Author: His Majesty Sayedina Riaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi (May He live long) 
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Misfortune of the time where youth class has gone unacquainted of religion. And the irony (of youth) went on multiplication for denial of spiritualism, enmity for religious savants and distrustfulness on spiritual guides. The youth, merely could not be blamed for that. On the contrary they neither could observe that particular act among most of the religious savants nor witness that specific luminosity among most of the spiritual guides, the stories and miracles of whom they had been studying in books, there appended two to each line such that some religious savants possessing just apparent knowledge and so-called saints did characterized those miracles baseless and impossible, but reality is standing on the other side. There exist not only 360 friends of Allah /saints all the time in every age but remain entirely busy in serving human beings, just because of them the world is in standing flourishing state. It is a flaw of our sight exclusively.
Thousands of believers of Allah are still present there in spiritualism at the moment, and most of them are pure of their hearts, but that formula is not so widespread. There are still Zā΄kīr-e-Qal΄bi, Zā΄kīr-e-Rooh΄i, Zā΄kīr-e-Sūltā´nī, and Zā΄kīr-Qūrbā´nī busy with us in daily affairs in this saturated world but we don’t have any awareness, we have started this chain of preaching and spiritualism to recognize these particularities and to make this formula common. May Allah help and support us and accept this effort (attempted) by us.

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There are five elements of Islam, Ka΄lima/declaration of faith, Nāmāz΄/Prayers, Ro΄zah/Fasting, Haj/Seasonal pilgrimage of Mecca and Zakāt΄/Religious tax as a basic in function of Islam. The first Islamic element i.e Ka΄lima/declaration of faith is eternal and basis as well and the remaining four are bounded by time.
There is a Hadith Sharif (Referred in Muhak-ul Fuqra Klaan page 225) من لم یؤدالفرض الدائم لن یقبل اللہ فرض الوقت 
Translation: If there is one who does not perform the eternal duty then Allah does not accept his performance of the duty bound by time.

There is another Hadith Sharif that:افضل الذکر لاالہ الااللہ (ترمذی شریف)
Translation: The most supreme in remembrance is the that is Ka΄lima Tay΄yib/declaration of faith. (Tirmizi Sharif)
Declaring by tongue is a Muslim of word of mouth and one will be recognized as true Muslim only if there is a confirmation by heart. There are millions and trillions who recite the Ka΄lima through tongue but few reciting through the tongue of heart. Because those who say Ka΄lima by tongue do not have knowledge of reciting from the bottom of heart, this one in particular is a formula of spiritualism. This is not an easy recipe because the fight against Naf΄s/self is indispensable to transmit (this recipe) to the bottom of heart. Once the mouth of heart is unlocked then it never gets shut. And it keeps on reciting Ka΄lima all the time. As the personal name is the core of whole Ka΄lima, that’s why some chain (style and mode of bringing people towards Allah ) bearers avoid even name of Allah . When Latifa-e-Qal΄b/a Spiritual Body commemorates all the times or most of the times then heart gets to be purified from sins and when the heart attains purification through the light of Zik´r/remembrance then it deserves the blissful supervision of Allah.

There came in Hadith Sharif that:ان اللہ لا ینظر الی صورکم ولا اعمالکم ولکن ینظر الی قلوبکم و نیاتکم
Translation: Allah neither considers your faces nor your deed but considers only your hearts and intentions. (Referred in Noo´r -ul Huda Page 60)
When someone falls in blissful supervision then he experiences ecstasy in goodness and abstinence from evils, and inclination towards righteousness multiplies, and at that time or before that Allah causes him to introduce with some perfect spiritual guide for the right way, as has been stated in Surah Kahaf:
Translation: Whom Allah leads astray, shall never find any Wali, Murshid/Saints of Allah.
It should be remembered, there is a clear distinction between Dil/heart and Qal΄b, heart is a piece/lump of flesh that is common in animals as well. But Qal΄b is a Latifa out of seven Lata-èf that belongs to creatures like the soul of human. It is a protector of heart. When it is made to wake up then it recites the Ka΄lima with its own tongue (standing) in the rows of angels and spirits/souls appearing in the image of human after getting strength and coming out of the body of human being which the human can experience in the state of dream or meditation or revelation. This is the secrete of certification by heart and the Holy Court of Hazoor Pak PBUH can be bestowed upon by purely this Latifa-e Qal΄b, the arranging of groups of Zik´r/remembrance and strokes (knock) are applied only to get this Qal΄b woke up.

Those people who are unfortunate or against this wisdom can never access the Qal΄b through apparent knowledge or adoration because an ultimate end of apparent understanding is prolonged arguments & debating and polemical speech that may lead to a station of malicious objection/contention as the 72 sects are the creation of very this apparent knowledge and an extremity of this inner divine wisdom/adoration through Qal΄b is the court of the Prophet PBUH which is secured and pure from malicious objections/contentions of every type.

Muslims are left like a shell and the nucleus that was present in chests, have become deprived of them. That was the true hub, the pleasure in prayer, ecstasy in Zik´r/remembrance, taking initiative in generosity and the mutual brotherhood and love was due to that nucleus, and there was a passion of putting supreme effort to preach religion. But all these particulars crept out of chest upon the destruction of this nucleus. And jealousy, haughtiness, malice, rancor, enmity and miserliness occupied in replacement of them, now the very same Muslim has become an enemy of each other due to these (above mentioned facts), even the very same Muslim who had been teaching infidel, Christians to become a Muslim has now become the spy and tool of them, and many of Muslims have embraced communism and Christians leaving their own religion so it has become vital to make an effort to transmit the nucleus of personal name (of Allah ) into the chests of Muslims, and to comply with this assignment an Anjuman/association was established in 1980. (When) Anjuman Sarferoshan-e Islam Pakistan came out practically then to let (the others) acquainted with the education of perfect saints through literatures and libraries an administration and accomplishment of holding meeting for remembrance and contemplation was undertaken.

Travel back into the past for a while that the nucleus of name of Allah had been bestowed upon by some perfect spiritual guide whereas some may be granted by way of Owaisi. The method of attaining through any of both is being given. It is better either to find some perfect spiritual master or is a disciple somewhere then one should request for being blessed with the remembrance through Qal΄b of personal name (of Allah ), the spiritual masters who are perfect in self take merely a glance, the spiritual masters who are perfect after demise within a period of 3 days and the spiritual masters who are perfect in life within a period of 7 days make (the aspirant) Zā΄kīr-e-Qal΄bi/one who remembers Allah by his heart after opening the mouth of Qal΄b. If any master evades for more than seven days then it is better get abandoned from him and should not destroy its precious life-time, either the master is imperfect or his own land is not worth sowing or his fortunate (will flourish) from somewhere else.
Zakāt΄/ Religious tax as a basic in function of Islam of Zik´r / Remembrance

A sum of five thousand times of (Zik´r) every day for a general/common Muslim, and Zakāt΄ of a sum of twenty five thousand times every day for an Imām΄ Masjid/leader of mosque is levied, only then he excels over his followers. To attain the rank of Ghous/one of an upper category of mystics and Qūt´b/highest cadre in spiritual pivot is a Zakāt΄ of seventy two thousand, only then he surpasses over Imām΄ leaders. And the Zakāt΄ of a Faqī´r/Darvesh΄ is one hundred and twenty five thousand, only then he excels over Ghous and Qūt´b.

Once the mouth of Qal΄b is opened then it can commemorate six thousand times the Zik´r/remembrance of name of Allah, it may do it during contemplation in some aspirants or even without thought in other seekers. The learned scholars are sufficient to teach the apparent prayers and way of living. The spiritual guides Faqī´r/Darvesh΄ are subject to take (the aspirants) to inner/spiritual gatherings and to teach the spiritual adoration i.e, Qal΄bī, Rooh´ī, Siŕ ī, Naf΄s ī etc, if one cannot find any perfect spiritual guide then one should go to the shrine of some Ghous, Qūt´b or Shaheed/martyr to try his luck, perform the exercise of Zik´r-e-Anfās´/remembrance by breath i.e say Allah while inhaling and say Hoo while exhaling and try to centralize/impress the name of Allah on heart through imagination after getting itself cleaned. Zik´r-e Anfās, Hab´s-e Dum´/remembrance by holding the breath, Zik´r-e-Khafi/a silent inner remembrance, strokes (emphatic recital of Allah ’s name so as to cause a minor concussion of one’s heart) of Zik´r-e-Jehar/open loud verbal remembrance these all are means of approaching Zī΄kīr-e-Qal΄bi/remembrance by heart, once the Qal΄b falls into the force of remembrance then there does not hang around the need to work much harder, an identification of Qal΄b for being fallen in force of remembrance is that there will be an ecstasy in Qal΄b at the time of remembrance, occur a pleasure in remembrance, there is a possibility that some station may even be revealed during Zik´r/remembrance, a cheerful feeling will be there in disposition, there will start Allah Allah in heart during contemplation or even without thought, a calm in Qal΄b will be there, there will start a reduction in worldly and sensual thoughts, if the matter is against to this then abandon the exercise of Zik´r unless will be consented by a perfect spiritual master because every herb is not for chemistry. This exercise can even be practiced at an isolated place but drawing a circle/setting up an enclosure is compulsory.

Latī΄fa-e Naf΄s / Self
Link No. 1 was describing Qal΄b. Now the description of Latī΄fa-e Naf΄s/self is being given.
The Latī΄fa-e Naf΄s/self is the seventh and mean/low amongst all. It has impression/effect of physical universe of water, air, dust and fire. Its physique is like Jinnat/demons. And its sustenance does comprise of Nā´rī/fire like them, and they are used to come out of human body while leaving him sleeping and attend the meetings of its species which we call as dreams. It residents at the umbilical point in human and has domination to forehead.
Ka΄lima Tayyabah/holy declaration of faith… a source of forgiveness of punishment, source of getting Qal΄b be reconciled and Naf΄s be purified. Though one gets counted as being Muslim after reciting Ka΄lima Tayyabah just for once but to remain on safe side from the fire of Nāsoot´ and to get the Qal΄b, Rooh/soul, Naf΄s be purified, its Zik´r or Zik´r of its nucleus the personal name (of Allah ) is eternal. That has a minimum indulgence of five thousand times (of doing Zik´r) daily. Qur’ān´-e majīd’ /The Holy Quran states:

قالت الاعراب امنا قل لم تومنو اولکن قولو ااسلمناولما ید خل الایمان فی قلوبکم
Translation: The Arabs said we believe in (are faithful), (Allah declared) (O’ MUHAMMAD PBUH) say to them you have not entered into faith, but you have only, embraced Islam. You will be entitled to call yourselves Mo’mins only when faith enters into your hearts.
(Surah Al-Hujrat -14)
The name through which Adam A.S was forgiven did that name exist already even before Adam A.S i.e beginning took place upon sight of name of Muhammad PBUH and extremity occurred upon the arrival of body of Muhammad PBUH. That is why You PBUH said that I was Prophet even before coming to world, Sakhi Sultan Bahoo R.A did wrote in Risala Roohi Sharif that the Holy Soul of You PBUH was in communion with friend even 70 thousand years before Adam A.S.

Prophet hood came to ground with لاالٰہ الااللّہ i.e there were Zik´r regarding to attributive names only and of Naf´y isbāt´/Islamic creed as comprising negation of all deities save Allah and Prophet hood left with محمد رسول اللہ ﷺ That is to say there was nothing after it therefore it comes in Surah Ahzab in Qur’ān´-e majīd’ /The Holy Quran.ولکن رسول اللَّہ و خاتم النبین

Well, those people who embraced to any other Prophet after You PBUH or committed an alteration became infidels….. and have become deprived of intercession of the original one upon holding the false Prophet! For instance some human beings believe in Sheikh Sanaan while the others believe in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as “Prophet”.
Even Huzoor Pak PBUH, apart from Hazrat Adam A.S and the other Prophets A.S, did perform the sunnah of (going into) caves, keep the stomach free from foods and nipped Naf΄s/self in the bed through the remembrance of personal name owing to the very fact You PBUH said:
Translation: There comes in birth a demon too when a human being comes into existence, Venerable Companions of Holy Prophet (PBUH) asked that did it take birth with You (PBUH) as well, replied yes it did but it has become Muslim in my company”
It was signaled to that particular Naf΄s/self. There comes in Hadith:
Translation: Fight against your Nafoos (selves-plural of self) it is Jehād´-e-Akbar (greatest spiritual holy war).
Even Allah orders:فاقتلوا انفسکم
Translation: Slay down your Nafoos (selves-plural of self).
Stated at an event:
قدافلح من تزکہاO وقد خاب من دسہا O
Translation: One who gets ones Naf΄s (self) be purified gets liberation.
(Surah Shamas – Verse9-10)
These verses and Hadiths conclude that fight against Naf΄s/self is obligatory to attain freedom, and the current time where Naf΄s/self has changed the human being into an animal (donkey) how one can get liberty while the fight against it (Naf΄s) is impossible. If a man is living in Alam-e-Nāsoot΄/the earth and not committing a sin i.e keeps on sleeping day and night in the very same state even then his Naf΄s/self gets strength due to the effects of Nāsoot΄ and the same Nār/the evil fire closes the mouth of his Qal΄b, that is to say webs are spun, even (a stage comes when) Latī΄fa-e Qal΄b dies one day owing not to be supplied with Noo´rī sustenance (composed of heavenly light) from outside and Naf΄s enjoying a full power without any interference of Qal΄b causes one to become its slave the very same is called Naf΄s-e ammā´rah/evil genius as Naf΄s has relation with demon. And that body goes under their control as well, a state of revelation may happen to someone. Which is called Istidrāj´/deception. Therefore there is an order of Allah to be on safe side.
فاذکرواللّٰہ قیاماوقعوداوعلی جنوبکم
Translation: Remember Allah, while standing, sitting and even tossing into your beds. (Surah Al-Nisa Verse 103)
When one engages oneself in Zik´r-e Anfās, Zik´r-e-Khafi/a silent inner remembrance, or Zī΄kīr-e-Qal΄bi/remembrance by heart, Sūltā´nī etc then the Nārī (composed of evil fire) sustenance enters into the body through air or water. Gets burnt into ashes owing to warmth of Noo´r (heavenly light) produced due to Zik´r/remembrance and those trustworthiness which are locked up within this skeleton Nār/the evil fire and a time comes that when those Latī΄f start doing Zik´r by themselves after getting being provoked due to excessiveness of Zik´r. In this way the supply of Nārī sustenance (composed of evil fire) to Naf΄s gets abandoned. When it is compelled at the hands of hunger then requests for being supplied with rations before other Lata-èf (invisible spirits) they do not supply it Noo´rī (composed of heavenly light) rations until it embraces Islam by reciting Ka΄lima when it becomes Muslim then it gets itself engaged in Zik´r automatically. And then from Naf΄s-e Ammā´rah/evil genius to Lavvm΄ah/accusing self then to Mūl´himah/inspiring-intellect self subsequently reaches the title of being Mūtma’in΄nah/satisfied self the bearer of Naf΄s-e Ammā´rah/evil genius is infidel but if there is a Muslim with Naf΄s-e Ammā´rah then it is a matter of pity that he did not correct the Naf΄s because he is a Muslim apparently and constant companion of infidels internally. Undoubtedly the Muslim bearing Naf΄s-e Ammā´rah is not an infidel but unhygienic surely and there is a Hadith for very theses:
Translation: There are some Muslims who recite Qur’ān´-e Pāk but Qur’ān´ curses upon them.
And there comes in Qur’ān´-e majīd’ (The Holy Quran):
Translation: There is destruction for those pray performers who are negligent of true pray.
Owing to very same Hazrat Mujadid Alf Sani Sirhindi Farooqi – a revivalist too writes in his Maktoobāt:
Qur’ān´ is there to be recited only by those people whose Nafoos (selves-plural of self) have attained purity against lust (human wishes). Doing Zik´r is the supreme (duty) of follower and reciting Qur’ān´-e Pāk is the superlative (duty) of learned / proficient.
Referred in Maktoobāt Sharif.

Therefore it is necessary to rectify the Naf΄s first the one who is sitting inside a hole has no concern for being beaten from outside i.e adoration. The frames/bodies through apparent worship and Qal΄b and Naf΄s are purified through inner worship the scholars of Sharī΄at are there to fix the frames/bodies and narrate tales of hidden/invisibles but there are religious savants having the knowledge of divine path to rectify the Qal΄b and to take to the invisible gatherings, both of these are two arms of a religion Islam, scholars and saints had been walking together in religion for some time, religious savants became disciple to saints and saints became students to religious savants. But religious savants started neglecting practice little by little and most of the (so called) saints got vacant as of treating it like the legacy of ancestors. The religion started be hollowing, religious savants/scholars were fed up with imperfect saints and the saints complaining scholars and ummah became sick with both (of these). Vacant saints claimed for being Ghous/one of an upper category of mystics and Qūt´b/highest cadre in spiritual pivot and the non practicing scholars made false claimed for being Mūjaďdid/revivalist and prophethood. Both of these vacant deny the miracles and declare them as insignificant but infact miracles are the recognition of va´lī/friend of Allah , Ghous, Qūt´b and Mūjaďdid which Allah keeps on disclosing frequently for their (holy saints) authentication and faith/trust of ummah. The identification of a va´lī is that he causes people busy in remembrance and contemplation and takes (them) to the Noo´rī gathering while being in the inner, and satisfies the needs of indigents and cures for the patients through the mediation of Allah moreover takes to the Kash´f-Al-Qaboor/revelation of the graves/tombs and Kashf-Al-Hazoor/revelation of the person after provoking the Qal΄oob the matter is that (if) the disbeliever of Prophet is an infidel then the person claiming false prophethood is also an infidel and his follower is infidel too, but the disbeliever of va´lī is cursed and unfortunate and deprived of benevolence. The person claiming false sainthood is also an unfortunate and perpetrator of severe sin, those who started the practice of spiritual guidance as being a Ghous and Qūt´b without the prior permission of Muhammad PBUH or being a student of spiritualism fall into deep seduction. And are responsible for creating 72 sects among Muslims and for squandering the seed/origin of spiritualism. The extremity has been achieved by the apparent wisdom in the time whose consequences drew into prolonged arguments & debating and polemical speech, contention and sectarianism, but the inner wisdom that has an extremity to the (Holy) Court of Hazoor Pak PBUH became extinct/unavailable. The Muslims in the apparent time of Hazoor Pak (PBUH) had acquaintance to this knowledge and been practicing, the mothers were used to be a she Zā΄kīr (one who remembers Allah by his heart) the child was used to take birth having the influence of Zik´r, the mothers were used to sing a lullaby of Allah Hoo while causing the child to sleep, feeding through their breasts and the delicate bodies (spiritual bodies) of child were used to digest/absorb this name (of Allah ) and as and when the child was grown up was used to be pulled towards those gathering automatically and the rectification of Naf΄s was used to keep on progressing. The reality is as against at the time. The child is caused to sleep through singing and musical instrument at present which contain the sustenance for Naf΄s. And the children are being taken to cinemas and theatres. And then they become the tool and disciple/follower of satan owing to their Naf΄sani (worldly) meetings/gatherings. And go away leading their whole lives like animals there is a saying of Allah for people like these
اولئک لا نعام بل ھم اضل
Translation: They are like quadruped even inferior to them.
Surah Araaf Verse 179
But despite of being a follower of satan (one) still claims for being one among ummah just like as a father disinherits his son on account of disobedience likewise Hazoor Pak (PBUH) disinherits a disobedient follower. Such Naf΄sani (worldly people) cannot succeed in rectifying their Naf΄s even if they effort, because Naf΄s booms large before them nothing good can happen until the special favor of Allah (in the form of) the support of some perfect (spiritual guide) is not in connection.

نفس نتواں کشت الاظل پیر

دامن ایں نفس کش راسخت گیر

There is a hint to recognize one who bears Naf΄s-e Ammā´rah that one does not feel any distress and grief while committing even mortal sin and venial sin rather one feels pleasure and proud. And one who bears Naf΄s-e Lavvm΄ah feels distress/sorrow and intends a determination to abstain from sin.
If any sin is about to commit by the one who bears Naf΄s-e Mūl´himah then one is signaled, warned through holy spirits or angels at the commandment of Allah . Those who bear Naf΄s-e Mūtma’in΄nah are prophets and saints. Naf΄s-e Ammā´rah is found as the structure of dog in human beings. Naf΄s-e Lavvm΄ah as the formation of horse and Naf΄s-e Mūl´himah as the shape of he goat and Naf΄s-e Mūtma’in΄nah attends the (Holy) Court of Hazoor Pak PBUH taking the figure of that particular human being, at that time only one is awarded with the status of authority. These structures are shown to one through dream, Mūrā΄qaba (meditation) or revelation when one engages oneself in correcting ones Naf΄s.

Latī΄fa-e Rooh´ / Spirit

Link No. 2 was describing Latī΄fa-e Naf΄s. Now the Latī΄fa-e Rooh΄/spirit is being described.
One day Allah thought to see Himself then the image produced in front of (Himself) got developed into a spirit, Allah fell in love with it and it fell in love with Allah, it is an incident of 70 thousand years before the creation of Adam A.S, therefore You PBUH claimed that I was already a Prophet prior to come into world. And was a Prophet even when Adam A.S had no existence.
Then Allah created this world for the sake of own recognition and respect of that spirit, decorated with Hoors (black-eyed heavenly nymph) and angels.
لولاک لما خلقت الافلاک
Translation: (I) would never have created the earth and sky (world) but You PBUH.
Then countless spirits came into being at the commandment of Allah in Alam-e-Ankboot΄ then Allah addressed them. الست بربکمAm I not your Lord? All replied:بلٰی i.e Yes (Surah Al-Araaf Verse No. 172)
Then they were exhibited the world and its pleasures, many spirits happened to demand for the pleasures of world and many demanded for Allah.
Their verdict devised their eternal destiny, then a sculpture of clay was developed to make a show and examination of declaration of those spirits, a soul/spirit was consigned to that (sculpture) there initiated a movement and souls/spirits started to appear in this world in the costume of human beings.

When the spirit of Adam A.S entered body, it recited “Ya Allah” it dwelled to the right side of chest and the very same Zik´r (remembrance) was dedicated to souls. When sperm enters the womb it is followed by Rooh΄-e-Jamadi (spirit that unites) which brings the blood together. Thereafter, Rooh΄-e-Nabati (botanical spirit) enters that generates the growth of the blood. After six months, Rooh΄-e-Haywani (animal spirit) enters which causes the embryo to make movement in the womb, all these spirits have connection merely with Nāsoot΄(the earth), when the child gets birth then a human spirit along with Lata-èf (spiritual bodies) from Alam-e-‘Ankaboot´ (the realm of spirits) is placed in body. Its color is red. The only distinction between human beings and animals lies in very same spirits.

The sculpture was indigent to soul for movement and then the soul became destitute to body (sculpture) for sustenance Alam-e Nāsoot΄ was only for demons. There was a Nār/the evil fire as per the requirement of their disposition. The very same the Nār/the evil fire penetrated into body through sustenance and respiration, got access to Rooh΄ after weakening or demising the Latifa-e Qal΄b after some period and a day came when the Rooh΄ also became the Nār/the evil fire i.e satan, its (Rooh΄) assistant Lata-èf (spiritual bodies) got expired as well, and the Jussa (spiritual body) of Latifa-e-Naf΄s became more strengthened. After death, the Rooh΄ departed to Bar΄zakh (the realm of departed souls) but the very same Jussas (spiritual bodies) of Naf΄s got busy in harming the creature of Allah while joining the band of satan which are called as evil spirits. When Nā´rī (fire) words are recited again and again along with Nā´rī (fire) sustenance, then they become sorcerers, all the divine competences of their inner are used to go to an end and the satanic and animal aptitudes grow up. At that time one’s friendship and reference with Iblīs´ (Satan) and its nation (the followers) is established and exhibits different funs in their assistance. Becomes a source of good or bad for people some fly in air whereas other can walk on water their Naf΄s (self) develops into Ammā´rah (evil genius). Naf΄s-e Ammā´rah (evil genius) is found in infidels (disbelievers) and so these are also called alike infidels (disbelievers) fear of God, fear of grave etc all leave them, they feel happy committing mortal sin and by teasing living things.

The body that falls in the second category who neither recite Nārī (the evil) words. Nor Noo´rī (divine) words their Rooh´ too goes on weakness day by day, its assistant Lata-èf (spiritual bodies) also become lifeless, the conclusion is that there comes the domination of Naf΄s (self), as there are some suppressed divine powers among them, that’s why there comes the fear of God occasionally, even sense of adoration does build up, but the intention does not get execution due to the supremacy of Naf΄s. Even, if they perform any worship, the same cannot reach Rooh´ due to shutter down condition of Qal΄b. Their worship too remains with tastelessness and dullness, if they happen to meet any Perfect (Spiritual Guide) then they may undergo with radical change.

The Jamadian (spirit that unites), Nabatian (botanical spirit) and Haywanian (animal spirit) have connection with very this Nāsoot΄(the earth), they do not have any concern with resurrection day and day of judgment, keep on wandering in this world. (They) keep on adopting and leaving bodies one after the other, but the human spirit is dedicated to one body, is put into body through angels. Then the twin recording angels (guardian angels) take their positions to left and right of the body for looking after/guarding and recording the angels take it (Rooh´) to Bar΄zakh (the realm of departed souls) in their custody, if the Rooh´ was pious then it moves there freely, keeps on visiting the world for twelve years occasionally then after wards (it) uses to be familiar with Iliyin whilst being disconnecting the relation with world (earth). It can be reappeared through angels at the discretion of any perfect spiritual guide certainly.

Third category of people belongs to special, their spirits acknowledged the love for Allah there, the same acknowledgement became their resolute while coming to this world and they succeeded to find the means of approach to Allah. One of the approaches is Qur’ān´-e Pak (The Holy Quran) that deals with the apparent knowledge, correcting Qal΄b and Naf΄s
ذالک الکتا ب لاریب فیہ ھدی للمتقین
Translation: There is no doubt in this book, shows the path of righteousness to virtuous. (Surah Baqarah Verse No. 2)
It was allocated among religious savants, and general public got the path of righteousness through their tongue (teachings) this is called Muqam-e-Shūnīď (a state where divine revelation, is confined to only verbal transmission recollection and submission) and Sharī΄at (Islamic Law).
The second approach is the company and love for Hazoor Pak (PBUH). As love is a matter of heart and love begets love (reciprocal phenomenon). The divine light of the heart of His Highness (PBUH) enters into one’s heart and one finds the path of righteousness through mere this divine light. As heart has a relation with inside so they got acquaintance with inner secretes this is called Tarī΄qat (knowledge of the divine path) its station is sight those people were called saints of Allah and those were also shown the path of righteousness through the divine light who were used to sit in their (saints) company. According as:
یھدی اللّٰہ لنورہ من یشاء
Translation: Allah blesses with the path of righteousness through divine light to whom so ever He wants. (Surah Al-Noor Verse No. 35)
Some people were followers of Sharī΄at where as the other were Tarī΄qat, there in a town, Hazrat Abdullah Ibn-e Mubarak Marozi who was fully conversant with apparent and inner knowledge corrected the followers of Sharī΄at through Qur’ān´ and provided access through the commemoration of Allah to the followers of Tarī΄qat since then he (Hazrat Abdullah Ibn-e Mubarak Marozi) is known as Raazi-ul Fareeqain (agreeable to the both parties).
But there has been a mutual confliction between the savants of Sharī΄at and Faqī´r (Darvesh΄) of Tarī΄qat, has been criticizing each other savant said that memorize the knowledge of Fiq´h (Islamic Law) and Hadith (saying of Mohammad PBUH) all these encompass the religion Faqī´r (Darvesh΄) said that commemorate Allah a lot otherwise there would be an ignorance. Savant said, “Faqī´r is outrageous” Faqī´r said, “Savant is out of the group (of Allah)” there is an evidence of the apparent and inner knowledge in Qur’ān´-e majīd’ (The Holy Quran) telling about Hazrat Khizr (name of a prophet immortalized by the fountain of life) and Hazrat Moo΄sā (Mosas).
There is another tradition when Shah Shamas Tabraiz (R.A) asked Molana Jalal-ud-din Roomi about the Qa´lmi book (hand-written book), what is this? Molana said that it is a knowledge that you don’t know. Molana got displeased when Shah Shamaz (R.A) threw that book into the pond of water he (Shah Shamaz (R.A)) said, “Don’t be upset, I will pick it out”, when book was brought out from water it was dried. Molana surprisingly asked, what this is, (Shah Shamaz (R.A)) replied that it is a knowledge that you don’t know.
When the divine light settled into heart, it traveled from heart to Rooh´ from Rooh´ to Siŕi from Siŕi to Kha΄fī from Kha΄fī to Akhfā΄ and from Akhfā΄ to Latī΄fa-e Annā΄. Then what ever Nā´r (fire sustenance) that came from outside, these Lata-èf (invisible spirits) burnt it even Naf΄s got deprived off the Nā´r (fire sustenance), and it recited Ka΄lima (declaration of faith) for survival. And the divine light of Ka΄lima becomes it sustenance, and it reached from Ammā΄rah (evil genius – baser self) to Il΄hama (revealing self) and then to Mūtma’in΄nah (satisfied self) and this Rooh´ becomes illuminated entirely with the divine light. There is a hadith:
Translation: One will enter into paradise without being taken into an account, if one would have recited Ka΄lima sharif at the time of death.
(Muslim Sharif)
But most of the times, one got struck dumb already due to agony of death, but those whose beats of Qaloo΄b have merged into Allah Allah the mouths of their Qaloo΄b do not went for being closed.
A Turkish man underwent heart operation recently, the word “Allah” was cared very prominently on heart and his news and picture were even published by Pakistani newspapers Khawaja Baha-ud-din Naqshband was called Naqshband (the person who have ability to impress/carve upon) owing to the fact that he was used to carve the word “Allah” upon hearts of people with his spiritual power that the people were used to witness the same while meditation, dreaming or revelation.
Qur’ān´-e majīd’ (The Holy Quran) also witnesses that there are some people upon whose hearts the faith has been carved.
اولئک کتب فی قلو بھم الایمان
(Surah Mujadla, verse22)
Whenever such a man departed from world. Mūńkar Nakīŕ (names of two angels cross-questioning the dead in the grave) descended to grave for questioning found the Rooh´ enlightened with divine light, sighted the name Allah on heart remain silent would started saying, O’ man of God! Have a restful sleep we feel ashamed to put any question to you your limbs are witnessing by themselves, the grave observes that even Mūńkar Nakīŕ did not question him lest I should be called for explanation, it goes on spaciousness and the grave becomes enlightened with the divine light of name of Allah then after words an angel named as Amaan whose duty is to bring the Rooh´ to Bar΄zakh (the realm of departed souls). Mūńkar Nakīŕ usually leave a mark of number of questioning, but this (man) does not bear any number. He (Amaan) brings the Rooh´ to Rizwan (the name of an angel who is Paradise janitor) to let him be entered to Paradise Rizwan asks number Amaan replies that he bears no account, his divine light should be considered as his number and that Rooh´ enters into Paradise without being taken into an account and the Jussas (the spiritual bodies) of his Naf΄s, the Jamadi (spirit that unites) Nabati (botanical spirit) spirits dwells into his grave owing to the fact for being strengthened through divine light, bless the general public with Nāsoot΄ī (the earth) benefits apart from Nāmāz΄ (Prayers), recitation, remembrance and contemplation and the jussas of Qal΄b inhabit in the Malkoot΄ (the realm of angels) and the Lata-èf (invisible spirits) move to their respective stations disguising the very same man for example the time when Hazoor Pak (PBUH) passes the grave of Moses A.S during me’rāj’(ascension – acme) sees that Moses A.S was offering prayers, when He (PBUH) reaches the sky immediately found the Moses A.S there as well.

These Lata-èf are present in every man. Revive through remembrance and their strokes. Then this station can only be achieved through bringing them up and their education. These Lata-èf go on being wasted in the chest for not being brought up and sustenance and the man who was ash΄raf-ūl makhlooqāt΄ (man, i.e the most eminent of created beings) owing to the fact (the above mentioned detail) becomes the aŕzal- ūl makhlooqāt΄ (most despicable). 
The recognition of disciple is categorized with name, act, appearance and Ka΄lima Tay΄yibah (Islamic creed – the declaration of faith) in this world but the recognition of one is categorized with the divine light over there, like the spirits of disciples of Jesus A.S will be shining with the light of ‘Ya Qudooso’, the spirits of disciples of Moses A.S with ‘Ya Rehmano’, the spirits of disciples of Solomon A.S with ‘Ya Wahabo’ and the spirits of disciples of David A.S with ‘Ya Wudodo’.
And these spirits which were shining with the divine light of personal name the same belong to the disciples of Muhammad PBUH, those spirits which will be found without any shine, indolent or weak or Nā´rī will never be considered among any ummah (disciple), rather will be measured as infiltrators among ummah.
As translated in Qur’ān´:
ام حسب الذین اجتر حواالسیات ان نجعلھم کالذین امنو!
Translation: Those who adopted the immorality as their habit, (how) have they thought that I shall grant them an equality with mo΄min (muslim having perfect faith in Allah). (Surah Jasia Verse 21)
The Isrāfīl΄ (name of the angel) will sound the trumpet on the day of resurrection, everything bearing any of the spirits, Nabati (botanical spirit), the Jamadi (spirit that unites), Haywani (animal spirit), human, demons, angels, Lata-èf, Jussas all (spirits) will be terminated, (the time) when it will sound the trumpet again then only the human, demon spirits and angels will be brought back to life, the adoration practiced by Lata-èf Jussas will be endorsed to (respective) Rooh´ (spirits). Owing to it their ranks will be promoted, the Rooh´ (spirits) will be bestowed with new bodies which shall neither embrace death nor be consumed by flames. Some of the spirits will be sent to hell with these bodies and the other will be sent to paradise.

Those who are in paradise may have copulation with Hoors (black-eyed heavenly nymph), may taste the fruits of paradise but shall never be dirtied, like the way Adam A.S and Eve A.S had been living in paradise. All those spirits which are in Bar΄zakh (the realm of souls) before these bodies have no distinction of being male and female and neither have they had any characteristic of male or female.
When spirit gets adult with Noo´rī (composed of heavenly light) sustenance then it may access Jabroot΄ (the realm of Power) through meditation thrrough body. It becomes attached there with the spirits and angels, such a man is called Jabroot΄ī. This is the second grade of saintliness. It is a step on Abraham A.S. There is Bai΄t-ūl-ma‘moor’ (prototype of the Holy Ka΄bah in heaven) slightly below the Sid΄rat-ul-mūntahā΄ (the heavenly tree beyond which even the Holy Ghost can’t advance), where all the angels and pious spirits worship Allah. The Holy Ka΄bah is a facsimile of Bai΄t-ūl-ma‘moor’, was exposed to Abraham A.S through Kash΄f (revelation, divination), then he laid its foundation as per that. Allah speaks to the establishment of Bai΄t-ūl-ma‘moor’vocally by himself (The time) when the meditation was observed by the holy Rooh´ of Syed-e-na Ghaus-e Azam R.A in jungle. The bandits of the area were used to take Him to grave for the burying activity but He woke up early before being buried this happened a lots.

The Rooh´s are used to live together in Alam-e-‘Ankaboot´ (the realm of spirits) like the twelve years old child they used to forget the events of that Alam while coming on to the world. When they move to Bar΄zakh (the realm of departed souls) after coming here then they adopt the figure of the very same body and when come to earth from Bar΄zakh they adopt the image of white and green color birds and the Rooh´s will forget every relation after sounding the trumpet, there will be new bodies there will be new faces, there will neither be a progeny nor senility, there will only be one distress (repentance) that which ever moment went without the remembrance of Allah “Would that should never happened”
The book Acquaintance has been published for the recognition (learning) of the very same sciences that is a guideline for Muslim.


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His Majesty Sayedina Riaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi (May He live long)
Al-Markaz Roohani, Anjuman Sarferoshan-e Islam Pakistan
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Kotri District Jamshoro

Kinds of Ba’yat (Oath of Allegiance)
The First Kind of Ba’yat The chain of benevolence commences after giving the oath of allegiance in the hand of some perfect (spiritual master) In this category the special benevolence does not bestowed upon for mere relation (reference) or being attached This chain exists all the times but it is impossible to find the original one. For instance a man is conferred with Qadri Saintliness and he was ranked as Ghous (super category of mystics) or Qūt´b (highest cadre in spiritual pivot). His son claimed an accession to the throne after his death then his son and this practice continued. But it is not indispensable that father is a Ghous and the son as well Even the whole generation could not be a Ghous because the Saintliness is not a legacy rather it is a gift of God And even the progeny of the spiritual successor of that perfect (spiritual master) got an accession to the throne the generation after generation Now all these shall be called as Qadri Saints Many among them may even be ‘Ā’mīl (spiritualist) of daily reciting (of some holy word) and incantation and several among them will be apparent ‘Ā’lam (Savant) but will claim for being called as Faqī´r (Darvesh΄). Who may not be conversant even with ABC of Faq´r (Darvesh΄-saintliness) Some one will be claiming for being Ghous while the other as Qūt´b then (they) shall spurn and give the lie to original Thousands of such Ghous and Qūt´b and thousands of such thrones and successor to saint can be found all the time in every city.
Whereas there can only be one Ghous and three Qūt´bs at a time It is useless to be Ba’yat (take oath of allegiance) with these (above mentioned) people It was far better to accompany a saint even for a moment Then he might fall in the category of the dog of ashā´b-e kah´f (Catacomb Comrades) that shall be converted into Hazrat Qitmīr´ by virtue of mere accompanying them.

یک زمانہ صحبت با اولیائ
بہتر از صد سالہ طاعت بے ریا

The Second Kind of Ba’yat The benevolence instigates in a (mere) personal attachment or connection with any perfect (spiritual guide) in Awaisia Chain but this chain occurs seldom that is why its recognition is difficult as well. One falls in the category of Awaisi Ba’yat whether the spiritual master takes an oath of allegiance or not and (thus) called a candidate and is kept under the supervision and responsibility by the perfect spiritual master till the perfect endorses him some where else.
Hazrat Awais Qarni R.A was also blessed with benevolence by Hazoor Pak PBUH without an oath of allegiance in His PBUH hands Hazrat Abu Bakar Hawari R.A was also in the awaisi benevolence from Hazrat Abu Bakar R.A. The Hawaria Chain emerged absolutely from him Ba Yazeed Bustaami R.A came in the awaisi benevolence from Hazrat Imam Jafar Saadiq R.A as well A Bustaami Chain came out from him as well. Sakhi Sultan Bahoo R.A was also in the awaisi benevolence from Hazoor Pak PBUH. You went for an oath of allegiance (in the hands of) Hazrat Abdul Rehman R.A at the extreme insist of his mother after having achieved some ranks in the mystic voyage that was not obligatory for you Even you showered benevolence without an oath of allegiance in hand and convert into being Muslim through an influence of holy eyes and takes one to Allah. One gets linked with this chain and merged into saintliness automatically if has a benevolence of Qal΄b and Rooh΄ of chest from any perfect (spiritual guide).

Difference Between Nāmāz΄-e Haqeeqat (Real Prayer) And Nāmāz΄-e Soorat (Apparent Prayer)
An apparent prayer has concern with tongue The followers in 72 sects perform very this prayer. Also the Khavā΄rij (expelled), even the Mūnā΄fiq (hypocrite) and those Qaadiyani (followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad) who have been verdict by Ulā΄mā-eIIslam (Savants of Islam) perform the very same prayer. Even the infidel detective had been performing the very same prayer. A fairy witnessed the satan performing the prayer in the times of Hazoor Pak PBUH. If such prayer is a key to paradise then every one will be a heavenly blessed person. Whereas there is a Hadith sharif that:
Translation: “There shall only be one true and heavenly blessed sect”

What is real prayer. It is very difficult to find it. And this can only be found by saints. There are three (3) requisites for real prayer. Lacking of even single proves the incomplete prayer.
First: The tongue should declare It should be declared by tongue because the tongue of infidel does not proclaim.
Second: The Qal΄b should certify that is to say the Qal΄b should also recite prayer along with tongue or the Qal΄b should only say Allah Allah during prayer because the Qaloob of hypocrites do not certify. The Qal΄b shall only say Allah Allah if every heart beat has been converted into Allah Allah that is called Zā΄kīr-e-Qal΄bi (one who recites Allah through heart).
Third: The body should also act accordingly that is to say one should also perform bowing and prostration in prayer because the bodies of sinful do not act There is another strict requisite that (either) we are seeing Allah or Allah is seeing us. It is obvious that we are not seeing Allah and Allah does not see us as well because there is in Hadith Sharif that:
ن اللہ لا ینظرا لی صور کم ولا ینظر الی اعمالکم ولکن ینظر الی قلوبکم و نیا تکم
(Referred in Noo´r -ul Huda Page 60)
Translation: “Allah neither considers your faces nor your deed but considers only your hearts and intentions”
Undoubtedly our acts are pious. But the Qal΄b that is a hub for divine notice is black.
People observe (and say that one is) pious but Allah did not observe it owing to black Qal΄b then this prayer became an ostentation for which there is a divine order that:
Translation: “There is a misery for those who are unaware of real prayer and their prayer is display” (Surah Ma’oon Verse 4-5-6)
The tongue has authority in Alam-e-Nāsoot΄(the earth). The voice of BBC London reached Pakistan and even beyond it An extreme verbal adoration creates lovability and impression in tongue. The public admires greatly for one speeches and sermons. An excessive adoration and daily reciting (of some holy word) and incantation grants a kind of saintliness that has a connection between the public and himself. But this is left among public after one’s death and (one) departs as penniless. The Qal΄b (heart) has a connection with the throne of God. Its voice reaches there to throne of God when it sounds here. An extreme adoration through Qal΄b creates kindness and adorability in Qal΄b for which Allah has great adoration. Another category of saintliness is also awarded owing to eternal adoration of Qal΄b that has a connection between the creator (Allah Almighty) and himself and this saintliness accompanied after death and the very same Qal΄b becomes the source to take this prayer to the throne. And the very same prayer then becomes ascension for mo’man (a true believer). There is a hope for being forgiven even two rak’at (one set of standing, genuflexion and prostration in prayers) of such prayer is availed. One is still away (beyond) from Allah even one is offering apparent prayer day and night.

Hazrat Mujadid Alaf Saan R.A says (real prayer is for selected persons of God. The general public should also try to achieve this whether one has to go to China for it).
That is why there is in a Hadith that:
Translation: “The prayer is not acceptable without the attendance of heart”
Explanation: Latifa-e Qal΄b (either) gives attendance at throne of God by itself or the Latifa-e Qal΄b sounds there at throne of God by itself and (while) the adorer is in bowing and prostration here at earth! As there is in me’rāj’(ascension – acme) when Hazoor Pak PBUH passed the grave of Hazrat Moosa A.S (Moses) then Moosa A.S was offering prayer in grave. And when You PBUH reached the throne instantly and observed that Moosa A.S was offering prayer there as well.
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