Note: Certain distracted (detracted) and jealous types of savants (learned men) went on against even “An Account of Access to Spiritualism” improperly (unreasonably) like (they have done with) Minart of Light, Antidote to Qal΄b (Heart). (They) attempted to harm the mission by portraying the false meanings of the correct words through proclaimed propaganda. So, the answers to their objections are being given for the satisfaction of the general pubic.
The fore most point is that the book “An Account of Access to Spiritualism” contains mostly the dreams, revelations and inspirations (divination’s) which occurred in the beginning during mystic path. There has not been claimed as the true faith for any of the revelations or inspirations (divination’s) but every one, along with the writer, has his own judgment that which is true and which will be a deception. Dreams, revelations and divination’s does not fall in Sharī΄at (Islamic Law), it does not matter whether they are unethical.

An Account of Access to Spiritualism; page no.20, the objection is: “This man has called Hazrat Rabia Basri R.A as prostitute.
Answer: The event relating to Hazrat Rabia Basri R.A comes in the books like this, your parents sold Hazrat Rabia Basri R.A to the members of a convoy and those convoy members sold Her R.A to a mistress of brothel. The prostitute caused her to manage the brothel. One day the mistress observed that why was the man not used to come again if once he had visited her. When a man entered the room, the door of room got shut then the mistress of brothel peeped through the whole of door that the man approached Rabia Basri R.A, met the gazes of each other, he was overshadowed by awfulness and his mouth began reciting Allah Allah like having no control. She R.A said to him, “Go, I have united you spiritually with Allah, so (always) keep yourself passionate with the divine love of Allah and don’t ever try to think to come here.” When mistress viewed the whole scene then heart also began trembling and fell into Her R.A foot and applied for being forgiven that I came to know your magnificence today. You are released from now. Hazrat Rabia Basri R.A said, “Would that you never know secrete of me. Whoever had been coming here was use to be blessed with Faqī´r (Darvesh΄ī). I have made four hundred till now.”
Mūjaďdid (revivalist) Alf Sani R.A has written in his Holy Maktoobaat (texts) relating to victories of Maka at page no. 730, 731, “The cursed Iblīs´ (Satan) cannot captivate (disguise) that particular face of Muhammad (PBUH) with which He (PBUH) is buried in Madina Munnawara. (It) can disguise in every that face of Muhammad (PBUH) other than that particular face.”
Mūjaďdid (revivalist) says, “I am saying that it is difficult to know an intention and extracting the orders with that face. Because it is possible that the curse enemy would have come in between and had shown the impossible into the form of possibility and would have thrown the viewer into suspiciousness and would have shown its own expressions and gesticulations in the form of expressions and gesticulations of (PBUH).
(Extracted from “Holy Maktoobaat, Published by: Madina Publishing Company Karachi)

The event relating to Mastani is objectionable in “An Account of Access to Spiritualism”. No doubt, several mistakes against Sharī΄at (Islamic Law) were committed by me in the beginning accidentally and innocence. They were mere an accident and were not my practice and belief. When Allah SWT blessed with divine help and comprehension then I begged before Allah SWT bitterly, repented and prayed for getting forgiveness. In the name of most merciful, most bountiful Allah (SWT)

Chapter 4
There held a discussion on “Heavenly Illumination, Minart of Light and An Account of Access to Spiritualism” between the savants of Ahl-e Sunnat (namely) Maulana Mufti Ahmad Mian Barkati, Hazrat Maulana Qari Abdul Rashid Noori and Mr. Muhammad Arif Maimon the central president of Anjuman Sarfaroshan-e Islam and Mr. Wasi Muhammad Qureshi the central nazm-e Aala in the presence of Maulana Muhammad Saeed Ahmad Asad the central convener of “Pakistan Sunni Itehad” at Gari Khata Hyderabad today dated 26th October 1991 at 11:00 PM night. The mutual consultation resulted that the following phrases will be altered item wise.

No. 1 “They were involved in several bid’at (heresy) even in the sainthood.” (An Account of Access to Spiritualism, Page no. 20). This phrase will be written like this……
“Their sainthood was admitted (true) but some activities against the (rules of) Sharī΄at (Islamic Law) were observed among them.”

No. 2 Some of the Muslims believe in Sheikh Sanaan while the others believe in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as “Prophet”. (Heavenly Illumination, Page no.10). This phrase will be written like this……
Some human beings believe in Sheikh Sanaan while the others believe in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as “Prophet”.

No. 3 or had altered the creed, they had fell into severe seduction. (Heavenly Illumination, Page no.10) This phrase will be written like this……
“or had altered the creed, they had become infidel.”

No. 4 Had come under certain effects of Mirzayat (those who follow the teaching of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad) and Wahabiyat (those who don’t believe in sainthood). (An Account of Access to Spiritualism, Page no. 7). This phrase will have addition of these words……
Had come under certain effects of Mirzayat and Wahabiyat. Thanks to Allah SWT, “those effects have gone now”.

No. 5 Naf΄s (self) stirred up…… As the instigation of Naf΄s (self) had come to an end that is why there announced by you, “thanks to Allah SWT that there will be one among st my progeny who will hold this status.” (Heavenly Illumination, Page no.9) This phrase will be eliminated……

No. 6 “and through saliva…… (it) began to strengthen your Naf΄s (self)”. (Heavenly Illumination, Page no.8) This phrase will be eliminated……

No. 7 “and the way without ablution…… Or either have got their waists slanted.” (Heavenly Illumination, Page no.6) Following words will be written after eliminating this phrase……
“The Namaz (prayer) pleasures double in this way.”

No. 8 “One day when Adam A.S…… Iblīs´ (Satan) said, “Now live live, that I wanted” (Minart of Light, Page no. 7-8) This whole phrase will be eliminated.
It has also been decided that: one should contact to Maulana Saeed Ahmad Asad Sahib of Faisalabad, if some body finds any phrase suspicious. By the grace of Allah SWT it will be solved (answered) with reference to Qur’ān´ and sunnah. The scholars of Ahl-e Sunnat and Anjuman Sarfroshan-e Islam will keep mutual love and will defend together the Maslak (conduct-school of thought) Ahl-e sunnat and Jamaat (association).




Real Prayer and Kind of Oath


His Holiness R. A. Gohar Shahi
This book is worthy of study and investigation by all religions,
all sects and all peoples and it presents a challenge to those who reject spirituality.

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