Respected Gentlemen! Allah SWT descended prophets from time to time to show the path of righteousness and ended the (chain of) Prophet-hood with the manifestation of last Prophet of the time the Muhammad (PBUH). Then it began the time of Khūlafā’-e rāshidīn’ (the Orthodox Caliphates), Imām΄-ul vā’silīn (the leaders who can enable the aspirant to be in communion with Allah SWT) (and) mūq’tadā-e kā’milīn (the perfect (spiritual) leaders) who guide the ummah. Then the time of sainthood started which is continued till now.
Allah SWT has been deputing some of His people for the guidance of ummah in every age who are use to reform the misguided people of ummah through their apparent and inner authorities. At the beginning, many people, for establishing a concern with Allah SWT, were used to jungles for worships, mystic exercises and endeavors, after snapping the tie with (this) terrestrial world, so that, any worldly activity may not interfere their goal. Some of them had happened to spent whole of their lives in jungles where as Allah SWT has been appointing some special people, upon completion of their course of sainthood, to bless the creation of Allah SWT with an apparent and inner benevolence. The special man (perfect spiritual guide), upon completion of his course of sainthood, may change the fate of any one upon pouring his esoteric sight. His Majesty Syedina Riaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi (May He live long), the first rated guardian (founder) of Anjuman Sarferoshan-e Islam Pakistan, is also among such people (Perfect Spiritual Guides) of Allah SWT who spent a major part of his life in jungles to manage and accomplish the spirituality. And when (His Holiness) was appointed to bless the creation of Allah SWT with spiritual benevolence then (His Holiness) not only has revolutionized the lives of innumerable men and women but also has revived the dead Quloob (hearts) with the remembrance of Allah SWT in mere one resolute and perfect glance. In short, it is our good luck that upon our old & anxious wish and strong insistence, His Majesty Sayedina Riaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi (May He live long) has dictated us his memories comprising of the access to spiritualism in this presented booklet, so that, the aspirants and followers could find not only mere guidance but also be blessed with favor in true sense after reading this book. It is (our) prayer that may Allah SWT bless Him with long life and His favor (support) may stand firm ——————— upon us for innumerable years (for ever) and may Allah SWT enable us to get favor from His Holiness in true sense.

In the name of most merciful, most bountiful Allah (SWT)