Note: Certain distracted (detracted) and jealous types of savants (learned men) went on against even “An Account of Access to Spiritualism” improperly (unreasonably) like (they have done with) Minart of Light, Antidote to Qal΄b (Heart). (They) attempted to harm the mission by portraying the false meanings of the correct words through proclaimed propaganda. So, the answers to their objections are being given for the satisfaction of the general pubic.
The fore most point is that the book “An Account of Access to Spiritualism” contains mostly the dreams, revelations and inspirations (divination’s) which occurred in the beginning during mystic path. There has not been claimed as the true faith for any of the revelations or inspirations (divination’s) but every one, along with the writer, has his own judgment that which is true and which will be a deception. Dreams, revelations and divination’s does not fall in Sharī΄at (Islamic Law), it does not matter whether they are unethical.

An Account of Access to Spiritualism; page no.20, the objection is: “This man has called Hazrat Rabia Basri R.A as prostitute.
Answer: The event relating to Hazrat Rabia Basri R.A comes in the books like this, your parents sold Hazrat Rabia Basri R.A to the members of a convoy and those convoy members sold Her R.A to a mistress of brothel. The prostitute caused her to manage the brothel. One day the mistress observed that why was the man not used to come again if once he had visited her. When a man entered the room, the door of room got shut then the mistress of brothel peeped through the whole of door that the man approached Rabia Basri R.A, met the gazes of each other, he was overshadowed by awfulness and his mouth began reciting Allah Allah like having no control. She R.A said to him, “Go, I have united you spiritually with Allah, so (always) keep yourself passionate with the divine love of Allah and don’t ever try to think to come here.” When mistress viewed the whole scene then heart also began trembling and fell into Her R.A foot and applied for being forgiven that I came to know your magnificence today. You are released from now. Hazrat Rabia Basri R.A said, “Would that you never know secrete of me. Whoever had been coming here was use to be blessed with Faqī´r (Darvesh΄ī). I have made four hundred till now.”
Mūjaďdid (revivalist) Alf Sani R.A has written in his Holy Maktoobaat (texts) relating to victories of Maka at page no. 730, 731, “The cursed Iblīs´ (Satan) cannot captivate (disguise) that particular face of Muhammad (PBUH) with which He (PBUH) is buried in Madina Munnawara. (It) can disguise in every that face of Muhammad (PBUH) other than that particular face.”
Mūjaďdid (revivalist) says, “I am saying that it is difficult to know an intention and extracting the orders with that face. Because it is possible that the curse enemy would have come in between and had shown the impossible into the form of possibility and would have thrown the viewer into suspiciousness and would have shown its own expressions and gesticulations in the form of expressions and gesticulations of (PBUH).
(Extracted from “Holy Maktoobaat, Published by: Madina Publishing Company Karachi)

The event relating to Mastani is objectionable in “An Account of Access to Spiritualism”. No doubt, several mistakes against Sharī΄at (Islamic Law) were committed by me in the beginning accidentally and innocence. They were mere an accident and were not my practice and belief. When Allah SWT blessed with divine help and comprehension then I begged before Allah SWT bitterly, repented and prayed for getting forgiveness. In the name of most merciful, most bountiful Allah (SWT)

Chapter 4
There held a discussion on “Heavenly Illumination, Minart of Light and An Account of Access to Spiritualism” between the savants of Ahl-e Sunnat (namely) Maulana Mufti Ahmad Mian Barkati, Hazrat Maulana Qari Abdul Rashid Noori and Mr. Muhammad Arif Maimon the central president of Anjuman Sarfaroshan-e Islam and Mr. Wasi Muhammad Qureshi the central nazm-e Aala in the presence of Maulana Muhammad Saeed Ahmad Asad the central convener of “Pakistan Sunni Itehad” at Gari Khata Hyderabad today dated 26th October 1991 at 11:00 PM night. The mutual consultation resulted that the following phrases will be altered item wise.

No. 1 “They were involved in several bid’at (heresy) even in the sainthood.” (An Account of Access to Spiritualism, Page no. 20). This phrase will be written like this……
“Their sainthood was admitted (true) but some activities against the (rules of) Sharī΄at (Islamic Law) were observed among them.”

No. 2 Some of the Muslims believe in Sheikh Sanaan while the others believe in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as “Prophet”. (Heavenly Illumination, Page no.10). This phrase will be written like this……
Some human beings believe in Sheikh Sanaan while the others believe in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as “Prophet”.

No. 3 or had altered the creed, they had fell into severe seduction. (Heavenly Illumination, Page no.10) This phrase will be written like this……
“or had altered the creed, they had become infidel.”

No. 4 Had come under certain effects of Mirzayat (those who follow the teaching of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad) and Wahabiyat (those who don’t believe in sainthood). (An Account of Access to Spiritualism, Page no. 7). This phrase will have addition of these words……
Had come under certain effects of Mirzayat and Wahabiyat. Thanks to Allah SWT, “those effects have gone now”.

No. 5 Naf΄s (self) stirred up…… As the instigation of Naf΄s (self) had come to an end that is why there announced by you, “thanks to Allah SWT that there will be one among st my progeny who will hold this status.” (Heavenly Illumination, Page no.9) This phrase will be eliminated……

No. 6 “and through saliva…… (it) began to strengthen your Naf΄s (self)”. (Heavenly Illumination, Page no.8) This phrase will be eliminated……

No. 7 “and the way without ablution…… Or either have got their waists slanted.” (Heavenly Illumination, Page no.6) Following words will be written after eliminating this phrase……
“The Namaz (prayer) pleasures double in this way.”

No. 8 “One day when Adam A.S…… Iblīs´ (Satan) said, “Now live live, that I wanted” (Minart of Light, Page no. 7-8) This whole phrase will be eliminated.
It has also been decided that: one should contact to Maulana Saeed Ahmad Asad Sahib of Faisalabad, if some body finds any phrase suspicious. By the grace of Allah SWT it will be solved (answered) with reference to Qur’ān´ and sunnah. The scholars of Ahl-e Sunnat and Anjuman Sarfroshan-e Islam will keep mutual love and will defend together the Maslak (conduct-school of thought) Ahl-e sunnat and Jamaat (association).


Respected Gentlemen! Allah SWT descended prophets from time to time to show the path of righteousness and ended the (chain of) Prophet-hood with the manifestation of last Prophet of the time the Muhammad (PBUH). Then it began the time of Khūlafā’-e rāshidīn’ (the Orthodox Caliphates), Imām΄-ul vā’silīn (the leaders who can enable the aspirant to be in communion with Allah SWT) (and) mūq’tadā-e kā’milīn (the perfect (spiritual) leaders) who guide the ummah. Then the time of sainthood started which is continued till now.​
Allah SWT has been deputing some of His people for the guidance of ummah in every age who are use to reform the misguided people of ummah through their apparent and inner authorities. At the beginning, many people, for establishing a concern with Allah SWT, were used to jungles for worships, mystic exercises and endeavors, after snapping the tie with (this) terrestrial world, so that, any worldly activity may not interfere their goal. Some of them had happened to spent whole of their lives in jungles where as Allah SWT has been appointing some special people, upon completion of their course of sainthood, to bless the creation of Allah SWT with an apparent and inner benevolence. The special man (perfect spiritual guide), upon completion of his course of sainthood, may change the fate of any one upon pouring his esoteric sight. His Majesty Syedina Riaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi (May He live long), the first rated guardian (founder) of Anjuman Sarfroshan-e Islam Pakistan, is also among such people (Perfect Spiritual Guides) of Allah SWT who spent a major part of his life in jungles to manage and accomplish the spirituality. And when (His Holiness) was appointed to bless the creation of Allah SWT with spiritual benevolence then (His Holiness) not only has revolutionized the lives of innumerable men and women but also has revived the dead Quloob (hearts) with the remembrance of Allah SWT in mere one resolute and perfect glance. In short, it is our good luck that upon our old & anxious wish and strong insistence, His Majesty Syedina Riaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi (May He live long) has dictated us his memories comprising of the access to spiritualism in this presented booklet, so that, the aspirants and followers could find not only mere guidance but also be blessed with favor in true sense after reading this book. It is (our) prayer that may Allah SWT bless Him with long life and His favor (support) may stand firm ——————— upon us for innumerable years (for ever) and may Allah SWT enable us to get favor from His Holiness in true sense.


Misfortune of the time where youth class has gone unacquainted of religion. And the irony (of youth) went on multiplication for denial of spiritualism, enmity for religious savants and distrustfulness on spiritual guides. The youth, merely could not be blamed for that. On the contrary they neither could observe that particular act among most of the religious savants nor witness that specific luminosity among most of the spiritual guides, the stories and miracles of whom they had been studying in books, there appended two to each line such that some religious savants possessing just apparent knowledge and so-called saints did characterized those miracles baseless and impossible, but reality is standing on the other side. There exist not only 360 friends of Allah /saints all the time in every age but remain entirely busy in serving human beings, just because of them the world is in standing flourishing state. It is a flaw of our sight exclusively.
Thousands of believers of Allah are still present there in spiritualism at the moment, and most of them are pure of their hearts, but that formula is not so widespread. There are still Zā΄kīr-e-Qal΄bi, Zā΄kīr-e-Rooh΄i, Zā΄kīr-e-Sūltā´nī, and Zā΄kīr-Qūrbā´nī busy with us in daily affairs in this saturated world but we don’t have any awareness, we have started this chain of preaching and spiritualism to recognize these particularities and to make this formula common. May Allah help and support us and accept this effort (attempted) by us.


This book was written after collection of the experiences of hundreds of people. Those experiences combined, were revelations of the tombs of Saints, observation of objects, contemplation of the heart, spirit and soul. The contemplation of jinn’s and spirits and the experiences of having the hearts -ignited and vibrating with the remembrance of Almighty Allah. Individual and independent proclamation by each and every Lataif (invisible spirit) of the remembrance of Almighty Allah, at their respective places and the meditation and contemplation that followed. The research in order to find the evidence from the Holy Quran, prophetic traditions and treatises written by Saints.

In order that Almighty Allah’s creation would recognize the phenomena of this esoteric divine doctrine and receive this spiritual benevolence this task was carried out. Furthermore in order to propagate the teachings of this religious order an organization came into existence in 1980.


1. If you follow a religion but are devoid of the Love of God, then those that do not follow a religion but have the love of God are better.

2. Love is connected to the heart. When the Name of God Allah is synchronized with the heartbeat, it then travels through the blood to all the veins, reaches the spirits and awakens them. Then the spirits are rejuvenated and go into the Love of God.

3. Any Name of God in any language is worthy of respect but the original Name of God in the Semitic language is Allah. This (Semitic) is the language of the celestial entities. It is by this Name that the angels call upon God and it is attached to the Title of every Prophet.

4. Any individual who is sincerely searching for God, on land or in the sea is also worthy of respect.

5. Many Adams came into this world, at the same time and in different places. All the Adams were made in the world with clay from this world except the last Adam who is buried in Arabia. He was the only one made in paradise with clay which was also from paradise. With the exception of this Adam the angels did not bow down before any other Adam. Satan became the enemy of the descendants of this Adam.

6. There are seven types of entities in the human body. These are connected to different celestial spheres. They are connected to different heavens and are further connected with different functions within the human body. If these entities are strengthened with light they then resemble the person they are in and travel to many places at the same time. They can travel to the gatherings of Saints and Prophets and even talk to God and see God.

7. Every human being has two religions. The first is the religion of the body which ceases to exist after death. The second is the religion of the soul, which has existed since the beginning of time, the Love of God. It is by this religion that a human being is exalted.

8. Superior to all the religions is the Love of God and superior to all types of worship is seeing God.

9. For information pertaining to the origin of man, the animal, plant and natural world.

10. What type of entities existed before the command of God “Be.” Who is the dog that was exalted as Hazrat Qutmeer and will go to paradise? Who are those people who affirmed their faith at the beginning of time?


Who is that person whose secret (reality) cannot be found in this book?
For information and research you must read this book.