And those who were special would then go into the forests, become lovers of Allah. Normal people do not go to the forests, same education is required for general.

Translator: – Sarkar, tell her that this is normal now?
SARKAR: It was there before, but I was special, now it will be normal

Translator: – Sarkar, she is asking since when have you been telling this message to the world?
SARKAR: I’ve been around for twenty (20) years

Translator: – Where did it start?
SARKAR: It is from Pakistan, Hyderabad

Translator: – Your birth, Sarkar?
SARKAR: Born 1941 in Rawalpindi Pakistan

Translator: – Sarkar she is asking, if there was anything else you did, or any other profession?
SARKAR: No, we used to make gas stoves, etc. I was directed through a dream to quit this job and be attracted to Allah.Then I left our three children, wife and business and went to the jungle. Then we spent three years in the jungles of Sindh, and this knowledge was taught to me in the forests by our Prophet.

Translator: – Who taught you?
SARKAR: Through our Prophet and ordered me to make it public. Let it be clear that Allah taught us this knowledge, because they do not believe in Muhammad S.A.W.W.

Translator: taught at age of thirty-four (34)?
SARKAR: Yes, at the age of thirty-four (34). The family thought I was dead, wanted to marry my wife somewhere else, she was hinted in a dream that he is alive and will return. Love – If religion doesn’t even have love, it’s useless and the one who has no religion, the love of God is better than religion.If both religion and love are joined, the waliyat begins.

Translator: – Would you like to say something about Sayein Baba, who is he?
SARKAR: Friend of Allah (while smiling)

Translator: – And the miracles he showed, tell me something about it.
SARKAR: Allah gives his friends miracles so that other people believe in them.

Translator: – Tell us Something about your miracle.
SARKAR: My miracle is that in your heart starts to chant Allah Allah, It will not stop in the grave either.

Translator: – How do you see humanity in the future, Sarkar? Will they go with religion or go away from religion? Where is humanity going at that moment?
SARKAR: – Anything gets extreme, it heads for extinction. Now it has become extreme, now it will be drowned, then it will be renewed again.

Translator: – Sarkar, these Hindus think that this is the age of Cleag, it is dark here.
Surkar Pak: – True, rightly said, that’s what I think as well. All worshipers are dark on the inside, in the eyes of Allah they are all in the dark.

Translator: – Is there a cure to this?
SARKAR: The only cure for this is that the shining light (noor) needs to come on the inside, then all will shine again.

Translator: – Surkar she is asking, is your relationship with the inner world all the time?
SARKAR: Not all the time, sometimes.

Translator: Sarkar she is asking about the fate of humanity, what is going to happen now?
SARKAR: All is about to drown. There will be destruction. Once they are afraid they will come to the right side.

Translator: How can the world end?
SARKAR: Some will end up with floods, some will end with earthquakes, and some will fight each other. Iraq will invade the US, Russia will be behind Iraq. There will be a lot of destruction, when everyone is crippled, then he will come to this teaching, then Allah will send a Messiah for everyone. Then the appearance of this Messiah will appear in the moon, in the sun, people will be attracted to it. Then politics will end. Spirituality will come. It will all take place within four to five years.

Translator: – Sarkar she is saying that now personally I am asking that we Hindus believe that it is time for cleansing. A will be sent by God, her name will be Kalki and she will be Christian.She will save people. Surkar is this real or just hear say.
SARKAR: Well thats what Hindus say, all the other religions say, the Messiah will come, he will be a man. Allah is masculine, then He will show His image, His form will also be masculine.

Translator: – Sarkar she is asking if humanity can do anything to save them self from this catastrophe? or this is how it will be
SARKAR: this is how it will be.

Translator: – Sarkar she is asking, does this message have a name? Is this love or is it a religion, does it have a name?
SARKAR: Speaking of his name is spirituality, but God knows. That’s right, everyone says, I Love You, I Love You, then every man will do I Love God, I Love God.

Translator: Shah Sahib she is asking we will write down what you have said for the article, that is enough, and if you want to convey more message to the people, they will also write that?
SARKAR: The message is the same we should be beseeching God in our hearts.It will also clear your sins and you will love God as well.Humans will become human beings. Right now humans are killing humans, then they will not step on your ants either, as they know that they are also the creatures of Allah. The beginning of destruction will be from San Francisco. It will drown, that will be the beginning of the end.

Translator: Sarkar she is asking, when the world is destroyed, what will happen, what will be the effect of it?
SARKAR: Anything close to the sea, the houses that will be destroyed, because the storm is coming in the sea. All the ice water, the ice will come into the melting sea, doubling the quantity and level of water. And there are some creatures that are hidden in the caves. They will eat humans. They will also come out and eat humans.

Translator: Sarkar, she is asking that before these events will humanity have some compassion, will some be exempt? there will be some room, will there be some happiness?
SARKAR: Yes, some opportunity will be given.

Translator: So people will get some comfort?
SARKAR: Peace is in Allah Almighty. There is no peace without Him.

Translator: So humanity will have no time before that?
SARKAR: No, the time was going to be granted has been awarded already.

Translator: – Sakrar she is asking you are saying that those who accept this message, Allah Almighty comes into their hearts, will they survive this destruction?
SARKAR: They won’t survive, they will die peacefully (smiling).

Translator: – Sarkar she is asking, people to whom this wealth will come, after death, their souls will reach Allah, will they become one?
SARKAR: There they will be one, the all will be Friends of God.

Translator: – Sarkar, she is asking what is the procedure and what does she have to do to adapt it?
SARKAR: Take a paper pen, write Allah sixty-six (66) times..

Translator: Sarkar can you tell them that God is up to is not limited to the Muslims, to Quran only?
SARKAR: For everybody. God is for everyone. Once you write Allah you will be able to envision it. Another way is to have God write on the Zero Bulb, watch it while sleeping at night. It will start to float in your eyes, then envision it on your heart. Then the same will appear on the heart. When it is absorbed, the heart rate will accelerate. With every beat you are to synchronize Allah Allah , then due to the spark of Allah Allah they will enjoy the thrill.The light will come from the blood, then the blood will reach the spirit, then the spirit will awake and Allah Allah will start.Then keep working, sleep, keep Allah working inside the soul.

Translator: – Sarkar, she is asking that Allah just wants us to love him?
SARKAR: When Allah goes in, then Allah will love you. And when Allah goes into His heart, then He will love God. Love is not something you can control it happens on its own.Love belongs to the heart, when you have the love of God in your heart, then God will love you. The end of all religions is love for Allah. There is another way, by permission. Then at night before you fall asleep, imagine your finger is a pen and your spiritual leader is holding your finger, and Allah is being written on your heart. If no one comes to mind at this time, take a look at our photo. At that point whoever write Allah on their heart, he is there Guru.
Do things that make your heart beat, exercise, dance, when the heart starts beating fast, join Allah Allah with heart beats. Sometimes put your hands on the heart and associate Allah with the beats. This is the general permission for this practice, who ever wants can do this. There is a general permission. Within whoever Allah starts, then they can contact us.
SARKAR: Just? Normal permission is granted. It is normally permitted.
SARKAR: Water.
SARKAR: Also, tell that it is not necessary to be sinners or pious, whoever it is.
SARKAR: Read, Allah Allah Allah Allah (then Sarkar Pak: blows and granted permission, explaining all the ways to them. She should chant Allah Allah, When you sleep, go do this Allah Allah today. We will come to them, he will come see them in their dreams InshAllah.
SARKAR: Did you give them the address?
Translator : Yes Sarkar

Translator: – Sarkar she is saying that she will create a report and put it along with the picture in the next addition.
SARKAR: Send this one to Pakistan.

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